You've never killed a man. Or maybe you have. I can't say I'm an expert. After all, I did it in broad daylight. I did it in public. And it was loud and brutal and messy and—

Who am I talking to? It doesn't matter. My hands are shaking.

Vin, why won't you let me go? Who are you calling? Vin!

Morris? You called Morris? He's with Ethan.

Why, yes, Vin, I have killed a man. Sort of. He's still breathing. But go ahead, announce it to the world. Tell them everything, why don't you?

It was all that stupid dog's fault. The kid just came around the corner with that dog. That stupid dog that is nothing like that other dog but it still so much like him.

If Shiloh wasn't around, that dog didn't have a right to be, you know. Because Shiloh was the best and the bravest and he shouldn't have gone out the way he did. And maybe, just maybe, his death could have been prevented. If it had been prevented, maybe Mr. Seven would be okay, too. (And it's my fault Shiloh's dead no it's not yes it is!)

Not that I particularly care. Aaron doesn't—sorry, didn't—have the right to be so close to Olivia anyway. He didn't love her with all he is like I do.

Shiloh was already taken away from me. I'm glad Olivia can't be taken away from me now.

Here come Ethan and Morris. The whole gang hanging around Chronos like every other day. I could laugh so hard I'd cry. I could cry so hard I'd laugh. I killed a man.

It's kind of Aaron's fault for his own death, though. If he'd just let me do what I had to do (the dog had yelped, the kid had screamed, and suddenly big arms were ripping at me...! IT WAS SELF DEFENSE!) then I wouldn't have had to fight him.

He could have backed off. He should have. Because I was scared and angry and...

And humans are animals. And what do animals do when they're put in danger?

So why? Why am I in this situation? I did what was natural.

No, Ethan, don't look at me like you're so scared. We're friends, right? And Morris? Vin? I've never seen those looks on your faces.

Keep it up. You're scaring me.

The pliers are over there. They're still dripping red.