Author's Ending Notes:

I am so glad to have finally finished Happily Ever After, or Not, the second story in the Demando's Fury trilogy. If I get enough reviews, I MIGHT continue the story (hint, hint) and I'll continue posting. I am working on a Harry Potter/Sailor Moon crossover for the fun of it, but don't know if I should post it when it's done. Please include whether you think that A: I should post the crossover when it's done, B: If you think I should continue the story, and C: Any ideas for future stories posted on I am always eager to accept ideas. If you don't want to review, please email me your ideas at any reviews or ideas are appreciated.

Thanks to all my loyal fans (readers) who read this and took the time to review. Your reviews and emails meant a lot to me! Until next time, (if there is one) see ya!