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A/N: The rings that Salzar grabbed in the room were not the same as the ones that Harry and the twins wear.

Note:In case anyone got confused with identities or names I've listed the current Akatsuki code-names.

Pein, Lord Pein, Leader - Harry Potter

Yamato- Godric Gryffindor

Manda - Salzar Slytherin

Tsunade - Helga Hufflepuff

Tobi - Ignotus Peverell

Haku - Rowena Ravenclaw

Sakon/Ukon - Fred and George

Zetsu - Zetsu/Lockhart

-Currently Unnamed- Ariana, Snape, Lucius, Ginny and Sirius.

Chapter 8: Escape

-Saturday, July 3rd 1993-


"Ossium Opprimere!"

"Erue Viscera!"

"Exprime Occulos!"

"Hee hee hee, cant catch me!" Tobi teased as he twisted and dodged around the spells sent his way. Lucius and Severus growled darkly before continuing their attack. The twins dropped to the ground tired and out of breath.

"Desine Motum!" Lucius shouted angrily.

"Sectumsempra!" Snape followed up.

Tobi giggled as he ducked under the first spell and frog hopped over the second. The strain from casting the curse was too much for Snape and he dropped to the ground tired. Lucius stood standing for a few more seconds before he too dropped.

"Damn it!" Snape cursed between heavy breaths "It's been four hours, how the hell can he dodge so easily."

George snorted "He wasn't even trying. You should see when we do this with Harry, the bugger just plays around."

Lucius huffed as he sat up.

Fred snored and rolled over.

Tobi giggled and pranced away.

"Good practice boys," Harry chuckled stepping out from the shadows "Your aim needs more work but you've all gained more stamina. A whole four hours of casting is no joke."

Snape scoffed "Say's the boy who goes days without a break."

"Clones don't count." Harry smirked waving off his comment.

"Thank god for that." Lucius groaned returning to his feet. "Do you have any orders my Lord?"

Harry took a moment to think "Ah yes, Fudge will be inspecting Azkaban in a few weeks, see if you can tag along. Make sure everything goes without a hitch and maybe survey the status of your 'friends'."

"Yes my lord." Lucius replied with a slight bow before portkeying away.

"Yay..more Death Eaters." George grumbled.

"Don't worry George, I'll only recruit the interesting ones." Harry chuckled.

"Thank Merlin for that, its bad enough you're recruiting Black." Snape sneered.

"Oh behave Severus, Sirius will be on his best behavior." Harry replied.

Snape scoffed.

"Now George why don't you wake your brother up and you can get back to training."

The redhead groaned but reluctantly kicked his brother awake as Tobi once more made his presence known.

"Yay! It's Tobi's turn to shoot, Tobi has such good aim. Little twins need to pay close attention." Tobi giggled holding his wand aloft.

Snape slowly snuck off as the twins were forced to jump about and dodge spells.

"Any news about the order Severus?" Harry asked as Snape fell into step beside him.

"Nothing new Lord Pein. They have been ordered to keep an eye out for Akatsuki members, they are also keeping an eye on the mission outpost in Diagon alley." Snape replied

Harry hummed.

"Dumbledore continues to search for Tobi in order to reclaim his wand." Snape added as an afterthought.

Harry chuckled "Very well, you may go and enjoy the rest of your short vacation. I'll be in touch if need be."

Snape gave a small bow and vanished with a pop. Smiling to himself Harry pushed open a set of large doors and entered the room, sitting on the floor in the center of the room meditating was his newest recruit.

"Hello Ginny." he grinned.

-Friday, July 9th 1993-

"This is your last warning Centaur, bow before Lord Pein or suffer." Zetsu growled.

An arrow to the chest was his reply.

"We shall never bow to that demon-child. Venus weeps at the atrocities that creature will bring about." Magorian, leader of the Centaur herd, shouted in reply.

Zetsu calmly removed the arrow from his chest and the wound immediately healed over. He frowned as he surveyed the large herd of Centaurs before him.

"Very well, you have made your choice," He replied stepping back and phasing into the large tree behind him "Now Perish." his voice echoed from around the herd.

The centaurs raised their weapons warily as they searched around from their opponent. The forest was eerily silent as nothing moved then there was a loud hiss followed by hundreds more before the screams of the Centaurs drowned out all other noise.

Bane ignored the screams of his herd as he ran faster and faster. He had wanted to stay and fight with the herd but he had his orders, Magorian and the elders had given him this mission and he would not fail.

A sound from behind caused him to speed up as he raced towards the large castle in the distance. The humans needed to be warned, it was too late for his herd but if he could reach Hagrid or Dumbledore he could warn them of this 'Lord Pein' or Harry Potter as he was born. The herd would fall but the humans could stop the boy, they would find a way.

Bane growled as he heard a low hiss from beside him, they were catching up. He couldn't run any faster in the forest but he was approaching the end of the forest, just a few more meters and he would reach open ground then he could run at maximum speed. A blur to the side drew his attention, Bane turned his eyes to look..

..into a large set of deadly yellow eyes. Bane could only gasp once as he dropped dead.

-Saturday, July 10th 1993-

"Greetings leader." Zetsu said as he rose from the floor. The others in the room jumped and drew their wands while Harry remained sitting.

"Ah Zetsu," Harry hummed "How was your mission?"

"Mission complete leader, the forest is yours." Zetsu replied proudly.

"Harry?" a small voice asked from the side.

"Yes Ginny?" Harry asked looking over.

"Is that Lockhart?"

Harry grinned "It was Lockhart, this is Zetsu. Part Devil Flytrap, Part blond ponce." Harry replied.

Snape and Lucius smirked. The twins shared a look and grinned.

"At least the useless git,"

"Got what he deserved." The twins replied.

Harry chuckled "Yes, yes. Anyways Zetsu is the Akatsuki spymaster, he's able to phase through solid objects as you can see as well as wards." Harry explained "You will be partnered with him Severus but unlike the other groups you wont be given the same missions all the time."

