This is titled 'Strays' because this consists of nothing but stray little idea's and parts of thoughts that had to go somewhere…

This is just one of those stupid little things when you listen to random music and write whatever comes to mind. I did it with the fallowing rules;

You are not allowed to stop writing until the music stops, you stop writing the second the song ends. You are not allowed to go back and change anything, but you can make small edits (like spelling…and completing a thought).

The first time that I had done this, it helped me with my writers block… which is what is bothering my right now, besides life…

So, I thought I'd post and share the junk that has come out of my head…

The first short story like thing will look familiar, though it is the unchanged version….Also don't be surprised if I use any of these for a story idea…

Pairings (for the ones that would apply) is of course Tyki x FemAllen (Ellen). One reference to other Pairings like Kanda x FemAllen and Lavi x FemAllen also at the end…

Warning: spelling and grammar, blood and sex, dark stuff... So on and so on… references to my two stories 'Secrets' and 'The Joker, The Jack, and the King' and some that have nothing to do with them…

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

(Get out Alive by Three Days Grace)

Mana and Neah Walker

They ran, ran as fast as they could. Angry voices called from behind them, but still they ran. Their hearts pounding in their chests, and lungs burning from the cold night air. They had no place to run to, no were to turn.

His little brother was starting to show his fatigue, the pain from the stigmata becoming worse, but Mana held his wrist and continued to pull him along behind him. Their feet hitting the ground as they fled…

They only had each other…

(How You Remind Me by Nickelback)

Tyki and Ellen

His dark gray hands ran across her skin, leaving a burning trail of red in their wake. The blood of the humans that he had just slaughtered staining her white skin. His gold eyes burning with lust and desire as they watched her lay and twist under him.

Her silver eyes would not look away from his gold. She wanted this, but she was oh so afraid.

"Surrender, it will all be over soon." he whispered, and her silver eyes closed and a moan passed her stained red lips.

(I think I love you by Kaci)

Tyki and Ellen

He watched her from the shadows. His gold eyes narrowed and his breathing even. His heart beat a calm rhythm in his chest as he watched her. She had that effect on him, just the sight of her would calm the blood lust in his veins.

That was until he saw any other man approach her or touch her. He was obsessed with her. His blood would sing with the need to rend any who would get as close to her as he had.

She was his and he would kill any who tried to get to close to her. His forbidden fruit.

(So Close by Jon McLaughin)

Tyki and Ellen

His lips ghosted across that pale white skin, sliding and raising goosebumps in their wake. His dark skin a frightening contrast to hers. Ellen Walker was like a ghost, a ghost that would forever haunt him, he knew. But right now she was his as much as she could ever be. Her soft hands rose and slid over his bare muscled back and Tyki fought back a shudder.

For this moment she was his. In this dark room, far from the ballroom where he had first seen her sense she beat him in that poker game. She hadn't recognized him and that was fine, when she saw him next he would be in his Noah form and then she would know the truth.

This woman of white was his as he held her fragile and petite body close in this moment of pleasure. Their bodies moving together in sin.

Her head thrown back and her lips parted, his brown eyes watched in rapt fascination. She would be his for just this moment, his and no one else's. For this small moment of time, he would have what he could never have again.

This was as close as he would ever get to his Eden…

(Lost then Found by Leona Lewis)

Tyki and Ellen from the new chapters…

She floated before him, in the sphere of protection made by Fo. His hand outstretched, his lips pulled into a wide and alluring smirk. It spoke of danger and power and for all rights she should be afraid, but then she could never truly fear him. "It looks like you made your decision girl." he spoke in that smooth voice of his.

She could hear Fo calling her an idiot, that things were not all that easy, that there was still a way to save every one… but she was no longer listening.

"Come, don't irritate the Earl any further." He added, his gold eyes burning into her silver. She heard what he wanted to say, what he meant to say,

"Don't make me wait any longer…"

Fo spoke again, and his hand rose. Power flashed bright and yet she couldn't look away. He was then moving forwarded and reaching out, the Noah taking her by the wrist. "I've waited long enough." his burning golden eyes said and Ellen couldn't look away as he pulled her to him. His other arm sliding around her waist.

"You are mine…"

(The Art Of Losing by American Hi-Fi)

Tyki and Ellen

Losing didn't sit well with him. Tyki hated losing. He glared at the girl and the younger male that she was with. Her smile shinning and bright as she looked at him. Yes, Tyki didn't take losing well.

He would not take this laying down. He would not lose for long. Yes, Tyki didn't like to lose, but he was not going to let the fact that she liked this other man stop him from winning the war over Ellen Walkers heart.

