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Chapter 1 Rewritten: Merge

Juubi the ten-tailed demon god was battling its most powerful opponent to date, an opponent many immortals over the years struggled against. Boredom. It had been close to five millennia since its second and most favorable host had died, Uzumaki Naruto.

The boy that had saved all the nations and brought about decades of peace and unity to the world. Juubi had at first hated its host after the boy had defeated that cursed Uchiha and sealed all nine Biju within his own body, but after a few years of absorbing the boys thoughts, memories and emotions the demon god had grown to care for him like a parent would their child.

After the boys death that blasted fool Shinigami had dragged both their souls into the underworld. Well, that didn't sit well with Juubi, using its immeasurable power and the techniques it had absorbed from Madara and the Rikudo Sennin, Juubi killed and absorbed the souls of countless greater demons within hell to increase it's own power. After an epic and monumental battle with both Shinigami and Kami he had defeated both and asserted himself as ruler of the realms.

Their battle however had great consequences on the five realms. Heaven the celestial realm, Earth the middle plain, Hell the lower pits, Makai the demon realm and Gaia the summon world had all clashed and fused together due to the amount of power the three gods had released. Countless summons, humans and demons had died only to reappear in the same realm as spirits.

After its monumental battle, Juubi had set out to split the realms and while he was able to recreate the two realms for the dead, the fusion between the other three was unrepairable even for one with his power. Eventually time passed, demons, humans and summons lived in peace as their numbers grew. Soon though the numbers began to drop for the mythical beasts as the humans continued to grow and spread.

That brought about the world of today, the demons of old were now weak monsters and half-breeds or creatures of low level power. The grand and terrific summons were replaced by smaller weaker creatures. Yokai had been weakened over the years by the crossbreeding of species, now even the most powerful of demon-kind could be defeated by a powerful human.

As for the ninja, they had been replaced by witches and wizards. Chakra was now called magic and was now less potent than it had been at one time. Now only humans descended from the clans of old had the ability to wield chakra and yet they needed an object of great power to focus their abilities.

-Saturday, October 31st 1981-

Juubi sighed as it drifted through the endless void it had come to call its home. It had been ages since it last walked upon the realms, over a millenium ago it had settled into the deepest recesses of Hell and closed its eyes to sleep.

Now after a millenium of slumber it was awakened by a disturbance in the mortal realm. Deciding to once more gaze into the mortal realm, the demon god opened a viewing portal and focused on the source of the disturbance.

On the other end of the portal were four dead bodies. One had been reduced to ash and belonged to a powerful human, a descendant of the foul snake sannin no doubt from what he could sense. The other bodies were what caused him to growl in anger, lying dead around the house were the two bodies of Uzumaki Naruto's last descendants, the male had been killed by the snake man while the last one, the young boy had died due to smoke from the burning house.

Juubi frowned as it watched this, it had promised Naruto to watch after his descendants when the man had died and it would not break a promise. The Uzumaki line would never die out as long as Juubi drew breath. The child would live and carry on the Uzumaki line, no matter what. For the first time in over a millennium Juubi stirred, its power stretched and expanded within the three realms searching, seeking the spirit of one Harry James Potter.

All around the world magical creatures gazed up in awe at the amount of power flowing through the world. Even the oldest and most powerful of creatures trembled before the power they felt as it washed over and through them. The realms ripped and tore as Juubi searched for the boys soul.

After a few minutes of searching, Juubi found what it sought, grabbing hold of Harry Potter's soul the demon god dragged it through the realms back to his body. It smiled as the small body breathed once more and set up a minor barrier to protect the child. After a few moments a shaggy black haired man burst into the building, the man tearfully regarded the two other bodies before scooping up the child and rushing out from the burning building. Juubi watched as the child was then handed over to a half-breed summon-kind who then flew off with the child. It grinned and watched as the boy was handed to an old man and woman.

The old man and woman placed the boy within a basket and left him at the doorstep of a quaint little home. Juubi spent several minutes watching the child, it looked into the boys future and frowned at what it saw. Left unattended the boy would suffer a life of pain and sorrow much like his ancestor. While Naruto had come out of such a life pure and forgiving, Harry Potter would not.

Juubi contemplated the situation several times before it made a decision. It would assist the boy and give him something Naruto never had growing up, knowledge and power. The realms shook as a being of great power descended onto the mortal plane. The oldest of creatures trembled in fear and reverence as Juubi descended down onto Privet drive. Had anyone looked out their window they would have seen nothing more than a mass of shadows in the form of a large four legged creature the size of a horse with ten overly large tails flailing about behind it.