Snape nodded in acknowledgment while the others continued to study the strange looking man half stuck in the ground.

"Did he say something about a forest?" Lucius asked turning back to Harry.

Harry nodded "I had him act as an envoy to the various creatures in the forbidden forest. If we capture the forest we can launch attacks on Hogwarts from there when the time comes."

Lucius nodded in reply and retook his seat with the others. They were all currently in the meeting room of their base, Harry had turned the cavern the twins showed him into a respectable base of operations. One half of the cavern had been turned into a training ground with several targets, dueling rings and close combat rings.

On the other side of the cavern he had constructed a large mansion with three floors and several hundred rooms. The basement floor contained a large library filled with the thousands of books, scrolls and rare tomes he had acquired as well as a vault for dark objects and items they couldn't store at Gringotts. The ground floor contained the meeting room, kitchens and administrative offices of the organization. The top floor held the bathrooms and bedroom for all the members to use should they spend the night.

While the organization was still small, Harry planned an increase in size at some point and the mansion would be able to hold close to two hundred people easily thanks to expansion charms. Right now it was only inhabited by his Paths, Snape from time to time and the house elves that looked after the place.

He had warded the entire cave himself so that only someone with an Akatsuki ring could enter. House elves were blocked unless keyed into the wards, and due to the amount of dark magic used to make the wards even a Phoenix would be blocked from entering.

Zetsu rose out of the ground fully and placed his Akatsuki robe on his chair before sitting.

"How many allies were we able to make Zetsu." Harry asked as his spymaster sat.

Zetsu took a moment to think before replying. He had only been ordered to speak to the sentient creatures in the forest, that included some Acromantulas, Fairies, Thestrals, Unicorns, Centaurs, Werewolves, Trolls, Vampires and a Hag.

"I made contact with the leaders of those I could find." Zetsu began "Aragog and his colony accepted your offer, there are roughly 280 Acromantulas in the colony leader."

The others listened wide-eyed while Harry just nodded.

"Good, the Acromantulas will be a great help." Harry replied waving for his minion to continue.

"The Thestrals and Trolls joined as well." Zetsu continued "The vampires fled the forest long ago and returned to their covens, the werewolves accepted but only if you can keep your guarantees, they were betrayed by Voldemort-" He ignored the flinches from the others at the name and continued on "-many times during the last war."

The twins whistled as they heard this "You're really building-"

"An army Harrikins."

Snape scoffed "What did you think we were doing you twits, this isn't a game."

The twins smirked at him darkly "Maybe not for you-"

"But life's a grand game for us.''

Harry chuckled and turned to Lucius.

"Try and push for werewolf rights at the ministry Lucius, I know there are a few bills that get shot down from time to time. If you play your cards right you might be able to even get Dumbledore to help. He's all about equality and all that jazz, he wont even know he's helping build my forces." Harry ordered, Lucius smirked and nodded in reply.

"Zetsu you may let the wolves know that we will be fighting to give them more rights, also hand them the rings and have them swear an oath before bringing them to the mansion. We wont need them in the forest for now, and better living conditions will make them more agreeable."

Snape sputtered "You're going to have werewolves here? Living in the mansion?" he asked angrily.

Harry nodded nonchalantly "Don't worry Severus, there's a few dark wards I'll set up that will stop them from transforming during the full moon. You'll be safe within the mansion." Harry replied.

Snape calmed some but he was still upset over the issue. Harry turned back to his other spy.

"Were you able to track the Vampires down?" He asked.

"Yes leader, there are two covens in Britain, we were able to find both but didn't speak to the coven leaders since they had nothing to do with the current mission." he replied.

Harry nodded "That's fine, I'll visit them personally myself, for now we'll focus on Hogwarts and London. There's still time until a full scale war breaks out."

Zetsu nodded and continued his report "The hag, Auon Szava, has agreed to join you when the time comes, until then she will remain in the forest."

Harry thought this over for a moment "Very well, look in on her from time to time but don't bother her. Hags are not to be trifled with."

Zetsu nodded again "The Centaurs, Fairies and Unicorns denied all your offers."

Harry growled before sighing "That is to be expected. Creatures of the light would hardly consider joining us." Harry replied looking thoughtful.

"What are you going to do about them?" Snape asked with a raised brow "The centaurs might tell Dumbledore about your attempts to recruit them."

Harry sighed again "If they refused then it should have already been handled." he replied sending a questioning look at Zetsu, the others turned to the spymaster.

"It has been handled leader, Aragog and his colony gladly hunted down the fairies, the Trolls and Thestrals overwhelmed the few unicorn herds and Asmodeus led the serpents against the centaurs."

Snape rose a brow at this, there was a war within the forest? Nothing had been mentioned this morning before he left the castle. Did Dumbledore even know?

"Who's Asmodeus?"

Ginny's question drew Snape out of his thoughts, at first he had been against the 'little girl' being allowed into the organization but she had proven to be as intelligent and resourceful as her two brothers and was quickly learning the dark arts from both him and Pein. Her intelligence was further proven as she asked a question even Snape hadn't thought to ask, who was this Asmodeus? Another member they had yet to meet?

"Asmodeus is the Emperor Basilisk." Harry replied nonchalantly.

"I thought that was Esper." one of the twins commented.

"No, Esper's the Empress, I created Asmodeus a few weeks ago."

Snape's eyes widened. Created? he brought that second corpse to life? How much power did this boy have? In just two years since he had met the boy, Potter's power had risen to new heights, he had the loyalty of several powerful and unknown wizards, captured the entire forbidden forest and now had not one but two powerful Basilisks under his control.

Further question were cut off as Harry addressed Zetsu.

"Did you count the casualties?" he asked.

Zetsu nodded "Of the 300 or so fairies within the forest around 275 were killed, the rest fled the forest. All 30 unicorns and all 126 centaurs were killed." Zetsu began "We lost no Acromantulas since the Fairies didn't fight back, two trolls were impaled and killed by the unicorns and one Thestral died after ingesting unicorn meat. The two Occamy were shot down and several different snakes were trampled fighting the centaurs."

