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Chapter 4: A New Development
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Sakura sat on a chair beside Kankuro's bedside constantly sending out pulses of chakra to check his overall state of health. The Flower Maiden had given the puppet user an antidote, she had made personally, an hour ago and it seemed to remove all the traces of poison from his system. Sakura didn't move as she heard the door of Kankuro's hospital room open and frantic footsteps rushed in.

"Kankuro! Oh god, is he okay!" a slightly panicked voice asked Sakura and the Haruno nodded her head in affirmative, before she stood up and allowed the newcomer to sit down.

"Temari, they took Gaara. I tried to get him back," Kankuro's voice was quiet and the sand kunoichi had to strain to her him. Sakura heard Temari released a soft, horrified gasp and the Flower Maiden could smell the saltiness of tears that were beginning to form in the other woman's eyes.

"We'll get him back!" proclaimed a passionate voice from the doorway and Sakura wasn't surprised to recognize the chakra signatures of Naruto and Kakashi; Shikamaru sure could get a message delivered quickly.

"We've received the message from Shikamaru and Neji has informed us of the current situation here, Sakura you did well," Kakashi praised his student and Sakura could only nod her head in thanks.

"Tsunade wants you to return to the village as soon as possible. She said that the mission standards have changed," Kakashi continued and Sakura's head snapped in his direction with such a force that he failed she would get whiplash.

"Excuse me? You've got to be joking," Sakura's voice was incredulous and Kakashi released a soft sigh, while Naruto stared at his pink haired teammate with a sympathetic look on his face.

"We are dealing with the Akatsuki, Sakura. You have to understand that you'll only be a liability," Kakashi stopped in mid-sentence when he felt Sakura's chakra flare angrily in the small, overcrowded room.

"A liability! The Akatsuki are after all the Jinjuriki and you're saying I am the liability!" Sakura shouted in outrage as her markings began to glow faintly along her body much to everyone's surprise.

"You expect me to return to the village when my teammates are risking their lives to save someone, who I also consider to be my friend! No! I am going with you, Hatake Kakashi and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" Sakura informed him and everyone was shocked speechless.

"That girl sure does have a backbone, I like that. She reminds me of myself when I was younger," a different voice spoke up from behind Kakashi and Sakura crossed her arms over her chest with a serious expression on her face.

"Chiyo-baasama," Temari called from her seat and she moved to get up, but Chiyo waved her away. Naruto looked at Chiyo before he turned his attention back to Sakura, who looked focused and alert.

"Are you sure you want to do this Sakura-Chan?" he asked once more and Sakura wasted no time in nodding her head in affirmation. Chiyo stepped towards Sakura and studied the Flower Maiden, intensely.

"You're a strange one," Chiyo commented and Sakura merely shrugged her shoulders in response, before she directed her attention to Kakashi who was mentally dreading having to explain everything to Tsunade.

"Gai and his team will arrive shortly and they will work as our back-up. You, Naruto and I will be leaving as soon as it is convenient to track down the Kazekage before the trail gets too cold to follow," Kakashi instructed in a serious tone and both of the shinobi nodded their heads in understanding.

"I'm coming too," Temari suddenly announced as she stood from her seat and Kakashi sighed, before he opened his mouth to speak but Chiyo cut him off before he had the chance to get a single word out.

"No. You will remain here with the Kazekage gone and you're brother in the hospital, you will need to take control of the village until we retrieve Gaara," Chiyo spoke in a tone that left no room for arguments and Temari reluctantly bowed her head in acknowledgment.

"I will be going instead," Chiyo continued and Sakura couldn't help the small smile that formed on her face; she was really beginning to like this old woman.

The wolves were ruthless. Kabuto watched from behind a one-way mirror as the wolves tore through several sound shinobi with ease. Kabuto made a notice that Tsume seemed to be their best fighter, Hige had the best sense of smell, Toboe the best hearing, Blue had the best reflexes and Kiba was their leader. Cheza stayed out of the way for the most part, but every once in a while Kabuto would sense her chakra spike randomly before a small earthquake followed, knocking the sound shinobi off their feet.

"How are they?" the sound of Orochimaru's hissing voice make Kabuto jump slightly, before he regained control over himself and adjusted his glasses. He looked down at his notes and turned his attention his master.

"They have no control over their chakra and their attacks are completely animalistic. The girl has shown some signs of the Earth affinity, but other than that they rely on nothing but brute strength," Kabuto relayed his viewings to Orochimaru and the snake Sanin was silent.

"Then that means they are completely open for molding and shaping into the ideal shinobi. See that they receive the proper training," Orochimaru replied simply before he turned on his heel and left the observation room.

Inside the Training Room….

Kiba was not amused, no, he was downright pissed. It was one thing to agree to a training simulation, but apparently in this world, the word training was just another meaning for attempted murder. The pack had no control over their chakra, so they constantly found themselves phasing back and forth from their wolf skin to their human skin. It was a complete miracle that none of the pack had lost a limb during the erratic transformations.

'Toboe, get Cheza!' Tsume growled as leapt onto one of the shinobi and tore their throat clean out, uncaring of the blood that spurted onto his fur. The carnage that surrounded the wolves barely registered in the back on their minds. Toboe moved towards Cheza who was crouched down in a corner, clutching her hands to her chest as she tried to stay out of the way.

