"You git!"

"Aw c'mon Iggy! You know it would be fun!"

"No it wouldn't! And don't call me that!"

The pair argued back and forth, their arguments heard down the hall in the hotel they were both staying at since the World Meeting was being held in England.

"Just one time and that's it, please!"

"For the last time, no!"

"I just wanna do you in your Britannia Angel form, is that so much to ask?" America sighed dejectedly.

"Actually it is. I think you've been around France too much. "I'm leaving."

England turned around and headed toward his room down the hall. 'That damn frog better not have told him anything else perverted..' England paused in front of his door. 'I wonder where America went usually he'd still be rambling.' The British man shrugged as he took out his card key to unlock his door.


The British man opened his eyes, noticing he had been flipped so he could face the person who pinned him at the door.

"A-America what are you doing! Let me go!" He thrashed in America's iron grip. His arms pinned on each side of his head.

"I don't want to though." The other simply responded.

"Bloody hell, I demand you to let me – mmph!"

America crushed his lips against the others in a fierce, yet loving kiss, not letting the other finish his sentence. England struggled for a moment, before yielding to the other's passion. Alfred bit softly on Arthur's lower lip, silently asking for permission to enter, as he slip a hand behind Arthur's lower back. The other man let out a gasp, which the American immediately took advantage of. He slipped his tongue into the other's mouth. Moans and groans filled the empty hallway, as their tongues rubbed against each other, fighting for dominance. America eventually won the battle, as he began to unbutton the other's shirt. He pulled away from the heated kiss as he gazed at the other. Green eyes hazed over, his entire body trembling, and a blush on his cheeks.

"Adorable." The man said aloud with a smirk.

The Brit scowled, "Just get on with it!"

"Really? Out here in the hallway? Well, if you say so."

England's eyes widened in surprise, forgetting they were in the hallway. He quickly looked at both ends of the hallway. Sighing in relief seeing as they were empty. 'Thank god.'

"No, not in the hallway you git! My card key must've fallen when you slammed me onto this door."

Alfred looked down, and just as the other said there was the card key. He snatched it up with his free hand as he used his other to keep England held against the door. He quickly slipped the card key into the slot, watching as a light flashed green and the door unlocked. He took the key out and held it with his teeth, as he shoved the other into the room.

"H-Hey!" England cried out as he was pushed onto the bed.

Alfred took the card key out of his mouth and placed it on the table beside the bed. He climbed on top of England and looked down.

"You didn't want to do it in the hallway, so I decided we finish inside." The man smirked. England gulped as he tried crawling away, 'This isn't going to turn out well for me..'