Harry hummed "Bury our dead, theirs can be devoured. Burn the Unicorn bodies though, their blood is too pure for any of our allies to eat." he ordered.

Zetsu nodded.

"Anyone else have anything to add?" Harry asked looking around.

"I have managed to infiltrate the group inspecting Azkaban Lord Pein." Lucius commented.

"Good Job Lucius, make sure no one can implicate you in the break out." Harry replied with a smile.

No one else had anything to say.

"Right then, you will each have a mission for this month." Harry began getting a grin from the twins and a cheer from the youngest Weasley. "Lucius continue to look into those werewolf laws, check if anything can be done for the vampires and prepare for the Azkaban trip."

"Fred, George and Ginny your family plans to go to Egypt soon correct?" Harry asked, he got three nods in reply "Very well, while there you will each accompany one of the other members on a mission. I'll have a clone fill in for you so you can go on said mission and gain field experience."

"Zetsu you will partner with Tobi and act as an envoy to the dragons. Lastly, Snape I require several different potions, a list will be provided as well as funds for ingredients when you are finished you may get started on stripping the Basilisk corpse for parts, I will provide you with a team of clones to hasten the task. Any questions?"

No one replied.

"Good, you are all dismissed."

-Thursday, July 15th 1993-

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we the-"

"Yes!, god damn it we're here!"


Zetsu sighed as his partner merrily skipped away from him. Why oh why did his master have to saddle him with Tobi? And why did he have to annoy him so much!

Tobi chuckled as he continued to skip ahead, the act was really getting on Zetsu's nerves but it was so funny to see the plant man get upset. Keeping his childish act up was getting easier and easier the more he did it since Ignotus had been quite mischievous when he had been alive, messing with people now was so much fun.

His thoughts were interrupted when a large shadow loomed over him. Tobi looked up from the ground and gulped as he came face to face with a large red scaled dragon. The creature studied him for a few seconds before its mouth opened and it let loose a loud roar.

'Crap...' Tobi thought as the released roar sent him sliding back a few feet. The second he had looked into the dragons eyes he had tried to communicate with the creature. Sadly like many other magical creatures it had lost its sentience over the centuries. Either due to a loss of magic or crossbreeding, he wasn't sure, but the dragons had lost all of their fabled wisdom and intelligence over the years. In fact this dragon before him was about 300 years old and yet it couldn't even communicate with him.

Tobi frowned at all this. He had been hoping to find the dragons, meet their leader and some how form an alliance. If they weren't sentient and couldn't communicate then what was he supposed to do?

"Look out you damn twit!" Zetsu yelled pulling him from his thoughts.

Tobi snapped out of it just as a blast of dragon fire shot towards him. Unlike his main body he had no resistance to flames so the dragon could reduce him to ash with a single breath. Within his mask Tobi's single eye glowed red as Madara's Eternal Mangekyo was made visible. It was all an illusion but even if no one was around he needed to keep the act up, no need to fall out of practice after all.

"Enton: Onibi (Blaze Release: Fiendfyre)"

An variety of creatures made of black fire formed before him and plowed through the incoming stream of dragon fire, the dragon roared in anger and then pain as the black flames surrounded it and burned through its magical protections. The dragon thrashed about as it attempted to put out the flames that covered it but its efforts failed. With a final whimper it dropped to the ground in defeat, only then did Tobi banish the fiery creatures that held onto it.

Zetsu took a moment to look at the dragon before regarding Tobi with surprise. Silly he may be but the man was powerful if he could take down a fully grown dragon so easily.

"Now what?" He asked addressing his partner with a little more respect.

Tobi smirked under his mask. "Now we wait." he replied in a deeper, darker tone that sent shivers racing up Zetu's spine.

The dragon continued to whimper as it licked its wounds.

A few minutes passed before various large forms came into view. The dragons roars had alerted the others in the area and had drawn them to investigate. Zetsu gulped as he looked around at the close to a dozen large, adult dragons that were bearing down on them.

"I do hope you can handle them as well." he murmured looking over at his partner.

Tobi chuckled in that dark tone once more

"Easily." he replied as his eye glowed once more.

'If Madara could handle Kyuubi then I should be able to control something as simple as these mindless beasts.' he thought locking eyes with one of the new dragons.

-Saturday, July 17th 1993-

"Animi Discede"

A bolt of white light connected with the chest of a dark wraith like creature causing it to shriek and fade away. Ginny grinned as she twirled her wand and focused on another wraith, with a flick of her wand she cast the exorcism spell once more forcing the spirit to retreat back to its proper realm.

"Good job Ginny, that was the last one." a melodic voice stated from behind her.

Grinning proudly Ginny turned to her 'partner' for this mission. The woman had introduced herself as Haku, which was most likely her Akatsuki codename. Unlike the twins Ginny wasn't a full member yet so she didn't have a codename, ring or uniform. She was still only a first year student and even though she was learning a lot from Harry and Snape she still had much more to learn. For this mission she was given a simple black cloak to hide her identity.

"Thank you Miss Haku." Ginny replied politely.

Haku regarded her for a moment before sliding past and up the large stone staircase. They were currently inside an old and ancient pyramid far from her families hotel. The mission was a simple search and retrieve, the same as the twins, but after entering the pyramid they had been beset by various traps as well as undead creatures. Haku had easily demolished the Inferi and Mummies while Ginny had handled the wraiths and other malicious spirits.

At the very top of the stairway was a large stone door that led into the source of their mission, a large treasure vault.

Ginny looked around at the various piles of gold and jewels with awe while Haku spared the room a single glance before entering.

"I don't sense any traps but be careful," Haku advised "Pack everything into the bottomless chest and lets go."

Ginny hurried to obey the order and began levitating piles of gold into the small chest she carried. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted her partner studying a small object in her hand. From where she was standing it looked like a ring, but unlike the beautiful items strewn about this ring looked so plain.

It was a simple silver band with a purple jewel.

