4 years later. (They about 20 here)

"Congrats baby girl I am so proud of you. You did good. O and here the secret box!" Daniel says handing Arizona a little red velvet box.

Arizona walks over to were Callie and her family is.

"Mr. Torres, Mrs. Torres how are you today?" She aks. They both just shake their heads.

"Zona really how many times do we have to tell you. Call us Carlos and Emily...seriously!" Carlos says. Arizona just chuckles and wraps her arms around Callie's waist.

Callie feels Arizona's breath on her lips as she mouths something to her dad but is not sure as to what it is. She then feels Arizona pull her away and tapp her hip. When Callie turns around and see's Arizona down on one knee and a ring infront of her she doesn't even have to be asked. "Yes...yes I'll marry you! I love you!" she cries. Arizona pouts. "I had a speech and everything but I guess I gotta sum it up now. ".You!" she punctuates each word with a kiss. "Ahhh see soon you'll be calling us Mami and Papa. And none of this Mr. and Mrs. crap." Carlos chuckles. Emily just lightly slaps his shoulder and leans in to Congratulate the girls. "So now we just need to find a hospital to work at me darling.

10 years later.(30 here)

"Mason time to get up. You to go to Lynda's for daycare today." Arizona calls.

" Mama can't I just come to work with you and hang with the kids in PEDS...PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!...I promise I be good!" Mason whines sitting up from his bed rubbing his eyes. "Ya you said that last time mister and scared the heck out of Bailey when she was leaving the patients rooms. It took her 3 hours just to put that file back in order." Arizona says. "I said I was sorry and helped her pick up all the papers." Mason pouts. "Fine you can come to work with me. But we are having lunch with Mami and Godmami Stina...ok?" she asks. The little boy hopes up outta bed and runs into his momma's arms. He may only be 4 but his maturity is higher then most. His progression is higher then the other kids. But Arizona doesn't care about is that her little man lives breaths has 2 feet and a heart beat and he reminds her of her older brother Timothy who died in Iraq 5 years ago.

"Mami, I missed you this mornin! Then you had surgery during lunch so it changed to I missed you all day!" Mason shouts as her runs into his Mami's arms planting a sloppy kiss on her cheek. Then sitting in his own chair to eat his dinner at Joes with everyone else.

Callie looks around the table and looks at the family she has.

Owen and Cristina moved to Seattle and got jobs at the hospital. After 6 years Cristina became a Cardio Attending then 4 years later Head of Cardio. Owen became a Trauma Attending after 6 years then Head of traume 3 years later. They had a little girl nameds Chandra and another little girls named Robbin.

Merideth and Derek also moved to Seattle and got jobs at SG! Derek and Meredith became Co-Heads of Neuro after 20 years and have 3 kids. They adopter Zola after she was brought over from Africa by Karev and Arizona. Ther middle child is a Blond hair brown eyed cheerful little boy named Steve jr. after Derek's dad. The youngest is a little 2 year older named Ellis. After Mer's mom. She may have hated her but after reading a journal saying how Thatcher used Mer to get back at her. Aswell as how Ellis distanced herself from Mer to as not to hurt as much.

Mark and Addison both transferred from a Practice in LA SG to take over Head of Plastics and Neo-Natel. They have 2 boys and a baby girl. Mark jr. and Thomas are twins born with heave complications but Addison pulled through. Their little girl is only 8 months old Her name is Miranda. After Miranda Bailey...our Chief of Surgery.

Teddy and Erica met on a cruise and ended up falling for each other almost instantly 2 months after they met Teddy purposed and they got married in Vancouver Canada. They had twin boys and twin girls. The boys names are Sam and Liam and the girls names are Jenny and Emily

Then I focus on our little boy and see how sad he looks. I lean down to ask him what up. " I ever gunna have a baby brother or sister?" My heart swells at how he seems to sad. I look over to Arizona who heard what was said. "I think you can guarantee that you will be getting a baby brother or sister in about 5 months baby. Mami's pregnant." Arizona whispers in his ear. The ear to ear dimple smile on his face gets the attention of everyone at their table. "What are you so happy about Mason?" Owen asks. "Mami's got a baby in her tummy. Ima be a be brother in 5 months." He says proudly. Hugs and kisses follow the announcement and congrats.

25 years later (55 years old)

"He perfect!" Callie gushes at her newborn grandson Timothy Ryan. Sofia their youngest child married Emily Jordanna Altman-Hahn after they ran into each other at a Gay Pride parade They didn't realise that their mothers had dater for 2 months till They introduced the parents. This also lead to Arizona and Teddy being reunited after years of eing apart cause she was on tour in Iraq. (Small worlds ah) They Sofia just delivered their first child into the world in hopes to have another one a soon as possible.

Their oldest son of course followed in his grandfathrs and uncle's foot steps and went to serve in Iraq. He got injured and order to be sent home but thinks part of the being sent home was his Mother and Grandfathers connections. But he never would admit that he was scared as hell what would have happened over there if he had stayed any longer. He cried like a baby between his moms when he came back that night. He missed them sooo much and apologized repeatedly for leaving to go to war after what happened to his momma's brother. He later went on to become a police officer and married his high school sweet heart Thomas Carlos Sloan. They also had kids. They have a girl named Sara and a baby girl named Jessica. Life is good.

45 years later (100 years old)

Arizona and Callie were lying in their Hospital bed together saying their good byes to all their kids and grand-kids and great grand kids and ever a great great grand kid named Timothy Herc Robbin Torres. After their Grandmomm's Brother who died in Iraq. And their Godmami's brother who died in a drunk driving accident when he was 18.

"I love you baby!" Arizona whispered to Callie one final time. And gave her a loving kiss on the cheek. "I love you too!" Callie replies also kissing Arizona on the cheek. The looking lovingly into each others eye's surrounded bye family as they closed their eye's for the final time.

1 year later ( Sofia's POV)

I walk up to my mothers's grave and place the bouquet of flowers before them. Today is their wedding anniversary. I choose to come alone so I could chat with my mother hoping to get some answers. Emily and I have been hiding things from each other and don't know how to get it out. As I contemplate this I look up and could swear I saw my mother looking right at me. It is then that I know what I have to do to earn my wife's trust back. I look down at their stone one final time and read the engraving.

Her lies 2 people as 1 Forever they shall be together. Through the hurt the words and the knifes. The scars and the blood. Daughters. Sisters. Mothers. Grandmothers. Great Grandmothers. Forever in our hearts shall they be.

Here Lies

Calliope Ipheginia Torres-Robbins.

Arizona Elizabeth Torres- Robbins.

Forever and ever aim-in!

The End.

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