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"Ookami no Sakura"

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It had only been three months since Sakura Haruno had returned to her home, Konoha, from an adventure that had left her changed in more ways than one. Many of the young Haruno's friends and family were happy that she had finally returned, but no matter how hard they tried they couldn't coax her into talking about where she had been, who she had met and what had she experienced. All the Haruno girl did was give them a small smile and touch the choker that she never seemed to remove from her neck.

Sarutobi had passed away a few weeks ago and although the sorrow of the passing of the old Hokage was still in everyone's' hearts, they were eager to accept Tsunade has the new leader of the Leaf Village. Sakura had gone to Tsunade the day after the funeral and requested that she become the new Hokage's apprentice, Shizune was delighted to have Sakura work with her and Tsunade and Tsunade wanted to see just how good Sakura's chakra control was, so she agreed. The Haruno bowed politely and thanked them both; she promised that she would not let them down.

Sakura's body slammed against a tree hard and her mouth opened in a silent cry, but she didn't speak otherwise. The Inuzuka boy began to run to the fallen girl's side, but she shook her head as she struggled to her feet. Akamaru whined from the sidelines as he watched his partner and best friend train against Konoha's cherry blossom.

"Stop holding back, if you're not going to be serious then I'll train by myself," Sakura spoke in a low tone as she stood up straight and touched her choker briefly, before getting into a fighting stance.

"Sakura, don't you think this is enough? You're a human being, you have to take a break," the Inuzuka heir spoke up as he watched the girl ready herself for another onslaught of attacks. Kiba didn't want to hurt his crush, he wanted to protect her.

The sun shined down brightly on the two genin and a warm breeze swept over the training grounds, but neither seemed to notice the heat. Konoha was experiencing a rather warm spring this year and everyone had altered their clothing to endure the temperature. Sakura was clothed in a simple white tube top with her usual black spandex pants. White medical bandages were wrapped around her arms and her headband still remained tied around her eyes, blinding her vision.

"Don't tell me you're scared that you'll be beat by a girl, Dog-boy," Sakura teased lightly as she tried to provoke the Inuzuka into attacking her again, she wanted to be strong. She wanted to protect her precious people; she wanted to make him proud.

"Sakura, is something bothering you?" the question caught Sakura off guard and a small frown graced her pretty face, before she quickly smiled and shook her head. Kiba wasn't buying her act for a moment and took a step towards her, but she held up her hand to stop him.

"Don't! It's alright, I'm fine Ki-", Sakura stopped herself from saying his name and Kiba didn't fail to notice her hesitation.

"I'm fine", she stated more firmly and Kiba rolled his eyes but he didn't stop his advance on her.

Kiba Inuzuka didn't know why he was so attracted to Sakura Haruno, sure she was pretty but so were Ino and Hinata. Everyone had their own individual scent and Kiba had to admit that Sakura smelled very nice, but every since she had come back from her mysterious disappearance, her scent had been so much stronger and so much more alluring.

Kiba had to literally stop himself from hugging the girl whenever she cried or tearing apart half of Konoha whenever he didn't know where she was. Kiba hated to admit it, but his crush on Sakura had turned into something much stronger. Kiba reached out a hand to touch her, but stop when an entirely different scent made itself apparent on Sakura.

Kiba stop a half step back and bared his sharp canines at the strong scent, it was clearly an Alpha. Kiba didn't know who the scent belonged to or where that person was, but somehow they had staked a claim over Sakura and the Inuzuka boy didn't like that at all.

Kiba opened his mouth to speak, but didn't manage to form a single word when the ground suddenly began to shake violently. Sakura's markings glowed brightly along her body and Kiba's eyes widened. The ground began to break apart and Sakura pushed Kiba back instinctively, just as a large white flower began to form around the confused Haruno.

Her headband slipped from her eyes but Kiba didn't get a chance to see her eyes before the flower closed, trapping Sakura inside. Kiba tried to approach the flower but the vines struck out against him, which he barely had time to avoid being hit. Kiba stared at the flower in a mixture of disbelief and shock, before Akamaru's bark brought him back to reality.

Kiba quickly grabbed Sakura's headband from off the ground and he sprinted from the training grounds with Akamaru at his heels. Kiba didn't know what he would say to the Hokage about Sakura, he didn't want to face the wrath of the busty Hokage when she found out that something had happened to her newest apprentice.

"Sleep, my child."

Tsunade arrived on the training field with Shizune, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Naruto, Hinata and Kiba each with a bewildered expression on his or her face. Naruto began to step forward but Kiba quickly grabbed his arm to halt the Uzumaki's movement.

"We can't get close to that thing, it has shown signs of aggression," Kiba explained in an anxious tone and Naruto scowled before he turned back to the flower which his teammate was encased in.

"A-Ano, Sakura-san's chakra levels are normal. It doesn't seem like she is in danger," Hinata spoke up in a soft tone and everyone turned their attention to the Hyuga heiress, who had her bloodline activated and was studying the flower.

"Well, what do you suppose we do Tsunade-hime?" Jiraiya asked in a serious tone as he crossed his arms over his chest and Tsunade didn't turn her attention away from the flower as she thought about the situation.

"Hinata said that she wasn't in danger and it doesn't seem like we can get much closer to her. The only option we have is to close off this training field and leave her alone. I'll enlist ANBU to monitor her constantly for any signs of change," Tsunade eventually spoke up and Kakashi bowed his head slightly, while Naruto openly gaped at the busty Hokage.

"Baa-chan, we can't just leave her! Sakura-chan could die!" shouted Naruto and Tsunade glared at him causing the blond to quickly shut his mouth and Shizune stared at her mentor with sad eyes.

"Naruto, there is nothing that can be done!" the Slug Sanin snapped in response and Naruto balled up his hands into fists before he turned his gaze back to where Sakura was trapped inside the flower.

"N-Naruto-kun, it'll be alright. S-Sakura-san seems to be in a dream like state, she is not in any i-immediate danger," Hinata soothed and Naruto nodded his head once before he turned to look at Kiba, who still held Sakura's headband.

"I will be one of the few who monitor her," Kakashi spoke up suddenly startling Hinata slightly, but Tsunade simply nodded her head. Kiba clutched Sakura's hand tightly in his hand and Akamaru whined at his master's feet.

"For now all we can do is let Sakura sleep," Shizune intoned and Tsunade's eyes held a tinge of sadness, which she quickly blocked out before she turned on her heel and headed back to the Hokage Tower with Jiraiya and Shizune in tow.

"Naruto, she's going to be okay," Kakashi tried to ease the Uzumaki's fears but he didn't believe his own words. The Copy Cat Nin disappeared in a swirl of leaves heading home to drown his worries and fears in sake.

Naruto sat on the cracked ground of the training field never losing sight of the flower; he didn't say a word when Kiba and Hinata each sat down beside him. The three genin sat in a calm silence, a cool breeze whipped through the training field and the flower's petals shifted lightly.

"A new journey awaits you."