Haku studied it intently for a moment before she giggled in glee and tucked it into her pocket. Ginny shrugged at the display and continued working till the last of the treasure was safely tucked away.

"Good job again Ginny, now grab my hand and lets leave." Haku commented walking over "The goblins will pay us a lot for this treasure."

Grinning broadly Ginny grabbed the outstretched hand and with a swirl they were gone.

-Monday, July 19 1993-

"Well well well, Sirius black. You're looking unpleasantly healthy." Fudge sneered at the grinning man behind the bars.

Sirius only grinned wider at the Minister "Ah Fudgey, so good to see you. How's the wife?"

Lucius smirked while Fudge growled at the man behind the bars.

"I see your sanity is still intact Black." He spat.

"What little of it I had before you threw me in here." Sirius grinned back.

Fudge sniffed and turned to the warden "Increase his Dementor exposure, this scum needs to pay for his crimes."

The warden looked around nervously and wrung his hands. How do you tell your boss that the Dementors tended to avoid this cell completely? For the last year or so the creatures had stopped coming around here at all, they stayed far away from Black and nothing he could do would change their mind.

Sirius's laugh drew all attention away from the nervous warden.

"Don't worry about that Fudgey, I'm not going to be here much longer." Sirius grinned standing from his cot. A few of the aurors drew their wands but made no aggressive moves.

"What nonsense are you on about Black?" Fudge frowned

Sirius grinned wider "Bye bye Fudgey."

With a loud boom the back of the mans cell exploded outwards and hundreds of leaves flew in through the hole. Lucius took a step back with Fudge as the aurors advanced. They fired several spells through the bars in an attempt to stop Black but each spell would hit a floating leaf and dissipate. As they watched a tall broad man wearing the familiar cloak of the Akatsuki entered the room, the strange thing was that he stepped off a large tree branch that had not been there a moment ago.

Sirius stood beside the man laughing wildly.

"What the hell is going on here!" Fudge shouted shrilly.

The man nodded at the group and pulled a page of parchment from his robe. The parchment floated from his hand to one of the aurors, the second the man grabbed the parchment the leaves within the cell spun wildly obscuring the two from view before they retreated out the hole leaving nothing but an empty cell behind.

Fudge turned to the aurors, his face red with rage.

"What are you waiting for? After them! I want Black back here immediately and have some one stop by the outpost in Diagon Alley and arrest the Akatsuki!." he roared.

Lucius took this time to step in.

"I'm afraid you cant do that Cornelius." He drawled out drawing attention to himself "That parchment you have there is a mission slip correct?" He asked the auror, the auror nodded in reply.

"What are you going on about Lucius?" The minister growled angrily.

"That's an official mission slip Cornelius, according to the contract you signed with these people they cannot be held accountable for any missions they are issued. Also the confidentiality clause means you cant tell anyone of their missions." Lucius replied silkily.

Fudge darkened to an almost purple color "What! Who the hell agreed to that?"

Lucius smirked "You did."

Fudge let out a deep breath "What can I do then?" he grumbled.

''You're allowed to pass a law stopping them from taking any missions of this kind in the future but other than that you'll have to recapture Black on you're own." Lucius grinned.

Getting the minister to sign the contract had been so easy, he hadn't even read it over. The man had basically given the organization permission to do anything at all with no repercussions.

Snarling to himself Fudge turned on his heel and angrily strode down the hall followed by the rest of his entourage. Only a relieved warden remained behind as he studied the cell.

'At least I might be able to get the Dementors to visit this part of the cell block again.' He thought entering the now empty cell. Looking out the window he gasped in shock at the sight below him. Growing straight out of the sea was the largest tree he had ever seen, it was at least six stories tall ending right at the bottom of Black's floor.

"Black.." Snape drawled.

"Severus old buddy, old pal." Sirius grinned.

Snape sneered and handed Harry a box full of vials before walking away. Sirius chuckled at his retreating back.

"Try not to annoy Snape too much, he lives here too." Harry grinned coming up beside his godfather.

"I'll try my best." Sirius replied "So what is there to do around here kiddo?"

Harry chuckled as he inspected the potions Severus had just dropped off "Not much, there's a library in the basement and a training area outside. Most of the werewolves tend to hang around those areas so you can make some friends."

Sirius hummed "Speaking of Werewolves.."

"Yes yes I know, hes out of the country right now but according to Severus he'll be teaching at Hogwarts this year. You can meet with him then." Harry replied to the unspoken question.

Sirius grinned at him "And the rat?"

"Check today's Daily Prophet, you might find something interesting." Harry replied walking away with his potions.

The picture with the Weasleys had come out today and the fool Pettigrew had been right on the front page. They would need to snatch him up soon but that could wait until the school year.

Sirius would be safe here. He wasn't in much of a rush.

-Wednesday, July 21st 1993-

"Bombarda Maxima!"

The Manticore let lose a roar before the spell struck causing the upper half of its body to explode in a shower of blood and gore. Fred(or George) doubled over out of breath as his twin came to stand next to him.

"Wicked" George(or Fred) grinned examining the devastation surrounding them. The ground had been torn apart and fires burned in separate locations, for meters in every direction Manticores and Chimeras lay dead or dieing from various wounds, the twins stood in the center of the carnage completely unharmed.

"Good job boyssss" a low voiced hissed from behind them. Both twins turned to their partner for this mission, Manda.

"Where the hell did you go Salzar?" Fred(or George) asked with a raised brow. They were currently in another pyramid far from the one Ginny had visited. Rather than the undead they expected after speaking with their sister they had been dropped into a nest of Manticores and Chimeras, Salzar had quickly disappeared leaving the twins to handle it.

The man sighed at them "What'ssss the point of codenamesssss if you don't ussssse them?" he hissed in an annoyed tone.

George(or Fred) shrugged "What's the point? There's no one around to hear it anyways."

Salzar pouted throwing off his hood since the twins weren't wearing theirs anyways.

"You still didn't answer the question." Fred(or George) stated.