Smiling nostalgically as it watched the boy Juubi reminisced of its life with Naruto. They had wandered the world merged together for close to eight centuries before Naruto had died, then they had spent two centuries of life within the underworld just talking and watching the world of the living pass by and evolve. After Naruto's soul had reached its end and rejoined the life-stream Juubi had brooded and mourned his passing for decades before he made his escape from hell in order to watch and protect Naruto's descendants. A task it had failed on this very night when James Potter was struck down by the dark lord.

Cocking its head to the side Juubi watched as one of its tails snaked forward and latched onto the boys chest.

"You are fated for greatness Harry Potter and I will see that you achieve it." Juubi whispered "Like your ancestor before you I will grant you the power to achieve your goals. Be it creation or destruction you will have the power to walk your path."

As he spoke the tail detached from Juubi's behind and flowed into the small child and he began to glow with a dark aura. Bit by bit the aura darkened as solidified until the boy was within a small, black cocoon that pulsed like a beating heart.

With a long sigh the shadowy creature broke apart into dust and faded away as it returned to its own plane. It had gifted the young child with 10% of its power as well as knowledge on countless subjects. Within the cocoon Harry evolved and changed as he assimilated the demons power and knowledge. He slept as his skin melted, slept as his muscles tore, slept as his bones were crushed to dust and his organs exploded. Harry continued to sleep as a new body was created, as denser bones were formed, as stronger more flexible muscles grew and as near impenetrable skin spread over his body.

As the process finished the cocoon cracked and like the demon god turned into dust that faded away moments later. It was at this time that Harry Potter awoke from his slumber, his new form was practically the same as his old but anyone who had seen him before would noticed a difference now. His features seemed sharper and more defined, his facial structure had changed slightly giving him a noble and regal look, and even at 16 months old he had a lean muscular frame instead of the baby fat most children would have.

Slowly his eyelids opened to reveal lilac colored sclera with silver concentric circles spreading from the ebony pupils, within each eye were 5 comma shaped marks spread evenly on the circled. The commas spun lazily as his eyes flickered before they were replaced with a normal looking pair of emerald green eyes. The emerald green pupils conveyed youthful innocence and child-like ignorance. But underneath the powerful illusion two coal black pits burned with intelligence and power. Understanding flashed across Harry's face and with a smirk he slowly closed his eyes and slept once more.

All around the world creatures of the dark and the light gathered, the eldest conveyed what they knew and messages were passed along as whispers.

All across the world seers gasped as a veil covered their inner eyes and the future was hidden from them. For the first time ever the future of the world was uncertain.

Within the bowels of a large building filled with humans racing about in celebration was a dark, circular room. In the center of the room stood a large arch with a thin transparent veil, had anyone been within the room they would have heard as the whispers from within the veil increased in volume before falling quiet as the beings within stopped to watch the world.

Deep within a large mountain humanoid creatures gathered together, their skin pale and flawless, their eyes crimson and their mouths fanged. The vampires convened as the elders awoke from a century long slumber. One by one the 4 elders awoke, word spread and the vampires rejoiced.

Within the northern tower of a large castle an old man frowned as the flaming bird before him screeched and cowered before disappearing in a burst of flames to parts unknown. He grimaced as the castle shook and the magic ran rampart for a moment. He stood as the call of many creatures rose from the surrounding forest and he ran from the room as the silver objects meant to monitor a special little boy shook and exploded spraying sharp pieces of metal around the room.

On the doorstep of number four privet drive Harry Potter slept while word of his accomplishment spread across the wizarding world. He slept as word of his creation spread among the magical creatures.

For the first time in several millenia a true demon walked the earth.

-Wednesday, July 31st 1991-

Harry James Potter, awoke once more to the sound of banging upon his bedroom door. Growling he got up from his bed and stalked toward the door, today was his 11th birthday and he knew he had explicitly ordered the humans to leave him be today. It would seem they needed to learn their place once more. Wrenching the door open he glared at the frightened form of Vernon Dursley.

"What!" He snapped as his emerald eyes glowed dangerously.

Vernon shivered as he shakily held out a small brown envelope "Th-th-the l-l-letter f-from H-hogwarts,sir." he stuttered out. Vernon sighed in relief as Harry's face softened slightly but his eyes still held that dangerous glint.

