Shuhei Hisagi stood facing an enormous hollow. It had a large black body with whip-like hands. Shuhei was a young man with spiky black hair and dark grey eyes. He had a tattoo of a 69 on his left cheek below a blue-grey strip that stretched over to the right side of the bridge of his nose. On the right side of his face was three long scars that covered the length of his face and went over his eye. He wore a sleeve less uniform with a bit of a lower cut and had a choker that matched two upper arm bands. He pointed his zanpakuto at the hollow. It seemed to laugh at him.

"Foolish boy, you think you can beat me!" it roared. Shuhei ignored him. He was focusing on the battle. "The problem with you soul reapers is that you don't think!" it roared at him. Shuhei came him a curious look.

"What do you mean by that?" he asked. Then a hollow slashed his back from behind.

"Some of us do travel in packs." It said. Shuhei retaliated by slashing its arm off. The second hollow roared in pain and the first slashed at Shuhei from the front. Shuhei whipped around to defend himself, but a third hollow appeared. This one slashed into his left arm, severing the lieutenants badge off. Shuhei didn't bother worrying about it. He slashed at the second hollow, pushing his blade into its mask, causing it to disintegrate. That was only one down. He came at the third, but the first one slashed at his leg, disabling his ability to use flash step. Shuhei fell down to the ground, but pushed himself back up. "I see you're not finished yet. You are a persistent one." The hollow said. Shuhei ignored him. He had to beat this monster, it should be easy to do!

"I think he is too weak!" said the second hollow. Shuhei had to keep going, he couldn't die hear. He dropped his zanpaktu when he fell. It was a good distance away. He looked at the hollows, then at his bleeding arm and leg. Even though he couldn't see it, he knew his back was bleeding as well. He lunged for his weapon. The hollows tock that time to attack. He reached his weapon as they reached him. With one quick slash, he dispatched the second hollow, but the first was still there.

"As I said, you were foolish!" it said and hit Shuhei hard. He flew into a nearby building, tossing up dust and debris. When the dust finally settled, it reveled Shuhei lying on his back, unconscious with blood running down his face. The hollow moved in for the kill when it suddenly froze.

"Blow it away, Tachikaze!" he heard a gruff voice. Then large waves of air seemed to slash right through the hollow. It fell to the ground reveling a young man with silver hair. In his left ear was three gold piercings and one on his left eye brow. He wore a dark purple tank-top with white trim and green cargo pants. He also had combat boots and orange fingerless gloves. He held a large hunting knife in his hand and looked down at where the hollow was. "That was a waste of time." He mumbled. Behind him stood a young woman. She had short light green hair and hazel eyes. She wore a white jumpsuit with orange gloves, boots, and scarf. On top of her head was a set of blue goggles.

"Hey Kensei you meanie! That one was my turn!" she complained. Kensei Muguruma looked at his former lieutenant Mashiro Kuna and rolled his eyes. "Hey, there's a soul reaper down there!" she said seeing Shuhei.

"So what!" said Kensei. He didn't really care, he was already mad at Mashiro for wasting money and buying and extra lunch. It's not like their numbers ever change. There's only been the eight of them together for a hundred years.

"He looks like he's from squad nine." Mashiro said kneeling by the unconscious man. Kensei was now very mildly interested, but not a whole lot. "What should we do?" she asked.

"Leave him, he's not our responsibility." Kensei said.

"Awww… hey Kensei, he has a tattoo!" shouted Mashiro. Kensei turned to leave, showing it didn't interest him in the slightest. "It's a sixty nine!" she said. Kensei whipped around to see the tattoo. He froze for a second. Did he know the kid? The kid did look familiar. He went up and lifted the boy onto his back. "So is he coming with us?" Mashiro asked.

"What do you think stupid?" he asked. She smiled and they took off for the warehouse.

Well thats chapter one. I wanted to make it a oneshot, but ran out of time, so hear it is. Hope ya like it. Thanks for reading