Salzar shrugged and held up a thick leather bound tome "I moved on ahead, I was sure you could easily handle a few pessstsss alone."

Fred(or George) scoffed "A few he says, there were close to a hundred of the things."

"And you handled then did you not?" Salzar asked cocking a brow.

Both twins sniffed and looked away.

"Only thanks to the rings," George(or Fred) said after a moment "These things are so damn resistant." he added kicking the head of a nearby Chimera.

Salzar chuckled "True true. Ssssspeaking of which guessssss what I found." he grinned holding up a silver ring with an orange jewel.

Fred and George grinned and studied the ring "You found that here? What are the chances? Ginny said Haku found one on her mission as well."

Salzar scoffed "Duh, why do you think we came here in the firssst place? It'sssss not a coincidence that the ring was here, we sssscryed for them using the others as a focussss."

"Oh." The twins muttered blinking.

-Thursday, July 29th 1993-

Snape frowned as he studied the green jeweled ring that now adorned his finger.


How in the hell did Potter come across one of the rarest metals known to magical kind? He had noticed the similar rings Potter and the twin Weasleys always wore but had paid them no mind. Now to find out that they are made of one of the rarest amplifiers known to wizarding kind?


And then the boy simply goes and gives them away? One to Lucius. Snape frowned as he toyed with the ring on his finger. Potter had simply called the three of them into his study today and handed them the rings, Dagon was a rare material and the fact that Potter even had some was mind blowing.

With another twist of his ring Snape stood and walked over to his steaming cauldron. He could feel the power flowing through his veins as he stirred the potion with his wand. With his magic amplified even his potions would come out in better quality.

At least serving Potter was proving to be the right choice. Even if he had to work with Black.

-Monday, August 2nd 1993-


Harry jumped from bed as his bedroom doors slammed open with a loud bang. It was only with years of meditation and Occulmency that he had the proper self-restraint to stop himself from attacking.

"Harry, I'm on the front page!" Sirius crowed as he stalked into the room with a Daily Prophet tucked under his arm.

Harry sighed in exasperation as he lowered his hands .

"Sirius, don't spook me like that," he growled "I almost turned you into a smear on the wall."

Sirius grinned at him and waved a hand "Yeah yeah, you need to relax kiddo. Now check it out, I'm on the front page." He replied thrusting the paper in Harry's face.

Grumbling to himself Harry snatched up the paper and spent a few minutes looking it over.

"Huh..they sent the Dementors after you?"

"Of course, no ones ever broken out of Azkaban before." Sirius declared proudly.

"Who's guarding the prison then? They just sent off all their Dementors after one prisoner?" Harry asked with a raised brow.

Sirius scratched his chin in thought "Huh..I don't know. Maybe some aurors or something, either way did you see the next article? They think I'm after you."

Harry's eyes widened at this "Why would they think that?"

Sirius shrugged "I dunno, maybe to get revenge for my master or to finish off the Potter family."

Harry scoffed "This will be a problem though. If they think you're after me they'll be keeping a closer eye on me this year."

Sirius nodded "Yeah, it say's that they might even send the Dementors to the school."

Harry took a seat as he thought.

"This might work to our advantage then. If the Dementors are there I might be able to meet with their leader and form some sort of alliance." he murmured

"What! I thought you said they were dangerous to you!" Sirius shouted.

'Only because they want my soul, it's far more delicious than a humans would be' Harry thought with a frown.

"I'll be fine Sirius, I can scare them off like I did in the prison or use the Patronus charm." Harry replied.

Sirius remained silent for several minutes before he sighed "Fine but be careful, I don't want you doing anything too dangerous."

"Yeah yeah, don't worry about me. I'll be careful." Harry replied rolling his eyes.

Sirius looked up as his godson stopped eating mid chew, Harry sat still for several seconds with glazed over eyes before he chuckled.

"Whats up?" Sirius asked with a raised brow. He had seen this happen several times and although he didn't fully understand it he knew it had something to do with those Harry clones that were always wandering about.

Harry grinned at him "Vernon's sister was visiting, apparently she said one thing too many and my clone 'accidentally' blew her up." Harry chuckled.

Sirius chuckled as well "Blew her up? Like a balloon?"

Harry's grin turned dark "Nope, like a bomb. Her guts splattered everywhere, a piece of her skull knocked Petunia out." He chuckled at the look on his godfathers face "Vernon and the rest had to be Obliviated but thankfully I got away with it after explaining what 'happened'."

Sirius looked at him strangely before shaking his head and returning to his meal. he had heard all about Aunt Marge so he couldn't really blame Harry for enjoying her death.

Chuckling to himself Harry returned to his meal. He would need to switch with his clone at a later point since the Weasleys were coming back soon and would be joining him at the Leaky Cauldron.

The twins would need new missions and he could resume training Ginny.

-Tuesday, August 10th 1993-

"WHAT THE HELL! What are you doing here?"

"Hello Rex," Harry chuckled putting an arm around Ginny causing the girl to blush "Like I was telling Ginny here, I'll be staying here until the school year starts due to an issue at my abode."

"Its Ron-"


"Why don't you stay with one of your snake friends Potter? They finally realize how much of a loser you are?" Ron asked glaring at him "And get your filthy hands off my sister."

Harry chuckled and released Ginny -much to her displeasure and anger- before patting Ron on the head condescendingly.

"Always the kidder Richie, are these your parents?" Harry asked ignoring the shade of scarlet the boy was turning and addressing the redheaded couple that was walking over.

"Ron? Ginny? Who's your fri- bless my heart, Harry Potter?" the woman asked staring at him in shock and awe as a faint tinge crept onto her cheeks. Harry gave her a kind disarming smile as he bowed slightly causing her blush to darken.

"A pleasure to meet you ma'am. I'm a friend of Ginny's and in the same year as Robert-''

"Ron." the red haired boy cut in.

"Whatever. I also happen to be good friends with you sons Fred and George." Harry finished shaking Mister Weasleys hand. The man seemed to have forgotten what transpired the last time they had met in the bookstore and was grinning broadly.

