"Master! P-Please master! I beg of you, I withhold no more from you! You know everything!" cried the lump of a man, now nearly on the verge of tears.

Seconds later Voldemort lazily flicked his wand and muttered "Crucio," in an almost amusing tone.

The man fell from his knees to the floor, wildly withering and shrieking in unimaginable pain. His foot was incoherently stomping the floor, begging for his master to release the curse.

"My patience is wearing thin with you Wormtail, I will not tolerate anymore of your lies. You will give me the boy's location now or you will continue to suffer the consequences," Voldemort finished in a rather nonchalant fashion, more delighted his follower's scenario than frustrated. After all, he knew that he would get the information he needed in the end.

After a few more moments of the cruciatus, the curse was lifted and Wormtail - now in the fetal position - shakily muttered "B-But my lord, m-my friends... my friends-"


The man rolled over and continued to cry in agony before he could manage to continue his plea. Rodolphus Lestrange had to withhold his wife, Bellatrix, from marching over to the whaling man and delivering a swift kick to his ribs for daring to deny Lord Voldemort before her master finally lifted the curse and bellowed, "Enough Wormtail!... It is time you decide your loyalties," he hissed dangerously. "Shall it be your 'friends'? Or your lord? Your incompetence aside, you have been given far too long to make up your mind. I dare say, choose wisely my sniveling rat!"

Pettigrew, now out of breath and clutching his gut on the floor, gasped "G-Godric's Hollow... m-my lord...Godric's Hollow."

Voldemort allowed his lips to curl into a cruel smile as he stared at the man curled in front of his feet. "Very well Wormtail. Very well. You may be useful yet...yes. Yaxley! Return the oaf to the dungeons. Lucius! Bella!...Dolohov, come with me. We have much to discuss," Voldemort ordered as he rose from his ornate throne and began to stride towards the large oak doors leading to a conference room. As he exited the room with his robes billowing behind him, the others in the inner circle looked quite disappointed that their master had not chosen them for his mission.

October 31, 1981

It was 10 P.M on Halloween as Bellatrix, Lucius, Dolohov, and Lord Voldemort apparated outside the Potter's hideout under a disillusionment charm. The Potter's hideout was a sizable white stone cottage at the end of Godric Hollow's main street with a canopy of walnut trees along the road leading to their house. As Lord Voldemort began hissing a series of incantations in parseltongue to break the secondary wards set by Dumbledore, they could see the Potter child inside through the window zooming around on a toy broom chasing a stream of smoke Sirius had shot from his wand - all while Lily was evidently reprimanding him for letting the child fly inside.

James Potter, Lily's former husband, had died soon after Lily became pregnant with Harry in a battle at the Ministry of Magic while trying to save two of his companions, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Mad-eye Moody. Though James was able to duel Voldemort while Kingsley and Mad-eye recovered and retrieved their wands, also managing to surprise the dark lord with a dazzling display of power that Voldemort would remember upon his son's birth, his bravery was soon overmatched by the dark lord's innate power. James Potter, known by all as one of the leaders of the light, was mourned after for weeks following the battle.

While Sirius and Lily had dated before Lily's engagement to James, there was no true romanticism between the two and both of them understood this perfectly well. Nonetheless, shortly after Harry's birth Sirius proved to love the child as if he were his own flesh and blood. Sirius viewed Harry as his last connection to James Potter, his best friend of nearly two decades, someone who had fought and sacrificed beside him in battle, and a fellow companion that had a fierce belief in a common cause. The man was no less than a brother to Sirius, and in believing that James would have wanted Harry to have a loving father growing up, both Lily and Sirius agreed on a marriage arrangement for the sake of the child. Moreover, something only known by Peter Pettigrew and two other select death eaters, was that Sirius was so intent on protecting Harry upon his birth that he decided to undergo an obscure and ancient blood adoption ritual (a Swedish ritual named the orbus cruor ritus) used in the medieval era. It was a last ditch effort once Sirius had become wary that Pettigrew succumbed to the death eaters, but it was his belief that even Lord Voldemort would think twice before executing a dark blooded child of one of the most ancient blood lines in wizarding England. After all, if the dark lord began to kill off dark blooded heirs then his followers could potentially defect.

