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Chapter 2: His adventure starts here

17 years have passed by the time that the second Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy, who set a second golden pirate age in history. Pirates have been creating havoc all over the world, well, not all of them were. But let's get to that later on, because that's irrelevant as we all know this fact, back to story.


In South Blue, on an island called Rash Island, a seventeen year old boy was strolling over the streets. The boy was 6 feet tall and had gray hair, which was spiky and touched the base of his neck. The boy had blue ocean eyes, and was wearing a black loose pair of pants with a dark blue short sleeved shirt.

Looking at his arms you could see he trained his body. He wore black shoes and a sword on his back. The boy's name was Leopard D. Drake. To the boy's annoyance all girls that saw him were staring at him and giggling, he hated the fangirls he had. They just never seem to leave him alone.

The boy entered a bar that he came to every day since he was young. The boy went to the counter, ignoring the loud drunk pirates that came into town, nor did he pay attention to the girls ogling him. As he got to the counter he took seat and let out a sigh, he looked at the bottles standing in front of him with a bored look in his eyes.

"This is unlike you, Drake." The owner of the bar told him.

He looked up to see the woman he called 'mother' since his biological mother past away. The woman had brown hair that came down passed her shoulders, she was wearing a green dress with a with skirt over it. Her name was Akin.

"Yeah well, you would also be bored if the only person that could fight with you equally pasted away years ago, and you aren't allowed in the forest with all those 'dangerous' animals, as the mayor calls them." He told her with an annoyed hint in his voice.

"Yeah that is probably true." She said with a giggle, much to Drake's annoyance. "Maybe you should…" She started but was suddenly interrupted by one of pirates. He was a man of 6' 7", muscular and hairy. The man suddenly stood next to Drake.

"Oi, ojou-chan, what are you doing with the boy, heh. Come with us, and give us some beer and your company, hehehe." The man said, groping her D-Cup breasts.

Poor man, he may not know it but one should never anger an already pissed of Drake.

"Oi, ossan," Drake started, his eyes covered in the shadow of his hair. "What do you think you're doing to her? Let go of her right now." Drake threatened.

"What did you just say?" The man yelled, fairly pissed of the comment of the boy, as well as the alcohol. "Who do you think you're talking to, huh! I am the first mate of the Johnny Pirates, the man with a bounty of 8.000.000 beli on his head, and I'm talking about the captain!"

"I said, lay off, weakling." Drake said, his eyes still shadowed.

"Now ya done it. I'll kill ya!" The man yelled and prepared to grab the club that was hanging on his waist, but before he could do so he was sent flying through the wall. His crew mates looked in pure shock as they saw their crewmate flying through the wall. As they looked back at the boy they saw he had raised his foot about the height of the man's stomach.

"Ugh, darn it, that runt. Kill him!" The man ordered his men as he was feeling his stomach. "What was with that kick, it felt as if I received a cannonball at my stomach. Just what is this boy?"

The men all roared as they grabbed their swords and the four men dashed to the boy, but the moment they saw the look in his eyes they all froze for a split second. That second resulted to their defeat. Drake punched one man in the gut and grabbed his arm. As he did so he threw the man to two of his mates and send all three flying, the remaining man attacked from behind, as he attempted to slash he saw the boy was no longer there. He looked around to see the boy beneath him, he stared in fear at the boy. The boy had his knees bend a bit and his right fist was ready for a punch. He then kicked himself up, raising his arm and performing a hook on the man's chin.

"Gazelle Punch" Drake whispered.

After that the man fell on the ground, his eyes completely white. Drake looked around and saw this was the same with the other pirates. He then looked at the place he kicked the big man but saw he had run away. He just shrugged.

"Oh well, he'll come back for revenge. I know his type. They just don't know why they lost." He looked at Akin. "Sorry about the bar." he said with a grin on his face. This made all the girls that saw his face gain a blush on their face, one even fainted. The barmaid was surprised seeing him with a grin, as she didn't remember the last time he had.

"It's alright; you got some bad customers away. Isn't today the day you're going to leave?" She asked him.

"Yeah that's right. Thought I should have come by and say goodbye," He stated. "But before I do I'm gonna teach some pirates a lesson." He said with an evil grin on his face. Drake stepped to the man he punched and took him by the neck, shaking him awake.

"Now then," Drake started as the man was awake, scaring the man with his grin, "where is your ship? You'll show me right?" It was more a demand than a question.