"Oh that's good to hear. I'm Molly and this is my husband Arthur, its nice to meet you Harry dear. Ginny has been telling us so much about you." Molly stated smiling at him.

"All good I hope." Harry chuckled ignoring the dark shade of red his friend had turned.

"Of course dear," Molly replied "Are you here for your shopping?"

Harry sighed and pasted a sad look on his face "I'm afraid not ma'am, I accidentally blew up my aunt when I got angry so I'm staying here for the rest of the summer." he replied

Molly gasped and brought a hand to her mouth "You poor dear," she exclaimed hugging him "We'll be staying here too so you just come on over if you need anything."

Harry gave her another kind smile "Thank you ma'am."

"Why don't you kids run along and play." Arthur cut in "The twins are up in their room."

"Okay dad, see you later." Ginny beamed grabbing Harry by the arm.

"It was nice meeting you two." Harry said smiling "Come along Richard, lets find your brothers." he added walking off with Ginny.

"Its Ron."


-Friday, August 13th 1993-

"I thank you all for coming today." Dumbledore announced as the room quieted down "Unfortunately Remus is currently out of the country and Molly is watching her children while they are in Diagon Alley."

Moody grunted "Lets get on with it Albus, what is this meeting about? I haven't heard anything new about the Dark lord or the Akatsuki."

Dumbledore chuckled and sent his old friend a twinkly eyed smile much to the other mans annoyance.

"Yes lets get straight to the point. This meeting is about Harry Potter." he announced.

A few in the room began to whisper while Snape blanched before returning to his usual impassibility. Once the noise quieted down Dumbledore continued.

"Since coming to Hogwarts Harry has been an exceptional student, his skill in spell casting and magic theory are simply outstanding. I'm sure by now you've all heard about his mastery of several elements."

They all nodded in acknowledgment while Moody grunted once more.

"The boy's far too suspicious if you ask me." He growled.

Snape rolled his eyes but it was Minerva who responded.

"You think everyone's suspicious Alastor. Mister Potter is the kindest most polite young man I have ever met." she chided.

Arthur nodded "It's true, Molly and I met his at the cauldron the other day and he was such a kind boy, he's friends with several of my children."

Moody grunted again but remained silent.

"What was he doing at the cauldron?" Minerva asked turning to him.

"I believe I can answer that," Dumbledore cut in "It would seem that in a bout of accidental magic Mister Potter injured members of his family and was forced to relocate due to the danger of Sirius Black's escape."

Dung snorted at this point. "Injured? I heard one of them had to be scraped off the walls."

Minerva gasped whiled the others turned to Dumbledore who sighed and shot Dung a reproachful glare.

"Yes that is true, his Aunt Marge who was visiting was unfortunately killed in the event, but I have been assured that it was all accidental since Mister Potter was bereft of his wand during the incident." He explained calming the others.

"Now on to the main point of this meeting. With Sirius Black on the loose we will need to keep a closer eye on Mister Potter this year. The minister, against my insistence, has decided to station Dementors at the school this year. As such I will be unable to station any of you at the school except for Severus or Minerva."

"He's in my House Headmaster, I'll keep an eye on him." Snape cut in at this point.

Dumbledore gave him a kind smile "Thank you Severus. Remus will also be teaching at the school this year so should you require his assistance just ask."

Snape sneered at this but remained silent.

"That is all I have for today, does anyone have anything to add?" Dumbledore asked looking to the few faces around the room. Moody spoke up first.

"Yes, about Potter. Do you have any guarantee he isn't working with these Akatsuki people? We already know they seem to attract powerful individuals with mastery over several elements. From what you've told us, Potter either has control or the potential to control an unprecedented amount of elements." Moody asked.

Snape snorted mentally. If only they knew the fact that Potter was in fact leader of said organization. What he didn't understand were the other members, the few individuals he did meet made perfect sense due to their power. Both he and Lucius also had something to add.

It was the Weasley twins and their sister that he couldn't understand, Yes they may be strong now and well on their way to becoming truly dangerous but they were still children at this point and Weasley children at that. Why would Potter include them in his plans but leave out his fellow Slytherins? Even that bookworm Granger would be a good choice if only for her knowledge. Adding the twins and their little sister was a good choice but not really the best one.

Snape snapped out of his thoughts at Dumbledores voice.

"-elping his fellow students. Mister Potter has never done anything suspicious, has never broken any rules or even come in contact with anyone suspicious." Dumbledore finished.

Moody snorted "He's friends with Malfoy's brat isn't he? That seems suspicious enough."

"You forget that is my Godson you are speaking about." Snape drawled sending Moody a glare.

"Quite. Mister Malfoy is a fine gentleman and I think Mister Potter is a good influence on him. You'll find that Draco is friends with many of the muggleborn students despite any influence his father may have had." Dumbledore explained.

Moody grunted but remained silent. He had already been asked to teach at Hogwarts next year should the curse affect Lupin. He would look into the Potter boy at that time.

-Saturday, August 14th 1993-

"Harry!" Hermione shouted as she caught sight of him, her shout drew the rest of the groups attention and they turned to watch as both Harry and Ginny walked up.

"Hey guys." Harry greeted with a wave. The others were currently seated outside the Ice Cream parlor waiting for him, they had all planned to meet up and proceed with their school shopping.

"Over here Harry, I saved you a seat." Daphne announced as she shoved Theo out of his seat.

"I saved you a seat too Harry." Pansy added shoving Blaise out of his.

Chuckling to himself Harry sat in the empty seat next Draco. Ginny giggled as she sat down next to him much to the other girls chagrin.

"Thanks girls but I'm sure Blaise and Draco would be upset if I ousted them like that." Harry said to the pouting girls. The two boys grumbled as they retook their seats. Turning to the only girl that had yet to speak Harry flashed a charming smile and leaned forward.

"What's wrong Millie? didn't you save me a seat?"

