It was a late night at NCIS and the only ones in the building was team Gibbs, working on their most recent case. Abby, who was waiting for some information to process into results, was in her office, looking for her trusty jack rabbit vibrator that she always keeps in her purse. She knew that no one from the rest of the team would come down to visit her until she called them up with results. She was going to release the sexual tension that Gibbs always seems to leave behind with the Caf-Pow! She completely forgot of Gibbs uncanny ability to show up just before results popped up.

Abby was just about ready to relieve the tension that built up in her core when Gibbs walked into the lab, just as quiet as always. He seen her sitting in her chair, facing the opposite wall, but she seemed way too focused on what was in front of her to be relaxing. He walked up behind her quietly and seen just exactly what she was doing.

He raised both eyebrows as he seen her move the vibrator in and out of her clit. He wanted to watch her orgasm, but knew it wouldn't be right to do it secretly. And if she was really masturbating at work, in her office, she had a damn good reason. He was just about to turn away and walk back to the door way when he heard her moan his name. His first name.

He left the lab quickly and went for the nearest bathroom, before Abby could turn around and find him staring at her with his erection in her face. He also needed some relief now.

When Abby finally reached her orgasm, she made sure to stay quiet as she rode it out. When she finally gained the strength to get up to go clean the vibrator, she had no idea that Gibbs had visited her lab. However, she was just getting to the bathroom as he was coming out, and she wondered why he was using the bathroom down here.

"Oh, um hey Gibbs," she kept the bag with her vibrator out of Gibbs' line of site.

"Hey Abbs…"

"Whatcha doin down here Gibbs?"

"Isn't it obvious Abbs?"

"It should be Gibbs, but you don't use this bathroom. Were you doing something you shouldn't?"

"Were you not doing something you shouldn't right in the openness of your own lab?"

She blushed at his comment, but when she realized that it meant he seen her masturbating to the thought of him, she punched him in the arm and stared at him.

"Gibbs! You seen me and you weren't going to tell me?"

"Bad idea. I know. But once I heard you say my name, I left. I couldn't take it and had to," he pauses, "relieve myself."

"Gibbs, I think we have been missing something very big. I will be at your place when we finish the case."