(Burn It to the Ground by Nickelback)

Nicholas Mikk

He watched with his dark gray eyes. The young man watched the Humans struggle and fight his family. He remembered being told that they were once his mothers friends. That his mother used to be one of them.

An Exorcist.

He couldn't see it, why would his mother ever allow herself to be used by these humans? His anger rose in his heart, he would hate them forever, he would never forgive them for hurting his mother.

Because her silver eyes still looked at these humans with pain and sadness…

And he would ever forgive anyone who hurt her, not anyone.

He would kill them, that's if his father didn't kill them first.

(Sanctuary by Hikaru Utada)

The Mikk family

His young gray eyes looked at the flowers before him. The small boy taking his time picking just the right one. His father stood behind him, a smirk adorning his darker features. The small boy finally reached forward and picked a red rose bud, turned and showed it to his father.

His father smiled wider and kneeled down to inspect the flower. "Is that the right one?" He asked his son in a amused voice. The little boy smiled and nodded his head. His father chuckled and lifted him up into his arms.

They paid for the rose bud and left the small flower stand. "Lets go and give it to your mother, shall we?" Small Nicholas giggled happily, his smalls hands holding the flower to his chest.

Tyki just smiled, his light brown eyes fell on his waiting wife. Allen smiled softly at them, her smile widening when Tyki put their son down and the small two year old ran to her, flower in hand and wide smile. She bent over and excepted the rose and a kiss on the cheek, before she turned loving silver eyes to look at her grinning husband.

"Happy birthday darling." He whispered, and Allen smiled. Her life couldn't be any more perfect.

(Obsession by Animotion)

Tyki and Ellen

It had been a long time since he had seen her, it had been almost a full year. Tyki Mikk had waited and had found it odd in the begging, for her to be suddenly absence from the battle field.

But then he didn't really care, one less Exorcist to have to deal with. Human women didn't have a place on the battle field, because that would mean that Tyki would have to kill them. Tyki Mikk hated killing women.

Though, he would kill anyone that got in his way…

Ellen Walker was the first that he had ever enjoyed killing, maybe that was because she just wouldn't stay dead, or the beautiful rage that he had seen within her stunning silver eyes.

He had enjoyed watching that gorgeous creature scream and writhe as he ripped her left arm from her. The smell of blood and death was thick in the air, the thrill of the kill still burning within his veins from killing the one Suman Dark.

His senses heightened and focused as he crushed the Innocence, a wicked drive consuming him when he turned his golden eyes back to the oh so helpless human female…

She had gone silent and that wouldn't due, he wanted to hear more, he needed to hear her scream- beg!

And oh, he had heard plenty before he had left her there, in that small clearing. Her begging for him to just kill her, followed by her poorly concealed little moans of pleasure…

His blood would boil with just the thought and memory- suddenly there was no other woman that could ease that craving of his. Tyki Mikk couldn't forget how sweet it had been to have her, to take her-

It had been ten months since he had last seen the great thorn in the Earl's side, Ellen Walker.

And that Would. Not. Do.

He entered the newly built stone building, the place that he knew that he could find her. It had been almost frighteningly easy. It had been so utterly tempting to slaughter all the of the pathetically weak humans as they slept…

But he had a goal, so he left them be and slipped through the wall that stood between him and his obsession.

She lay in her bed and on her side, the bed sheet only pulled up to a pale hip. Her silver eyes were closed and her full pink lips were parted, soft little breathes told him that she was fast asleep. Her pale skin only covered by a thin white night shirt that was so thin, that it was almost see through.

That drive to have her spiked and Tyki Mikk took a few silent steps further into the dark room. It was then that something off in the corner of the room caught his eye, the man paused and turned to get a better look.

His eyes narrowed and Tyki frowned deeply, the Noah changing direction and slowly approaching the thing that had gotten his attention…

The Noah of Pleasure came to a stop before the white bassinet. His face now a blank mask of indifference, though the moment the soft blue blankets within the cradle moved- a dark look twisted upon his face.

His right hand rose, his gold eyes narrowing and his blood lust sang within his veins. Tyki reached forward and pulled back to blankets, the man wanting to know this things lineage.

Would it have red hair? Or Asian features?

He felt betrayed, he felt rage and jealousy boiling and rising. The dark look in his eyes deepening as he pulled back the blankets so he could see who he would be killing quite gruesomely-

The Noah became still as he finally got a look at the sleeping infant within the white bassinet…

Then a wickedly wide smile stretched his lips across his dark grey face, Tyki's gold eyes narrowing in thrilled glee. "Why hello there," He breathed out, the sound of his voice just barely above a whisper, Tyki didn't want to be waking the boy's mother just yet after all. "You look just like your papa, how splendid.~"


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