Chapter 06

The years past, in the blink of an eye it seemed for the old faun, Pan, watched his young highness grow into a young lady. The child of merely eight years old to a young princess of twelve, it was amazing how she went through the changes, though some traits stayed the same. Her hair stayed the same dark raven wing black, which was odd but no one question it. If anything Pan grew to like this color, her dark hair framed her white porcelain face beautifully as it grew to a long length, reaching all the way to her shoulder blades. Like the full moon on a dark, enchanted night. It was fascinating to watch her blend her dark hair and his golden auburn colored hair when she would braid them together, but slowly Moanna's powers grew.

Yes, the young fae princess was slowly gaining the powers that the fae that she had only just started to use when she left to the surface. Moanna's powers was with the plant life. She was still new to it, but with concentration, Moanna could help flowers grow and make dying grass become healthy. Wasn't much, and she could only do so much before becoming tired, but Pan saw that she had a gift for it.

Pan emerged from the shadows into the warm room of Moanna's . His body no longer creaked as grew healthier over the years. Though his skin still had the carved tattooed designs along his flesh, the hide itself soften and filled out. With the fae princess safe in their kingdom, he ran around, scouted and took care of the kingdom's land with far more care, as well as being Moanna's forever caregiver. His horns were thick and strong, no cracks, while his mane grew thicker and the golden hue shined. Pan smiled, wandering if Moanna would weave flowers through his mane once more.

"Faun!" Moanna cried happily, seeing him appear in her mirror. Running and showing her new tiara, it wasn't so much new as it was finally passed to her from her mother. "I'm so excited, I can't wait to see all the other fae kings and queens" Moanna smiled.

"So much excitement, you'll start flying if you're not careful, Princess" Pan chuckled and ears flickered. "Come, let me comb your hair" he cooed.

Moanna nodded and sat on her little bench and watched as Pan walked up behind her and started to comb her dark locks. "There will be princes there too" she giggled.

Pan stopped combing, only briefly before starting again, Moanna saw a look of distain on his face but in Pan's mind, the faun grew very protective and dare he say . . . jealous? To think that his Moanna was thinking of princes and not solely on her dear faun, it made the faun sizzle with rage at those princes.

He snorted, "They are frumpy creatures" he lied, starting to braid her hair, taking the ribbons on her vanity desk and braiding them into it.

"Mother says I should try to play with them, the princess too" she said looking up at her faun and smiling.

"Don't worry faun" she cooed, "You're still my best friend, ever" she smiled and it made the anger that was in Faun's soul to vanish. He stroked her cheek and smiled back, leaning down to nuzzle her and hug her. "As are you my dear Moanna" he cooed. It made his heart ache, to think of the times he missed his sweet Princess.

Pan finished up braiding Moanna's hair then led her down to celebration. It was one huge birthday party that was sure. The kings and queens of the East, West and especially the North!

Moanna was so very scared when she first set eyes on who must be Aoibheall, the Queen of the Northern Kingdoms, she was white hair, not blonde, white and she practically glowed a soft aura of power. Her Husband was just as handsome and by her side was a boy. He was a bit older than Moanna, maybe fourteen, short white hair with the top pull back into a short ponytail. His eyes were ice blue and he spotted her first of his family and smiled. Moanna smiled back.

The party ensued and Moanna met many people that day. Kings, Queens, creatures, Myths and various animals came to greet the youngest princess in the Kingdoms and welcome her to some of the few small steps to the fea realm. At twelve Moanna would start to learn not just how to use fea magic but to start helping her kingdom. Mind you, small things, but helping her people none the less.

The children were nice to play with, the two other princesses were from the Western and Eastern Kingdoms. They were nice enough, but their older Brother's like to tease and play, it made Moanna giggle as one made the girl's hair freeze. Moanna had gotten a few gifts as well. A beautiful quill and ink set, scrolls and new books, as well as beautiful dresses and even a quilt. Looking outside Moanna saw that some of Pan's fearies floating about, dancing and motioning her to come with them. She smiled and was able to get away. Out on the porch the fearies floated around a gift for Moanna.

It was, well she had never seen it before, it was group of wood pipes, all different sizes. Moanna picked it up and looked at it curiously, It was lovely orange color with lovely carvings in a language that Moanna could not read. Blowing on the pipes, it made noise.

"It's a Pan Flute."

Moanna gasped and turned around to see the Northern Prince. She stayed silent as he stood there The fearies were hiding behind Moanna, they didn't seem to like the prince but didn't mind him.

"You . . . um . . . you play it" he said looking at Moanna.

The both stood in an awkward silence Moanna large eyes looking at the boy when spoke up.

"I . . . I um . . . I like your hair!" He said blushing.

Moanna blushed as well. "Thank you . . . do you know how to play?" she asked showing him the reed.

He nodded "I sort of know" he said and showed her how to hold it. "Then you blow in a reed for each note. The smaller ones are high notes I think . . ."

Moanna began to play it, she was terrible and mostly making noise but she smiled at the flute and looked up at the boy. "Thank you . . . what's your name?"

The boy laughed. "Cian".

"You're Highness?" Spoke the faun as he step into view. Both young royals looked up at him. "You are both missing the celebration, I think we should head indoors" she said, stroking Moanna's hair. As he lead them inside. Moanna holding her flute close.

It was later on in the night, after the celebration had calmed down and people were getting ready for bed, Moanna sat up in bed, trying to play her flute. Pan sat with her, watching and grimacing with she hit and bad note . . . which was a lot. His ears were ringing after awhile. "Perhaps you should try practicing tomorrow princess?" Pan moved to start tucking her into bed, she gave him her flute and he put it away with loving care.

"Thank you for the flute faun, I'm not very good at it though" the princess spoke sadly but perked up as her faun friend laughed deeply. "You are learning, I shall get my own come tomorrow and we will learn together" he smiled. Moanna grinned and cuddled into the blankets. "Alright, tomorrow, we'll start".