Grabbing the letter forcefully Harry nodded and slammed his door closed in the mans face, Vernon turned and quickly made his way down the stairs and far away from the bedroom. Harry smiled as he heard the large man rush away, from day one the Dursleys had hated him. He knew the only reason they kept him around was because the old man Dumbledore had ordered them to that day 11 years ago. Dumbledore had dropped by to check in on him after his instruments had broken, while he had been only one year old Harry still remembered that day clearly as Dumbledore all but threatened the humans to look after him.

At first they had ignored him, only acknowledging his existence when they were forced to feed him. This had suited him fine as it allowed him to carry on with his business unnoticed. The first four years of his rebirth had been spent working on controlling his chakra, or magic as it was now called. Since that day 11 years ago he knew what he was, he knew where his power and knowledge came from and he knew how to use it. But he still needed to do the practices to control and master it.

At first he was forced to just levitate objects from his position in bed but as his body grew and he learned to crawl and eventually walk he began walking across surfaces while levitating heavier and heavier objects to build up his power and control.

It was in his 6th year of existence that things with the Dursleys had changed. He had always known they resented him no matter how much he fought for their acknowledgment and acceptance, but that day they had taken him from the room he shared with his cousin and stuffed him into the cupboard underneath the stairs. He had taken that in stride since it didn't really matter to him, it just provided more privacy. But then came the impossible amount of chores, and even when he finished them all they never thanked him they just frowned and found more for him to do. It was when they tried to punish him for doing well in school that he snapped.

Even as a demon with all the knowledge provided by a god he still acted like a human, most of his knowledge came from the Juubi's host Uzumaki Naruto and was filled with kind emotions, memories and thoughts. But unlike his ancestor Harry had a limit to just what he could take, when his uncle had come to beat him for doing well in class he reached said limit. His demonic heritage made itself known in the form of extreme anger and blood lust.

His eyes glowed and Vernon and Petunia found themselves trapped within the all powerful illusion, Tsukuyomi, for an hour. They had fallen into a coma for half a day before he calmed down enough to revive them. Since that day his relatives had done everything in their power to avoid him, they had given him his own bedroom to do with as he pleased and left any room whenever he entered, he only saw them when he passed by to get some food or go to school.

Smiling happily Harry tore open the Hogwarts letter and read. He had been waiting for this day for years. Although he had the knowledge from Juubi, he still lacked knowledge on magic and spells used by wizards and witches today. On the subject of magic Juubi had only focused on rituals, runes and creatures. Rituals and runes in order to make sure it would never be summoned or sealed again and creatures in order to track the progress and evolution of demon/summon kind. As such Harry knew everything there was about ritual magics, runes and each of the different magical creatures but he lacked information on charms, hexes and curses. There was also the fact that his current knowledge was over a thousand years old -due to Juubi's slumber- so he knew nothing of the advances made in the last thousand years or so.

He was also knowledgeable on jutsu, illusions, seals, healing, weapons, poisons and had exercised properly to use his own personal close combat fighting style. His knowledge of the ancient arts was unsurpassed by anyone still living and he had near absolute control over his internal energies, something thought impossible by all wizarding kind.

Smiling happily Harry wrote up a reply and with a flick of his wrist had the letter flying on the wind currents towards Hogwarts.

-A few hours later-

Dumbledore smiled happily as he read the letter for Harry Potter. He had been extremely confused and curious when an envelope had floated through his office window but those concerns were forgotten when he read who the letter was from. He had been worried that the Dursley's would deny Harry his heritage and leave him ignorant of the magical world but apparently the boy was informed of his being a wizard and was eager to attend Hogwarts.

He frowned though when he read the next paragraph. Harry didn't know how to reach Diagon Alley, he would need someone to pick up and guide Harry around Diagon alley for his school shopping. Hagrid was still gone, hunting down his newest 'pet' while Minerva was retrieving the stone from Nicolas and placing it within Gringotts. The only other he could really trust with this was Severus and the man absolutely loathed James Potter. Dumbledore sighed as he summoned Snape to his office, perhaps the mans feelings for Lily would overpower his feelings for James and extend to the boy.

-Friday, August 2nd 1991-

Severus Snape scowled as he knocked on the door before him, he had argued against Dumbledores decision but in the end the man had sent him on this detestable task. Babysitting a brat and Potters brat no less, how undignified.