At any rate, Pettigrew knew of the blood adoption for two reasons. First, it was required that another individual perform the ritual for the blood to properly coalesce (which endowed the child with a portion of the parent's traits, magical and nonmagical), and second, Sirius knew that this information would be passed on if Pettigrew truly had betrayed them. As expected, Bellatrix and Lucius became aware of what Sirius had done when the rat decided to reveal the information to the dark lord while in their presence. In Sirius' mind, even if Lily and himself were eventually killed off, the Black's family blood would at least give Harry a chance - however small - at life.

Back inside the cottage, as Sirius and Lily were about to get Harry ready for bed, they felt a rumbling vibration through the air and a loud crack. Instantly, Sirius turned around and started to look outside to see what had caused the commotion. He began to make out the shadowy figures that grew clearer in the lawn as they approached the front door, along with one deathly yet feminine cackle that could only belong to Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Lily! Lily, they're here! They're here!" Sirius began to shout hoarsely. Seconds later Lily came rushing into the room with Harry tightly clutched in her arms as he turned to the windows again to see how much time they had left, noticing that the cloaked figures were not more than twenty yards from the entrance. Lily was about to ask Sirius what was going on when he quickly interrupted and shouted, "Listen! We have no time! Get your broom and get Harry out of here now! I'll hold them off as long as I can! GO!"

"M-My broo-" she stopped. It dawned on her immediately. Voldemort had found them. The commotion was caused by the destruction of their protective wards, and obviously the enactment of new ones (anti-apparition, portkey, and floo wards for starters). The Dark Lord wouldn't give them an easy escape and she knew that he could only be seconds away from the entrance. Her mind stopped racing at once and she knew what she had to do. She trembled with eyes glistening of unshed tears.

"I'll never forget you Sirius," she said before before racing around the furnishings to the granite staircase just as the front door burst open.

A commanding figure cloaked in black from head to toe stood in the doorway with a slight smirk on his face. "Ah, Black. How noble of you to be the first to go, only befitting for a blood-traitor," Voldemort drawled. "Have you seen your 'son,' Black? He and I have rather urgent business to attend to at once you see..."

"You will not take a step near my son! You are an abomination to wizards!" Sirius roared with unrestrained fury.

Voldemort only chuckled at the man's sentiments. "I do wish I could stay and play for a while Black, but young Harry requires my immediate attention. Surely you can understand," Voldemort said as he began to casually draw nearer to the staircase that Sirius was guarding.

Sirius raised his wand to shout a curse, but before he could even began to mouth the words Voldemort hissed in parseltongue and flicked his wand near Sirius's boots.

Not expecting an attack at his feet, Sirius wasn't able to react in time. The curse hit him as he looked down and was now beginning to tremble. It felt as if the threads holding his boots together had transformed into tubes full of pumping water that he could now feel rushing against the sides of his shins. He had thought the curse had failed at first and was about to attack again when the sides of his boots exploded. Four very thin magical vine snakes with large fangs and crimson eyes shot upwards from where the threads of his boots once were and quickly wrapped themselves around Sirius, binding him tightly and rendering him unable to move. The last snake finished wrapping itself around Sirius' shoulders in a matter of seconds as he lost his balance and fell to the floor. He struggled helplessly as the serpent shot upwards in one rapid motion before digging its fangs into the left side of his neck, causing Sirius' head to shoot backwards as blood and jet black venom began to pour profusely from the bite. In a desperate attempt he tried to move his hand forward to cover the gushing wound but it was useless, he was completely bound and convulsing uncontrollably on the floor as he started to drool at the mouth.

Voldemort carelessly stepped over the man and glided up the stairs as his death-eaters followed closely behind. Bellatrix, however, paused to cast a cruciatus and step on one of the few body parts left uncovered by the thin serpents- his crotch- to watch her blood-traitor cousin moan and gurgle in excruciating pain before following her master up the stairs.

