It was absolutely ridiculous watching Leo like that. He looked behind him and didn't move. "Leo," I said. "Dazed much?" But I don't think he heard me.

After me and Jason stopped eating we went to another part of the mall. Leo looked like he needed some space.

When we got to the parking lot we waited for Leo in the car. He took 15 minutes. But the 15 minutes without him were fine. Jason looked into my eyes. I looked into his deep brown ones. He said, "You are so beautiful."

"Well, a benefit of being a child of Aphrodite"

"No. I mean everything about you, your smile, your eyes, and your personality. Your way nicer than any Aphrodite girl I know."

I blushed. Why was he giving me complements like this? I mean, it was usual, with guys all over you. Then again, I can't complain.

"Well, I guess I've got to confess some things now. Sometimes, when I'm looking at you, I get lost in your eyes, and whenever I'm near you, I get goose bumps. And, and, I think I don't deserve you. My Roman troop."

I softened my smile and stared at him intently. I tilted my head to the left and crept my hand up to his neck. I could feel the chills he got. He raised his hand to my arm. I put my other arm up so that my arms were wrapped around his neck. I leaned forward so that our lips touched. A blast of energy surged through me. That was typical because he was a son of Jupiter, but it just made kissing all the more exiting. I slowly moved the tip of my tongue to his and he did the same. Our lips seemed to mold together like clay.

The ride to camp was silent. There was a party tonight to celebrate school tomorrow. The Aphrodite kids were chatting as usual. How could I be related to them?