Rather than answer the girl could only sigh and stare at him dreamily. Harry chuckled again as he lowered his allure, being away from him for so long had lowered Millie's resistance. He gave her a grin as she blushed after her eyes lost their glassy look.

"W-what were you doing with Ginny?" Millie asked rather than answer his question.

Harry grinned as he replied "Oh, I 'accidentally' blew up my aunt this summer and put the rest of my family in the hospital so I have to spend the rest of my summer at the cauldron. Ginny and her family are also staying there so I just walked here with her."

He got several wide eyed looks in return.

"You..blew up your aunt..'' Draco muttered staring at him as if to see if he was joking.

Harry grinned "Yup."

"You mean like a balloon? I did that to one of my pets as a kid." Blaise asked chuckling. His question seemed to calm the others as they waited for Harry's response.

"Nope, I mean she blew up. Her blood and guts were all over the walls." Harry replied cheerily.

The wide eyed looks returned.

"That's horrible, I'm so sorry Harry." Hermione squeaked.

Harry waved it off "Nah it's okay, I didn't like her much anyways."

"Harry!" She admonished.

Harry gave her another one of his smiles that caused her heart to flutter and her brain to forget what she was angry about.

"Come on, lets get shopping guys. I'd rather do that than talk about this." Harry exclaimed standing up. Hermione immediately stood and attached herself to one of his arms.

The others shared a look before shrugging and standing as well. Harry's aunt was a muggle, if he didn't seem to care then why should they.

"Can we at least go to the Quidditch supply store first this time?" Draco asked.

"No!" The girls shouted back.

Harry hummed as he examined the silk robe in his hands, the others had gone ahead to the bookstore while he chose to hang back and pick out some new clothes. He needed to find a few things for Sirius to wear since the man couldn't go out in public yet. As he was walking past the changing rooms Harry felt something grab the back of his robes before he was yanked into one of the rooms.

"Urk!" he gagged as he was spun around and pinned against the wall. He looked down at his assailant and met the blue eyed gaze of Daphne Greengrass.

"Finally alone." Daphne purred leaning into to him.

"Daphne? I thought you went ahead." Harry gulped as the girl studied him with lust filled eyes. He had noticed that she like many of the other girls was beginning to fill out nicely, she like the others had also showed her interest in him. While he was interested in her as well he had hoped to wait a few years before anything occurred between him and the girls. Given that time she would be drop dead gorgeous, not that she wasn't quite pretty already.

"I told them I had to find something Haarrrry." She purred once more "I've been wanting to do this for a while now." She added pressing her body against his.

"Oh? And what exactly were you hoping to do?" Harry whispered silkily causing her to shudder. If she was going to go out of her way to corner him who was he to refuse her he thought with a grin.

Daphne grinned at him "This."

Before he could reply she crashed her lips against his and wrapped her arms around his neck. Harry smirked inwardly as he wrapped his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss. His tongue flicked out and lightly brushed against her lips, she opened her mouth in response and he entered. Their tongues wrapped around each other and they fought for dominance before Daphne conceded defeat and moaned in pleasure.

Harry kept their lips pressed against each other for several minutes before they broke apart for air.

"Wow.." Daphne whispered practically melting in his arms "That was.."

"Brilliant?" Harry supplied grinning down at her. Sometime during the kiss he had increased his allure and directly targeted her with it, the added attraction and pleasure that had caused would be near orgasmic to any woman.

"Please tell me we can do that again." Daphne stated trailing a finger across his jawline as she leaned in for another kiss. Harry chuckled but only gave her a light peck on the lips.

"Maybe another time Daph, for now we have to meet the others." He whispered suppressing his allure. Daphne's eyes lost the glazed look they held but she smiled at him as she stood up straight. Since she could now stand on her own Harry released her and she took a step back.

"Fine," She pouted "But I'll hold you to that promise Harry."

"Anytime," Harry smirked.

Together they stepped out of the changing room and Harry grabbed a few random robes for his godfather before paying and following Daphne out the door. Walking behind her he couldn't help but notice the new curves she had gained since the school year ended.

'Just a couple more years.' Harry thought with a grin.

-Tuesday, August 31st 1993-

"Oi! Why's the train stopped?" Draco asked trying to look out the window.

"We can't be there yet. We shouldn't reach Hogwarts for another two hours or so." Hermione supplied.

"I think I can see someone getting on." Theo stated, his face was pressed up against the glass as he tried to see down the train.

"Why's it so cold all of a sudden?" Daphne asked snuggling closer into Harry's side. Ever since that day at the store she had taken to staying as close to him as she could. She had visited him at the cauldron five times but most of that time was spent in his room snogging. Daphne wasn't ready to go further than that and Harry wanted to respect her wishes so he hadn't used his allure on her much.

"Hmm..they might have let some Dementors onto the train." Harry supplied. He already knew the Dementors were on the train, he could sense three of them sweeping through the train towards his compartment but he couldn't just come out and say it unless his friends would want to know how he knew.

"D-dementors?" Pansy squeaked "Why w-would they l-l-let them on the t-t-train?"

"Obviously to look for Black." Blaise replied "But it's just silly to think he would be hiding out on the train."

"Y-yeah." Ginny whimpered fearfully. The dementors were getting closer and the temperature in the cabin had dropped several degrees.

Harry looked around at the fearful faces his friends had as the Dementors began to affect them. He sighed and stood causing them all to look towards him.

"You guys stay here, I'll go take a look." He stated walking towards the door.

"No Harry!" Daphne squeaked grabbing his arm.

"It's not safe." Millie whispered curling up on her seat. The compartment was so cold now that you could see their breath as they spoke.

Harry gave the two girls a disarming smile. "Don't worry girls, I know a charm that works on Dementors." he replied prying his hands from Daphne's.

"I'll come with you." Theo stated standing as well.

"Me too." Blaise added. Out of the group he was the least affected by the Dementors presence next to Harry.

Harry smiled at the two boys and nodded. He turned to Draco, Crabbe and Goyle.

