Well here we are after a long time away from fanfiction I am back with a new story! This one's a little different to the stuff I've done before, it'll be much more mature content-wise, and the story is much darker.

Standard Disclaimer applies, in that I don't own the characters, just the stuff I'm putting them through :P

Branches whipped against my face as I leapt from branch to branch, mind on anything, anything but what was behind me. The rain was harsh, cold, painful against my naked arms as I ran through the woods.

What was I doing?

This was stupid.

I was just running away.

Avoiding it.

Avoiding him!

What would Tsunade think?

But I was too teary, too angry and humiliated to care. Too tired and hungry to realize the sheer insanity of what I was doing... what I had done.

All because of one stupid, drunken fling, and then one careless comment.

Well no that wasn't it completely.

I was a medical nin, second only to Tsunade, and even then it was debatable. It had reached the stage where we were sharing with each other what we knew, rather than one of us teaching the other.

I had a career, friends, a life. But here I was throwing it all away.

And it didn't feel like I had a choice.