Chapter one

Finally she knew there might be a slight chance that everything would be all right.

One year previously

Amy had just stepped out of the TARDIS doors into the light of the 1532 sun, only to hear the doors slam behind her and the TARDIS dematerialise in front of her eyes. She could not believe it, this had to be some kind of practical joke.

'Doctor! Doctor I know what you are doing, trying to freak me out, I told you that I had always wanted to be a Tudor lady and now you are fulfilling my dream…. Doctor?'

It had taken her a week to realise he wasn't coming back and a month to stop crying every night. Thank god she knew a thing or two about history. A few days after the TARDIS had left Amy began to adapt to her surroundings.

'Right, come on Amy. First things first where am I?'

She soon found out that she had landed in Kent, near the village of Hever. Amy (who had been a history student at Durham, until the Doctor whisked her away) knew instantly that Hever castle was the home of Lady Anne Boleyn.

'Well' she thought 'I wanted the Tudor experience who better to give it to me'.

Amy, who was trying to stay positive could only think of one thing to do, to get herself to the King's court, acquire an audience with the King and ask the only other person in 1532 who might no the Doctor if he could help. It was a long shot but what a perfect way to start, meeting Anne Boleyn in the year prior to her becoming queen.

Amy was able to gain a position within the Boleyn household. She soon made sure she became good friends with Anne and her sister Mary. She learnt that the King had already visited Hever many times and was in the process of making Anne his queen.

And so, with her lady, Amy had come to court.