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Chapter 1: The day one died was the day he was born

Logue Town: 17 years before

It all started as a sunny day in Logue Town. The birds where chirping, the

children were playing, but what about the adults? Well, they went to the main

Plaza. Why? Today was the execution of the second Pirate King, Monkey D.

Luffy. Five years after he and his crew conquered the Grand Line and found One

Piece the unexplainable happened. Well to the world that is, because Monkey D.

Luffy was captured by the World Government, or that's what the public

believes. All the people that Luffy knew, friends and enemies, knew that he

went to Marine HQ and gave himself up. It all started as a sunny day that is until Monkey D. Luffy came out of his cell and was escorted to the execution platform. The sky turned gray, as if the heavens themselves were

joining the executions of one of the kindest, strongest men in the world.

In the crowd, people from all over the world that respected Monkey D. Luffy was

there, friends and enemies.

Sir Crocodile and Das Bones stood in front of the platform in the middle section of the crowd. Queen Vivi, with her father and personal guardians, were standing at the back not wanting to see this but had

to as a last farewell. She knew she wouldn't forgive herself if she didn't come. Buggy, Shanks, Jimbei, Ivankov, Hancock and Dragon stood on a building, not wanting to be seen by the Marines, all with tears in their eyes, even Dragon had a small one, but he still stood there with a grin on his face. Kid

and Law where standing in front of the crowd not even bothered to hide themselves because they knew the Marines wouldn't attack them. Even Smoker was standing there, every time he put a cigar in his mouth he would bite it until it broke furious that the Marines claimed they captured the Pirate King,

and also because he was angry that "Strawhat" just surrendered himself even fully knowing why he did it. And then at the back of the crowd stood eight figures, the rest of the Strawhat Pirates. It started to rain down on the crowd as they looked up at their captain.

"Why Luffy, why did you have to give up just for us?" Chopper said with tears streaming down his face.

"He must have known that we would have been killed if he didn't do it…" Usopp told his friend, trying to hold back tears of his own, but with no avail.

"Robin-chan, Nami-chan, maybe you shouldn't be looking, you know he was the one who…" Sanji started concerned about the female part of the crew.

"It's alright," Nami interrupted, tears falling freely, "I at least want to see the end of the person who saved me and my town."

"Same here, he saved me from the darkness in my heart." Robin said, tears forming in her heart, it was only the third time with her time in the crew it happened.

"…" Zoro said nothing; he had no idea what to say as he had to take care of them, so he kept quiet.

"Yohoho, it seems that mother heaven is also grieving about the execution of Luffy-san." Brook said as he looked towards the sky.

"Bwahahaha, shut up. I'm not crying." Franky said while tears were falling from his eyes.

Their conversation was interrupted by a sudden voice. They all looked at the person that had saved

all their lives and all their dreams the person they called "Captain". Monkey D. Luffy sat on the platform, his Strawhat covering his eyes but held the grin they all knew well. One of the executors stood.

"Monkey D. Luffy, son of Revolutionary Leader, Monkey D. Dragon, and grandson of the hero, Monkey D. Garp. Pirate King with a bounty of 850.000.000 Beli's, you are hereby sentenced for following crimes." The whole plaza went silent, as did the whole world as the execution broadcasted throughout the world.

"The defeat of Former-Shichibukai Sir Crocodile." Robin gave a small grin while Vivi, her father and guardians had a smile from ear to ear.

"The destruction of Enies Lobby, the Buster Call and the defeat of a Cipher Pol 9 organization." Robin smiled, while the crew snickered.

"The defeat of Former-Shichibukai Gecko Moria." The crew had a grin, especially Brook, even though he didn't have a skin.

"Punching a Tenryuubito." The crew chuckled as Camie and Hatchi, who were watching through the Den Den Mushi Jinbei, had, smiled.

"The retribution of Former-Shichibukai Jinbei and Boa Hancock." The crew wasn't surprised anymore, knowing how easy Luffy made allies.

"Breaking in and out of Impel Down and joining the war at Marineford."

"The defeat of Former-Shichibukai Barthomelow Kuma." The crew would have laughed by now if it hadn't of been an execution.

"The death of Former-Shichibukai Dracule 'Hawk-Eyes' Mihawk." Zoro grinned as he held his swords.

"The death of Admiral 'Red Dog' Akainu." All the pirates all over the world laughed and all the marines looked at the Pirate King with anger.

"You shall hereby be sentenced to death as an example for all other pirates." The executor started, but was soon interrupted by a man out the crowd.

"OI, Pirate King!" Luffy looked at the direction of the man. "Where did you hide your treasure?" The executors panicked and raised their spears, only to be stopped some hands. Out of nowhere Luffy started laughing as if it was his last, which it was, surprising everyone, even his crew and his father.

"Shishishi, my treasure you ask. I'll tell you something good. I left everything I had in one the same place; hell I even added my own treasure to it. As I don't have an heir I don't care who wants it. Go and search for it, go and find my ONE PIECE!" As he was done with yelling a gust of wind blew his Strawhat away from his and everyone could see his eyes, they were the eyes of someone who didn't even know they were going to die. Then the hands holding the marines disappeared and ended the life of Monkey D. Luffy. The hat, That the pirate king had cherished, flew and landed on Nami's head, heaven started raining like it had never before, together with everyone Luffy met on his journey. The crowd yelled in happiness knowing that One Piece still existed and to the surprise of everyone who were still looking

at the platform, even the marines, were surprised to see that Luffy still was grinning. He laughed and enjoyed his life till the very end.

"So," Zoro started, startling the others, "What do you say we go to the platform and grab Luffy's body to pay our lasts respects." He said with a grin and a voice filled with bloodlust, preparing to kill any and all marines that got in his way.

The others nodded not even a bit intimidated by his voice or grin, not even Usopp and Chopper. They dashed to the platform to grab the body of their beloved captain, to give him a proper burial, next to the body of his brother, Portgas D. Ace.

At the same time of the execution, a boy was born on a small island in the South Blue. The name of said boy was Leopard D. Drake.