Chapter 5

Amy was to travel back to Heaver and await a message to be called to Hampton Court. Arrangements had been made for her to travel by coach but their had been a problem with weather and the coach had been stuck and would not reach London for two more days. Amy couldn't stand the thought of being left at Court any longer and made her own arrangements to travel by cart back to Kent.

She was stilling fuming, still hurting, still lost in her memories of last night. Amy shook her head violently "Get a grip Amy" she muttered, she picked up her bag and left the room.

As Amy ambled down the closters she looked around ironically. "I was born in the 20th century" she thought "Where there are cars and televisions and skirts that would knock the socks of any of these tudor women. Look at them, walking around noses in the air, they don't know anything. They have never been to a rock concert or been to an all night party and kissed people...with outfits and...and they've never travelled the stars in a little blue box" She sighed "And neither will I, ever again".

The Doctor slamed his fists down on the console in frustration

"No no no" he slowly slumped onto the floor. He sat there for a minute breathing heavily. He would never reach her. "Oh Amy I'm so sorry, its all my fault. I took you, I stole you from your place of safty and now I'll never see you again".

The TARDIS had never failed him before, he could barely believe that he hadn't found a way out. It always just sort of happened, he would sonic something or give a long speech or kiss a damsel in distress and all would be saved usually with only seconds to spare. But this time he was a pathetic lonely man lying on the floor of a space ship far far away from home all his hope gone, all his friends gone and with all the time in the world. He had nothing, stuck in this time bubble he had absolutly nothing.

"Come on dear" he stroked the floor of the TARDIS "please Old Girl, please help me"

The Doctor shut his eyes and fell into a long put off sleep.

He was back on the junkyard planet outside of the universe

"Hello Thief"

"Sexy" The Doctor turned to see the TARDIS infront of him or more correctly the TARDIS inhabiting the human body of Idris.

"Why do you look so sad my Thief" Idris lolled her head to the side

"Don't you know?" anger bubbled inside of the Doctor "Haven't you heard anything I have been saying or noticed anything I've been doing? Amy is lost and I'm stuck in a time bubble and can't reach her!" The Doctor stared deep into Idris' eyes anger lay their dark and ruthless.

"I know Thief"

"Then why did you ask?" the Doctor said irritated.

"I wondered why you looked so sad when all the answers are at your fingertips"

The Doctor let out a single harrowing laugh "My fingertips. My fingertips!"

"Yes, all you need to do is press the right buttons"

"Buttons? I have pressed every damn button in my grasp but you won't demateralise, you won't budge, you won't HELP ME!"

"My buttons will only work when used for the right purpose" Idris smiled

"Purpose! My purpose is to find Amy to save her from the life I doomed her to because without Amy I have nothing" The Doctor kicked harshley at a piece of junk by his foot.

"You have what sorry?" Idris questioned

"I have nothing" The Doctor fell to his knees defeated.

"You mean you have nothing to lose"

"You bet" the Doctor sniffed

Idris walked slowly over to him and took his face in her hands so that his eyes were locked with hers once more "You have nothing to lose my Thief"

Henry returned to his chambers. Anne was writting silently at a table but looked up at his arrival.


"Anne" His usually bright face was troubled with lines.

"Husband what news?"

"There are riots in London, some people are rufusing to accept you as Queen"

"Then have them dealt with" Anne's voice was harsh, full of fear.

Henry rushed to her, she stood to recieve him in her arms "Oh Anne I'm sorry I wish this were not so, but you are my Queen and the world shall know it." Anne looked into her husband eyes before he kissed her violently. When they broke apart Henry kissed continued to kiss her neck, arms and hands but Anne looked out of the window troubled.

"My Lord, if I may I will write to my handmaiden Miss Amelia and ask her to join me here, I think it well to have the company of good friends at this time."

"Of course. And I must summon my Lords here at once I also need the company of close companions and Charles Brandon is that indeed.