An Oto Shinobi blindsided the youngest wolf with a water justu knocking him to a wall. The shinobi then turned his attention towards Cheza and removed a tanto from his thigh and looked at her with lethal intent. Cheza watched as the other wolves tried to subdue their attackers and she scrambled closer against the wall, hoping that it would hide her from the Sound Shinobi's view.

"Cheza!" Kiba shouted in panic and Tsume backed handed a shinobi away with his paw as he watched his leader race towards Cheza. The Shinobi raised its tanto; the blade glittering brightly under the florescent lights and Cheza closed her eyes in fear. The tanto struck down and blood splattered across the walls, Cheza screamed.

Outskirts of Suna…..

Pain flooded through Sakura's body and she screamed as she missed the branch she had been planning to land on. As she plummeted towards the ground her mind flashed to a severely injured Kiba and her markings began to glow. She could faintly hear Naruto yelling out her name but her mind was elsewhere as she felt her chakra begin to drain considerably.

'How much do you care for your wolf, child?' a motherly voice echoed within Sakura's thoughts and the pinkette cried out when another wave of pain wracked her body, she could feel Kiba suffering.

"Heal him," Sakura whispered weakly, she didn't notice that Kakashi had caught her and Naruto and Chiyo were staring at her in concern. Her body convulsed and more of her chakra seemed to leave her body.

'Would you give your life energy for him?' the voice asked Sakura gently and the Flower Maiden could feel tears stream down her cheeks and she felt Kakashi set her down as he tried to identify the source of her pain.

"Take it all, I don't need it! Just heal him! Save Kiba!" Sakura screamed out loud before a final burst of chakra left her body and she fell over in a dead faint, her marking finally ceased their glowing, leaving her teammates shocked beside her.

Kabuto couldn't believe his eyes as he watched Kiba's skin knit itself back together as a foreign chakra covered all of his cuts and scrapes. Kabuto hadn't intentionally meant for the Sound shinobi to harm any of the wolves severely but apparently, the wolves were more loyal to one another than the medic nin had first suspected if they were willing to take death blows for one another.

Kabuto glanced back at the pink haired woman who was now being held by Tsume with tears silently rolling down her cheeks. The moment she had screamed, it seemed as if the world had gone to hell. The ground had split clean in half swallowing up more than half of the remaining sound shinobi, the entire room shook violently and Kabuto quickly had to evacuate them into a medical room just before the foundations gave out completely.

Kabuto turned his attention back to Kiba, who was grimacing in pain as the large slash that went from his shoulder to his abdomen continued to heal itself. He had never seen that amount of rapid healing in his life and he moved to approach one of the wolves to ask them about it, but a vine rose from the ground and whipped towards Kabuto violently.

"Cheza?" Tsume asked his Flower Maiden softly, wondering if she was controlling the plant but she merely shook her head in response. Cheza looked at the vine then towards Kiba, before she rested her head on Tsume's shoulder.

"It's the other one. That one is protecting us and healing Kiba, but this one doesn't know how," Cheza replied in a weary tone and Kabuto frowned at the cryptic words that the Flower Maiden spoke in.

"Stop! That's enough, Sakura!" Kiba's loud sound of anguish made everyone snap their attention to him and Kabuto studied the wolf's form, noticing that the one life threatening injury had turned it nothing more than a scar but the foreign chakra hadn't retreated yet. Kiba's eyes snapped open and he reached out to grab Kabuto by the collar of his.

"This energy, how do you control it!" Kiba growled out as his eyes burned a molten gold color. Kabuto wasn't easily intimidated but the wolf looked wild, ready to kill at the moment's notice. Kabuto gulped and tried to think of a way to explain to Kiba in a simple manner that chakra wasn't easy to manipulate without a few years of practice.

Kiba wasn't pleased with Kabuto's silence and he growled, barely noticing how it seemed to vibrate the entire room. He could feel his connection with Sakura slipping as he couldn't to use the foreign energy and he was causing him to panic. He felt someone place their hand on his shoulder and he looked up to see Blue, who looked unusually solemn.

"Let it go, Kiba. Give it back to her," Blue spoke in a low tone and despite Kiba's confusion, his instincts knew exactly what to do and he felt the chakra drain away from him leaving him tired and worn. He released his hold on Kabuto and fell back on his cot, his eyes returning to their usual blue-green color. Kabuto straightened his shirt and regarded Kiba with a look of distain before he turned his attention to the rest of the wolves.

"What the hell is going on?" Kabuto asked not mincing words and none of the wolves made an attempt to answer him to which he scowled. Kabuto pulled a kunai from a holster on his thigh and quickly grabbed an unsuspecting Blue, holding the kunai to her throat. Hige growled menacingly as his eyes changed into a burning yellow color.

"You all listen to me and you listen to me good. I am in charge. You listen to my orders and you answer all my questions!" Kabuto snapped and Kiba made a slight nodding motion towards his pack to listen to Kabuto, to which the medic nin smirked and released Blue who quickly ran into Hige's arms who was still glaring at Kabuto with hell's fire.

"Now, what is exactly is the story with Sakura Haruno?" Kabuto asked in a polite tone and Kiba bared his teeth in Kabuto's direction who merely smiled in response. Kiba released a pained sigh before he looked up at the ceiling, then he spoke.