Voldemort had already made his way down to the last room of the long hallway where he heard a window opening. Quickly, he burst through the door and saw Harry on top of a flat mahogany dresser as Lily urgently dashed over with broom and wand in hand to guard her child from the dark lord and the cloaked figures that followed him in from behind.

"Move girl," Voldemort hissed. " I am here only for the boy, your miserable life has been spared."

"W-What? No...no, please. Not Harry! Take me! Take me instead!" Lily shrieked as she became hysterical, not even bothering a useless attempt to defend herself from the monster.

"Step aside you silly girl!"

"No!" Lily cried in a weep. Not Harry! Please! Plea-"

"Step aside!"

"Take me! Not Harr-"

Knowing he had little time to spare before the aurors arrived, Voldemort hissed "Avada Kedavra!" and Lily's body fell to the floor in a motionless state.

Voldemort, now only a couple feet away from the boy, paused for a fleeting moment. He looked inquiringly into the child's curious emerald eyes and could see something quite unnatural. It was almost as if they were glowing. But there was something else unusual about the boy that Voldemort could perceive as well. From the moment he had entered the room, Harry's presence was felt. His magical aura was one he had never experienced before, causing a cold prickling sensation to erupt throughout Voldemort's body as he approached him further. It was a pity to the dark lord that such a unique power had to be wasted, but the prophecy did indeed indicate that he would be a threat and he knew of only one way to rid himself of that threat forever.

Without a further moment's hesitation, Voldemort lifted his wand and placed it inches from Harry's forehead before he stated the sweetest possible voice he could muster, "It's time you join your parents now Harry...Avada Kedavra!"

The moment the curse left his wand a puzzled and frightened look overcame the dark lord as he had only a fraction of a second to escape the rebounding curse. It was too late though; Voldemort was entirely unprepared to dodge his own killing curse and had barely moved an inch before the curse came careening towards his chest. The moment the green light hit had him he flew backwards onto the ground with a force and laid entirely still, his chest unmoving, his arms and legs sprawled; his eyes rolled back.

There was about a full minute of silence before anyone broke out of their shock. No one was entirely sure if they could believe what had just happened. But there he was in front of them, the dark lord himself lying on the floor motionless and dead. Lucius looked as if he had just been slapped by a muggle, with utter disbelief written across his face. Bellatrix on the other hand looked terrified, not even able to breathe. Her entire life's work, the advancement of the dark wizarding agenda under the guidance of her lord, had instantly been crushed and taken from her before here very eyes. She rushed over to the fallen dark lord and fell on her knees to mourn as if she had just lost a lover, seemingly not able to accept the tragic turn of events... waiting for her lord to awake. Dolohov, however, seemed to promptly understand the situation at hand after about thirty seconds of astonishment and clutched the crib he was standing next to, thinking frantically. Then there was the boy - now the boy-who-lived - crying and grasping at his forehead as a gentle stream of blood came trickling down his face.

Lucius, who snapped out of his trance, thought about the present scenario ever so carefully before deciding to make a move. Like Bella, he was devoted to the dark's cause and believed the dark lord to be an indispensable power in the war. Though his death was clearly a tragedy and a turning point he had not foreseen, Lucius Malfoy never acted upon impulse. Instead, he looked for the opportunities in any situation at hand. For him, though devastated that such an asset for the dark had fallen, a golden opportunity was becoming vaguely clear. The boy, or the prophecy of the 'chosen one', had just defeated one of the greatest dark lords of all time as a mere infant. Whether it was a display of raw power or merely manipulated circumstances, or both, he was unsure. However, he regarded the boy as a mystery worth investigating for the moment.

Taking a couple of steps forward and allowing the commanding thumps of his boots to call attention to himself, he trembled in a quiet yet grave tone,

"May our Lord's spirit live on, and let his soul rest in ever lasting peace."

Lucius then bowed his head slightly, waiting for his fellow death-eaters to follow. Bella sobbed even more at this and began to rest her head on her master's chest in final acceptance while Dolohov nodded his head in respect, the wheels in his mind evidently still turning. He was still busy comprehending the death of his master and its consequences. Was he safe? He had been entirely dependent and followed orders for the last decade of his life, both out of fear and self-interest. He like many other death eaters wanted the status quo to remain the same for as long as possible. As it was though, without the dark lord's protections, he would no longer be able to pursue any of his interests. Void of the dark lord's curtain of protection, or at least perceived protection, laws could no longer simply be disregarded and past crimes would now have consequences.