"You three stay here and watch the girls." He ordered. Draco gave him a small nod "If the Dementors start affecting you eat some of the chocolate frogs."

Stepping into the hallway with the two boys behind him Harry headed towards the three Dementors he could sense. They passed by a compartment with a sleeping man inside who Harry recognized as Remus Lupin. He chuckled as he noticed Ron Weasley and his friends shivering fearfully within the compartment. Off to the side Neville Longbottom sat shivering as well, he looked up when Harry passed by and gave him a small nod which Harry returned.

Unlike Hermione Neville had quickly caved into the peer pressure from his house and chose to stop hanging out with the Slytherins. While he was still polite and spoke with Harry from time to time he still kept his distance and they had been unable to build a friendship.

"There they are!" Theo hissed as the three cloaked figures entered their train car from the connecting one. The three Dementor's studied them for a few seconds before their hidden faces locked onto Harry. Their aura blasted down the hall causing Blaise to falter and Theo to whimper while Harry stood strong. He could feel the Dementors presence assaulting his mental shields but his barriers held strong and knocked them away.

With a piercing screech the three Dementors rocketed towards him, their skeletal arms stretched out to grab a hold of him. With the other students nearby Harry couldn't release his aura to scare them away lest Dumbledore grow suspicious. He heard the banging of a compartment door behind him and could sense Lupin as the werewolf entered the hallway. With Lupin watching he couldn't use any of the darker magics or jutsu so he would need to settle for the Patronus.

As the three Dementors neared Harry drew his Phoenix wand with one hand while casting a subtle genjutsu with the other. Lupin could be heard rushing towards them a cry on his throat but Harry calmly held up his wand and thought of the first time he met his friends.

"Expecto Patronum!"

The genjutsu hid the true form of his Patronus and from his wand burst a white glowing stag. The Dementors screeched as they crashed into the Patronus but the stag stood strong and forced them back. Try as they might the Dementors were unable to pass by his Patronus in the small hallway and were forced to turn and flee the train. Harry's Patronus charged after them until they were out of the train and flying fr into the night sky only then did the Patronus disperse.

Smirking to himself Harry turned to his friends. Behind him compartment doors were opening as students stepped into the hall to check what was going on. Harry ignored them and checked on his friends. Blaise and Theo were looking relieved as the color returned to their faces while Lupin was staring at Harry with shock. The werewolf gaped for several seconds before he smiled and spoke.

"Good job Harry. That was and incredible Patronus." Lupin stated smiling proudly "I'm Professor Lupin, your new DADA Professor."

Harry gave the man a kind smile "A pleasure to meet you Professor. Thank you for the compliment."

"Don't mention it, I had herd you were quite talented but casting the Patronus at such a young age? Absolutely brilliant, even some aurors cant cast that charm." Lupin stated. At this point the students had overheard and began to whisper amongst themselves.

Harry kept his smile on his face "Thank you again professor. I hope you'll excuse me but I need to go check in on my friends."

"Oh of course, go right ahead." Lupin stated making way for Harry to pass.

Harry gave him another smile before heading back to the compartment. He was feeling drained and needed to sit down immediately, casting such a light oriented spell such as the Patronus was extremely taxing on his core. The last time he had cast the charm he had been out for an hour.


Harry groaned as he sat up. He felt horrible, like he had just spend days constantly firing high power jutsu with no rest. What had he been doing?

"Oh Harry, you're awake, come on you don't want to miss this." Sirius chirped from his cell door.

Harry groaned as the memories came back. He ha come to visit his godfather once more when the cell had been flooded by Dementors after his soul. There had been close to a hundred of them and they had forced the aurors to retreat leaving the prisoners at the Dementors mercy. Harry having recently learned the Patronus charm from an auror level book had decided to test it out. The last thing he remembered was a pink light followed by darkness.

Hearing Sirius laugh he stood and walked up to the cell door just as a Dementor was sent flying by.

"What the hell?" he asked.

Sirius grinned at him "I don't know what you cast but it's been beating the shit out of the Dementors for the last hour. This is hilarious." Sirius laughed

Harry looked out the cell door and gaped. Standing several meters away was a horse sized fox with nine large tails growling at the Dementors that surrounded it.

"What spell is this Harry? I wanna learn it." Sirius asked laughing as one of the fox's tails grabbed a near by Dementors and sent it flying.

"It's just the Patronus charm Sirius." Harry replied staring at his Patronus.

Sirius scoffed "Yeah right, the Patronus is white, why's that pink?" he asked with a wide grin.

Harry groaned as he noticed that yes his Patronus had a pinkish tinge to it.

"It's not pink, it's light red." he ground out.

Sirius laughed as a Dementor crashed into the wall a few feet away from them before turning to his godson.

"Sure sure. What sort of animal is that then? I've never seen it before and a Patronus takes on the form of the animal that represents your personality." Sirius asked cheering as three more Dementors were sent flying.

Harry sighed "Its the Kyuubi no Yoko. I don't know why my Patronus choose that form though." Harry replied.

Sirius shot him a glance "The what?"

"Kyuubi no Yoko, or Nine-tailed demon fox in English." Harry replied.

Sirius blanched "D-demon?"

Harry nodded.

Sirius remained still for several moments before his face returned to normal and he shrugged.

"Alright. Why's it pink though?" he asked in a teasing voice.


xxFlashback EndXX

After that day Harry had practiced the Patronus so he could use it if he ever needed to without passing out. It still left him feeling drained but his resistance to the side effects of using light magic had increased. Reaching his compartment door Harry stepped inside to see the relieved faces of his friends.

"I got rid of them." He simply stated retaking his seat.

"Are you okay?" Daphne asked.

Harry gave her a small smile "Yeah, I'm fine."

The others let out a breath in relief before they began to pepper he, Theo and Blaise with questions. The rest oft he train ride was spent with him answering questions and explaining the Patronus charm. Soon they pulled to a stop at Hogsmead station exited the train. Harry smiled as he studied the large castle int he distance.

'Time for a new year.' he thought with a grin.