I woke with a start. My forehead was caked with dry sweat and my hair was sticking out in every direction. I realized I had fallen asleep in the car reading. My mom had probably let me sleep. When I looked at my watch it was 10:34 at night!

Then I realized why I had woken up. A heard a bang at the front door so I lowered my breathing to where I couldn't hear it. I heard a BOOM! And then a scream. My breathing got heavy and hairs on the back of my neck stood. I wanted to call out but figured it wasn't safe. I heard the laundry door start to open, the one that leads to the garage. I quickly locked the doors and hopped under the seat. I took in a huge breath and stopped breathing completely. Then I saw my dad's tennis bag shoved under the seat as quietly as I could, I unzipped it and removed a tennis racket.

All in one second, I whipped up hit the window with the racket and glass went everywhere. One in lodged in the strangers head. His eyes turned red and with one final breath, he shot straight at my chest.