"Yes? How can I help you?" a voice asked drawing him out of his thoughts. Snape scowled as he laid eyes on Petunia Dursley, Lily's sister. Petunia's eyes widened as she too recognized him.

"What are you doing here Snape!" she snapped. Scowling deeply he narrowed his eyes at the woman, even after all these years she had not changed

"I'm here for Lily's boy, I was sent to escort him to buy his supplies." He drawled out in a bored and annoyed tone.

"Ah I thought you would be here soon, greetings sir." a child's voice sounded from within the building, turning his head Snape spotted the boy as he descended down the stairs.

He almost gasped as he took in the boys looks, he had heard from Albus that the boy was supposed to be an exact copy of Potter with Lily's eyes but that was obviously wrong. Even as a straight man he would admit the child was beautiful, he had a thin and regal face that seemed to exude radiance and beauty, his skin was pale and flawless marred only by the small, pink and famous scar on his forehead. His eyes seemed to capture the soul and draw you in while staring right through you at the same time. Had he not known the boys parents he would have sworn the child was part Veela.

Snape could only stare at what had to be the most perfect looking child on the planet.

Harry smirked as he watched the man staring at him. He knew how others saw him, and how much he captured their attention, it was a demonic trait used to draw in prey by looking beautiful and harmless.

Snape's attention was drawn from the boy when he heard Petunia gasp slightly, turning his attention back to her he frowned as he took in her state, her eyes were wide, her hands shaking and she looked ready to faint at any moment as she just stared at Harry in...fear? What could frighten her so much about the boy? Before he could say anything the boy was already standing beside him on the doorstep and Petunia had slammed the door before rushing away.

"Don't mind her, she's just afraid." He heard the boy say.

Snape frowned down at him "Afraid of what?" he asked curiously, since he had known Petunia she had been a sour and spiteful creature. Not the fearful woman he had just met.

"Of me." Was the reply as the both walked away from the house.

Snape's frown deepened "And why would she be afraid of you?" he asked, he studied the boy closely as he spoke. Other than the strange beauty he radiated and the well kept figure he could see through the boys clothing he didn't seem dangerous. His thoughts were cut off as he was suddenly filled with extreme terror and fear, he almost dropped to his knees as he tried to catch his breath. As soon as it had come the feeling disappeared.

In front of him he noticed the Potter boy was smirking at him, his eyes seemed to flash as he turned and walked away with his hands in his pockets.

"Why not?" Harry replied back over his shoulder.

After a moment to calm his nerves Snape followed along, whatever that strange feeling was it was definitely Potters doing. There was more to this boy than he had first thought, first the Veela like beauty and now the Dementor like ability. There was definitely something strange about Harry Potter.

Following behind Snape smirked as he walked, whatever was different about the boy at least he didn't act like his bastard father and that was a bonus in his book.

Stopping next to Potter, Snape noted another strange occurrence in his mental list. The boy had stopped and waited for him right on the edge of the anti-apparation wards, as if he could sense them, definitely strange. Grabbing hold of his shoulder Snape apparated them both to the entrance of the leaky cauldron. He also noted that the even though it was supposed to be his first time apparating, Potter was perfectly fine, most people would throw up their first time but the boy didn't look the slightest bit bothered. Leading the way he led Potter into the Leaky cauldron.

Snape sighed as yet another wizard came up to shake the boys hand and greet him, they had been in here for ten minutes and the people just wanted to revere the boy. As he noticed Diggory go up to shake Potters hand for the fourth time Snape reached into the crowd and grabbed the boy.

"Come along Mr. Potter we still need to do your shopping." He stated dragging the boy from the bar and through the magic wall that served as an entrance to Diagon alley.

"Ah, thanks for that sir. I was getting annoyed at all the people wanting to meet me." Harry stated.

"Don't mention it." Snape replied in his bored tone "I'm sure now you'll want to know why everyone seems to worship the ground you walk on." he continued. He had already been informed by Dumbledore that he would need to explain to Potter about his fame since the letter left with Petunia made no mention of the Dark Lord.

"Isn't it because I supposedly killed that 'Dark Lord' when I was a year old?" Harry asked in a nonchalant manner.

Snape's eyes widened comically for a moment before he schooled his features.

"How did you find out about that?" He asked in a hushed tone.

Harry simply smirked in response "That's for me to know, and you to never find out." He replied walking away once more.

Snape could only stare at his back in surprise at yet another strange occurrence, sighing once more he followed Harry into Diagon alley.