"Shit, he's hear!" said Kensei. The door opened and revealed Yamamoto. He stood looking over all the vizards and his missing lieutenant.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked. Shuhei didn't know what to do.

"Shuhei, head down to the training room, I need to have a word with the old man." Kensei said after a short pause, to which Shuhei nodded and obeyed. "Hachi." Hachi nodded too and put a force field in front of the door to go down stairs. "So, you have kids working for you now huh?" remarked Kensei.

"What are you talking about? Shuhei Hisagi is fully capable to take care of himself." Yamamoto remarked.

"Could of fooled me, I watched him get his ass kicked by a simple low level hollow. If I hadn't been there, he would be dead!" said the angry Kensei.

"Then I should thank you for saving my lieutenant but he must be returned to his squad." Yamamoto said.

"Like hell, he'll just end up dying! I'll admit the boy's got skills, but until he gets the right training, it means nothing! I won't stand by and watch him get hurt!" Kensei yelled at him.

"I thought you hated kids Kensei." Yamamoto said. Kensei glared at him.

"Not all kids, this one's different! He's my responsibility and I won't let anything happen to him!" Kensei shouted.

"So, what do you propose Kensei? He must return to his squad, they need their leader. I can't leave him hear with you either. Even if the central 46 are dead, their orders are still in effect." Yamamoto said. Kensei looked down at the ground. What could they do?

"How about you repel the order?" Lisa asked getting in the conversation now.

"I cannot do that!" Yamamoto said.

"Then find another way!" Shinji shouted. "It isn't very often Kensei cares about anything and I'm not letting this one slip through."

"Yah!" Hiyori shouted and kicked the head captain's shins.

"That's not helping Hiyori!" Shinji whispered.

"Very well. I propose the boy and the lieutenant of squad eight be allowed to come here for one weekend every month." Yamamoto said.

"Lieutenant of squad eight?" Love asked.

"Nanao Ise." Yamamoto said, making Lisa's eyes bright up.

"Agreed!" Shinji said.

"One more thing! Kensei, Shuhei is not your responsibility entirely, do not fail him." Yamamoto said.

"I would never fail that boy, he is my responsibility and the closest thing I have ever had to family." Kensei said. Shinji cleared his throat. "Except maybe these guys." he added.

"Then I shall leave so you may tell the boy. I want him back at his post in the morrning." Yamamoto said. The vizards nodded. With that the head captain left. Hachi's shield outside was replaced and the one inside vanished.

"Hey kid!" called Kensei.

"So, you really care for him don't you." Lisa asked.

"Yes, he's my responsiblity and I think of him like my own son. I won't fail him." Kensei said as Shuhei came up. He smirked at the kid. Yah, he was his now and he would never allow any one or any thing to hurt him.

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