Lucius, seeing that he wasn't about to be interrupted, continued in a rushed tone now.

"We don't have much time, Flamel and the aurors will be here any minute, probably with old goat too. We have to move now..." he turned to the boy who had stopped crying and was now examining his lifeless mother and said, "And clearly, it seems we have a rather...mysterious individual on our hands. We shall take him with us and discuss what will become of him later. Bella, it's time-"

A trembling Dolohov who looked like he had just been assaulted by Lucius' sudden plan cut him off.

"T-Take him with us? Are you mad? Why in Merlin's name would we take the boy with us? The boy's supposed to be dead! We'll have all of wizarding England looking for us! I say we kill the boy and get out of here with our Lord's...b-body," Dolohov stammered before quickly finishing "before anyone notices something went wrong! If they know our lord has fallen we're done for! Finished! The aurors will be raiding our homes within days!"

Lucius stepped closer towards Harry with a vicious smirk on his face that told Dolohov he knew something the rest weren't aware of. Lucius had planned on a protest, knowing both Dolohov and Bellatrix would disagree - though Bellatrix was unable as she remained in a state of shock. Dolohov looked at him with bewilderment as Lucius began to speak again in a cold, monotone voice and explained to the man his suspicions in regards to the boy. Although he wasn't entirely sure where he was taking his explanation, the cunning Malfoy had other plans in mind as he quickly tried to quell Anthony's fears.

Harry, who was examining his mother, peered over at the recently fallen dark lord and noticed Bellatrix weeping over the dead body. He then looked back over at his mother, who had still not moved since falling to the ground. Harry had began to vaguely understand the intentions of the people around him as best he could for a two year-old. These people had hurt him and his mother was now on the floor, still and completely unmoving. Harry's young mind was spinning as he stared back over at Voldemort's body, noticing that the man was just hit by the same green light as his mother.

He had already slid off the mahogany drawer and was now pulling his mothers hand and trying to get her off the ground, but the arm simply fell back to her side, completely still. The boy tried again and again but could only stare when he realized his mother wasn't getting up. Harry fell to the ground on his knees beside his mother, hardly understanding what was going on around him. All he knew was that his mum, like the man next to her with the mourning woman, was gone. He could feel her body lose its warmth and began to bawl uncontrollably, the magnitude of the situation now dawning on him. His mother would never move again.

Harry quickly turned his head to the dead man lying next to the weeping woman. Though Harry couldn't speak full sentences or entirely process the information before him at such a young age, he could feel the rage and anger build inside of him and his yearning to set it free. He could see the memories of what had just happened replay in his mind as he continued to stare at his mother. The flash of green light, the last voice he'd ever hear from his mother - a scream with Harry's name- and a thud on the floor.

The inability to fully comprehend the loss of his mother and the rage building inside of him for the man responsible was too much for the boy's young mind to take. He had never felt the type of fury building in his veins nor the tingling sensation emitted from his gut and radiating throughout his entire body, resting and concentrating the sensation in his hands and fingertips. He had lost almost complete control of his mind in a trance of fury that had taken over. Tiny white swirls began to form in his pupils and his skin began to glow a slight golden hue. Without thinking of what he was doing, Harry had let his emotions take complete control. He felt as if his rage was concentrated in the tingling sensation he felt radiating throughout his body and attempted to force the sensation into his hands, the only place he felt it could exit. He wanted to release what it was he was feeling and scream in rage.

