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(Alec POV)

As I looked around the big, green, football field for my other teammates, I noticed something in my peripheral vision. A football. Coming right at me. I noticed that its original receiver was supposed to be Magnus…. I also noticed that it was the perfect opportunity for an interception.

I caught the football (just like I always did) and began to run to the end of the field. This was usually how it went. Me, my brother Jace, my somewhat close friend Simon, and my best friend Magnus went to this field every Friday after school to play some two-on-two football. Simon couldn't throw worth a crap and either me or Jace always intercepted him. You'd think Magnus would learn by now not to let Simon pass the ball….

I could hear the thump of feet just to my left, but what really clued me in as to who was trying to tackle me was the glitter they were wearing. It was Magnus, of course. We've had an ongoing and moderately competitive friendship for as long as I can remember….


"Alec, sweetie," my mother called from the hallway. "Want to come with me to visit the new neighbors?"

No, I wanted to say. They'll probably think we're all mean because we have money. That always happens.

"Can't you get Jace to go with you?" I whined.

"Alec, you know he's got the flu." She appeared in my doorway, holding some of her casserole. I guessed it was for the new neighbors. "C'mon, it will only take a few minutes," she said, smiling that smile of hers that said 'I'm not asking you, I'm telling you.'

I huffed, but reluctantly got off my bed and trudged down the stairs with a scowl on my face. With my luck the new neighbors will probably have some nine year old girly girl who wants to play Barbies. I don't need another Isabelle in the town. One baby sister was enough for me.

My mom looked down at me as we walked across the street. "It's a boy this time," she said, practically reading my mind.

I silently thanked her. We have enough girls in our neighborhood- Izzy, Clary, Maia and a bunch of others whose names I don't know. But whenever I see them the blush and giggle at me.

Faster than I thought, we were standing in front of a nice little brick house with a bright blue door. My mom rang the doorbell and I waited anxiously to see who would answer.

It was a girl. But an adult girl. She looked nice. Long, dark hair, green eyes, smiling face.

"Hello," she said sweetly. She looked at the casserole. "My, that looks delicious. Please, come on in." She opened the door wider so me and mom could come in. "I think Magnus is excited to meet you."

I wrinkled my nose at the name. Magnus sounded like a really bizarre name for a ten year old boy.

I saw a tall, but obviously young, boy come down the carpeted stairs. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw him was 'sparkles.' He had glitter in his hair. Glitter. The second thing that popped into my head was 'friendly.' He smiled at me and shook my hand without his mom telling him to.

"Hi!" he said cheerfully. "I'm Magnus."

I looked down at his hand. Do ten year olds usually shake other ten year olds' hands? I wasn't sure what to do so I just shook his hand back and muttered my name to him.

I didn't know it then, but as it turns out, Magnus and I had a lot in common…. Besides the whole glitter thing.

I was snapped out of my flashback by someone tackling me to the ground. Magnus. I need to stop daydreaming, it's getting me into trouble.

We both collapsed on the ground and I fumbled the ball. Jace and Simon came up to us and (while Simon was laughing at my epic failure) Jace happily picked up the ball and strolled into the end zone.

"Hey," Simon called out to him. "That's not fair!"

Jace smirked at him. "It is to fair," he said. "Clumsy Alec here," he pointed at me, "fumbled the damn ball again, and I, being my wonderful self, picked it up and scored the winning goal. HA!"

I wasn't exactly paying attention to my gloating, self-centered brother. I had a bit of a um… situation. Magnus was still on top of me in an awkward position and my pants had suddenly gotten tighter, if you know what I mean….

This has been happening to me for the past few weeks. I've been having… weird feelings about him. I mean, he's gay and we're all ok with that, but I'M not gay. It's probably just a phase or something, I'll get over it. It was just puberty messing with my hormones and all that stuff… Right?

My pants loosened up as Magnus got off of me. He lowered his hand to me and I gladly took it, hoisting myself up.

"Y'know, Simon," I said, hoping I wasn't blushing enough to make it noticeable underneath my already red and sweaty face. "What Jace did was actually completely legal. You just weren't smart enough to do it yourself."

Jace and I bumped fists while Simon just glared at us. He turned to Magnus and said, "Wasn't that illegal?"

Magnus shook his head. "Sorry. Completely legal."

"Whatever," Simon grumbled. "You guys suck."

Jace laughed. "Oh, no," he said. "I don't suck… But I'm not so sure about this one over here," he said, pointing to Magnus. It took me a little while to get what he was saying.

Yeah, sometimes we tease each other and sometimes we tease Magnus about his sexuality and sometimes he teases us about liking girls. No feeling were ever hurt, it was just the way we interacted with each other.

Magnus stared off into space with a bored expression, as if he didn't know he was being spoken to. Then he suddenly snapped his head toward Jace and looked at him with a fake shocked look. "Oh I'm sorry, were you talking to me?" he asked. "I thought you were talkin' to your mom over there."

"Ouch Mag," Jace said, feigning hurt. "That one hurt me. Right here." He pointed to his heart.

"You see," Simon said, casually throwing his arm around Magnus's shoulder, though with some difficulty because Simon was rather short compared to Magnus. Everyone was short compared to Magnus. "This is why I chose Magnus to be on my team. He has the best comebacks. That's why we're the better team."

I piped up now. "If you're the better team, then how come we just won, hm?"

"Uh," Simon said, looking around. "No comment."

Smirking, Jace said, "Exactly. Me and my bro are the best… when he can hold on to the ball."

I just shook my head and looked at my now grass stained watch. It was nearly eleven. Curfew was half past eleven. Not wanting mom to freak out, I turned to Jace and said, "Hey, we better get going. Mom will be pissed if we break curfew…like we did on Wednesday."

"Wednesday was not my fault," Jace pointed out.

All three of us gave him a look. "Jace, you forgot to fill up the car and we broke down," I said.

"Yeah," Simon joined in. "My mom almost killed me."

"Not to mention, you just absolutely had to pee so we stopped at that sketchy convenience store," Magnus added.

"And you came back twenty minutes later with the owner screaming at you," I said.

"And two girls, who I assume were prostitutes, hanging on your arm," Simon finished.

Jace was silent for a minute, thinking this over. "Well," he finally said. "It's not my fault the ladies throw themselves at me."

Groaning, I grabbed his elbow and steered him in the direction of our house. "I'll see you guys Monday," I called back to Simon and Magnus.

And then something really weird happened. We all did those 'guy hugs' to say bye. You know those ones where you shake hands and then pull in to slap each other on the back? Well, when Magnus and I did that, I shivered. It wasn't even cold out. Just the way he touched me made me want to give him a real hug. Just to see what it felt like. But, I didn't. That would cause some questions, questions that I didn't want to answer, to come up. Magnus must have noticed my shiver because he raised his eyebrow and gave me a look before turning away and walking to his house.

I decided to just shrug it off and go home. Maybe all I needed was some sleep…

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