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Nineteen Years Later:

Draco led his little family to King's Cross, all the while pretending he wasn't looking out for a certain curly-haired witch.

"This is so exciting!" Astoria exclaimed. "I'm so proud of you, Scorpius! You're going to Hogwarts!"

Draco's son smiled much easier than Draco ever could and laughed louder than Draco's dry chuckle and, in whole, a much better boy than he was.

"I hope I'm in Slytherin." He said quietly.

"We will support you no matter what." Draco said the words to his son that Lucius had never said to him. "We love you."

Scorpius grinned and his silver eyes sparkled with excitement. Suddenly, Draco saw out of the corner of his eye a group standing by the train. Two men, two woman and four children. But it was the brunette witch that caught his eye. Hermione hadn't changed that much from Hogwarts. Her hair was shorter though, and seemed to lose some of its frizz so it was just curly. She had smile lines around her eyes and a golden wedding band on her finger.

When they had left Hogwarts for the last time, Draco got a job at the ministry. He was an intern at the Department for International Relations. He was nervous, at first, that everyone would turn against him because he was an ex-Death Eater, but surprisingly, Potter vouched for him and Draco was accepted like any other person. He ran into Hermione one day in a corridor off of the cafeteria. He found out she was working in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She invited him for lunch.

They had a quiet friendship. They would occasionally go out to lunch and would always greet each other if that passed in the hallways or the lift, but they were never together outside of work. Draco had to admit, he had a growing fondness for the girl. But then she announced her engagement to Weasley. Draco suddenly found it hard to greet Potter or Weasley in the hallways like he did before (it was really more like a cold 'hello'). He just decided to accept his mother's offer to introduce him to pure-blood witches. He married Astoria.

He was very happy with her. She was kind to him and was a good mother. She put up with his mood swings and did a good job running the house. And yet... and yet he sometimes lay awake at night wondering how different his life would've turned out if he hadn't sent Hermione away from him when he was eleven and his father's puppet. Would they have been as close as she was to Potter and Weasley? Would he have never joined the Death Eaters? Would she... (and this was the thought he had forbidden himself to dwell on even in the quietest of nights) would she be lying beside him in bed instead of Astoria? It was no use focusing on the past though. Draco prided himself on his reformed reputation. He was changed. And he had Astoria to thank for helping him with that.

Suddenly, Hermione looked up. Her familiar brown eyes met his cool silver ones. She gave him a tiny wave and a cheerful smile. Potter and Weasley looked over as well. Potter smiled with tight lips and Weasley just glared. Draco nodded coldly in return and turned back to his wife.

Astoria was fussing over Scorpius as she was attempting to hold in her tears. Draco kept sneaking glances at Hermione. She was hugging a young girl who Draco knew to be eleven years old like Scorpius and named Rose. Hermione had mentioned her before. The girl looked like her. They had the same cinnamon brown eyes and the same light dusting of freckles. The girl's hair was curly, but it was red instead of chocolate brown.

The train blew its horn loudly and everyone on the platform jumped. Astoria hugged Scorpius one more time then dabbed at her eyes with her silk handkerchief. Draco hugged his son hard. Scorpius smiled at him one more time then ran off towards the train. As he was walking onto the train, he started talking to Hermione's daughter, Rose. Draco smirked. Maybe Scorpius would know how to make friends, unlike his father.

Draco looked up to see Hermione was watching their children as well. Their eyes met again. They had the same expression of sadness, regret and hope in their eyes. Weasley put his arm around his wife and led her out of the station. Draco looked towards his own wife to see her staring after the train with tears in her pale green eyes. There was only a distant stream of steam visible on the horizon. As Draco watched the train disappear from view, he finally felt freed from his guilt of rejecting Hermione. As Scorpius became friends with Rose, Draco could let go of the past.

"Come on." He said to his wife. "Let's go home."

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