Tensing his body, he attempted to release the tingling sensation but couldn't control it. Instead, the sensation had erupted inside of him and he felt a boiling vibe in his blood and a white flash of anger and hatred towards the man that had killed his mother. The stone cottage shook slightly and the room they were standing in exploded in a blazing white flame that was burning through everything in its path and at a much faster rate than any ordinary fire would. As the white flames consumed near everything in its path, everyone in the room stopped and looked back around at the boy. He had tiny white pools swirling in his pupils and a golden hue surrounding his skin, with his black raven hair blown to the side from the gust coming through the open window. Harry looked oblivious to his surroundings and entirely taken over by rage. His eyes were glazed over and directed at the fallen dark lord with a deathly expression in them.

Lucius' jaw dropped and was now fully immersed in curiosity, and for a moment was just as oblivious to his surroundings as Harry. Bella only stared at the boy as she desperately tried to understand what was happening, looking back and forth between Harry and her fallen master. Just as Lucius turned his back to the boy once again and discreetly placed his wand on the child's forehead, muttering a spell to put him in a trance, Dolohov roared "Aurors! They're here!"

Bellatrix quickly got to her feet and viewed from the window. She could see Flamel waving his wand attempting to break the new wards set by Voldemort, though still no Dumbledore. Her mind reluctantly left the thoughts of her fallen master and was now trying to create a plan of escape. Lucius, however, was ahead of both of his fellow death eaters. He was facing Dolohov but still hadn't taken his wand from Harry's forehead. The tip of Lucius's wand was now glowing a bright light blue.

Dolohov and Lucius merely stared at each other with an intense gaze as the room around them began to crumble.

Noticing the two dunderheads doing nothing but staring at one another, Bellatrix screeched, "You FOOLS! The aurors are here! The wards will be down any second! We must leave NOW!" She rushed back over to Voldemort's body to retrieve the portkey he made for their exit.

Lucius, however, only continued to stare at Dolohov as a piece of burning plaster fell onto Voldemort's body, forcing Bella to jump backwards.

Finally though, the Malfoy elder broke his gaze and decided to act. While Harry was building up his incoherent rage, Lucius had been discussing his plans for the boy with Dolohov. However, he acted as if he were slowly coming around to Dolohov, pretending to agree with the plump death eater. He wanted to catch the man off guard.

"Perhaps you a right, Anthony. Leaving the Potter boy dead with no traces of our lord's demise," Lucius stated in a calculating manner, "seems to be the soundest plan. The presence of our lord does indeed extend us necessary protections and if anyone were to find out of his fall…." Lucius paused before letting out a shiver before continuing over the crackling of the white flames that had now consumed half of the room, "But the boy is of far too much interest at the present moment. I believe... we'll have to pursue both plans Anthony. I'm truly sorry it has to be this way my friend."

Dolohov stared at Lucius, bewildered. Did he hear Lucius say both plans? Moreover, did he just hear Lucius Malfoy actually apologize, to him? He thought he may have misheard the man but before he could say a word Lucius had taken his wand from behind his back and from Harry's forehead, aimed it straight at Dolohov and shouted, "Ingemino!"

The curse hit Dolohov before he knew what had happened. Immediately, his body began to shrink and transform as his face morphed before Lucius' and Bella's eyes. After several painful seconds, he resembled a replica of a two-year-old Harry Potter. It was Harry's doppelganger.

Dolohov, wide eyed and now realizing Lucius' intentions, tried to find his wand that he had dropped during his transformation but fell to the floor seconds later. Lucius' killing curse had hit him square in the chest.

Bellatrix only glared with her jaw dropped, but didn't dare to interfere with whatever the head Malfoy had in mind. Lucius immediately grabbed the doppelganger and put it in Harry's crib. He then took Harry's hand, as he was still under Lucius' trance, and snarled at Bellatrix, "The portkey Bella! NOW! We have no time to discuss!"

Knowing that the room would be in ashes soon and that Flamel would destroy the wards at any moment, she wasted no more time and did as she was ordered. Bellatrix was still in shock by all that she had seen that night and was only able to stumble towards Lucius and Harry as she made her way towards them on the only un-burnt path left. In an instant she held out her hand with the portkey, a golden stopwatch. Lucius then took Harry's hand as well as their fallen lord's on the ground next to them as they grabbed the portkey together. Once they had all had a hand on the stopwatch, Bella muttered, "Riddle Manor," disappearing just before the wards were brought down.