"Y-y-yes, o-o-of course." The man stuttered before leaving the bar and guiding Drake to their ship. The man grined to himself as he thought that that Drake was going to get a lesson or two from his captain.

At the Johnny Pirates' ship

"Where is that crappy good-for-nothing brother of mine?" A voice with a hint of annoyance was heard from the mouth of Johnny, the captain.

"Well it seems your broth- I mean that First Mate Taru went to one of the town's and took four of our strongest men with him." A random pirate told the Jonny.

"That foolish brother of mine, who does he think he is." Johnny said. Johnny was just like his younger brother, Taru, only for the fact that he had a giant sword on his back.

"Brother!" A voice could be heard from outside the ship.

"Hmm, seems like he is ba-" Johnny started but was interrupted by the fact that his brother came back alone without the four men his subordinate told him he had. "Oi, where are the others?" He asked him loudly.

"About that," He rubbed the back of his head, " A strange boy picked a fight with us and knocked all of us out, each with one hit." Taru stated.

"They WHAT!" Johnny screeched.

"Well, as I was saying they were all-hey what's that noise?" Taru said

"Hmm, what are you- WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THAT?" Johnny shouted, making all crewmembers look behind Taru. They all had shocked expressions on their faces.

"What are you guys- ?" Taru asked as he turned around only to be interrupted by getting hit by one of the crewmembers. The weird thing about him was, he wore a dress and make-up, making all the men look in horror at him. Laughter made them all look at the direction the man had came from, only to see a seventeen year-old boy.

Taru immediately recovered from the hit and looked at the boy, before turning to his older brother.

"Aniki! This is the guy I was talking about." He yelled to his brother.

"I see …" The brother said as he looked at the boy in fear, as he saw the dangerous aura emitting from the boy. He closed his eyes and shook his head, only to see an incoming punch as he re-opened his eyes.

The punch made Johnny fly backward into the rail. "What tah heck was with that punch? Darn it, I don't think I'll be able to defeat him. Better yet that thing we stole from a marine vessel yesterday." Johnny grinned in himself.

"Okay men, anyone who brings down this man will gain enough money to spend a whole night with some fine-looking women." He told his crew. They first digested the information they just received from their captain, before their faces got a perverted look on them. They then grabbed their swords and rushed at Drake. Johnny just grinned as he went back into the ship to his room.

Drake sighed as he was easily evaded the swords of the pirates. "Sheesh, can't these pirates chose their crew better. They always prefer quantity over quality. But I think it's a good thing, for me. Now I can go berserk again and no one will blame me." Drake thought in himself, finishing his thoughts with a blood lust smile on his face, sending shivers through the pirates quickly.

He jumped backwards as he groped his sword. He pulled it out a bit, dashing through the twelve pirates and stood in front of a thirteenth with his sword in the pirate's body. He man looked at his mates only to see that blood flushed out the bodies of eight, two were beheaded and the other two got their insides cut outside. Drake pulled with sword out the man and continued his rampage, the whole time with a sadistic smile on his face.

Some of the men, the smart ones, tried to run away from him but where interrupted as they were slashed to death. Some were foolish enough to think they could defeat him but met their end with their head flying through the air or their guts on the ship. Unfortunately for Taru, who was trying to run away, his eyes crossed Drake's before his head and limbs were cut from his body.

By the time Johnny came back on deck, he saw that his whole crew had been slaughtered. Suddenly from the air above him, the head of his brother fell right in his left hand. This made Johnny fall on his butt and looked at the head of his brother in his hand. He looked at the person responsible for this, but what he saw wasn't a person, it was a demon. You can't blame him from thinking that, because Drake was almost completely covered in blood, had a sadistic smile on his face and was licking his bloodied sword. Johnny immediately abandoned the idea of defeating this man, even though he had something in his right hand that could.

He would never find out because the moment Johnny saw Drake looking at him, he blinked his eyes and suddenly saw the boy in front of him, with in his left hand, a heart. Not just any heart, no, Johnny's heart, it was still beating.

"Give-give-give it back." Johnny said with fear in his voice as he stood up and tried to reach for his heart, with an extended arm. "Give it BACK!" He yelled, which; was the last thing he ever did, as right in front of him, Drake crushed his heart. Johnny, in his death, fell forward and landed on the deck with a loud thump.

Drake looked at the body and spotted a weird fruit in the pirate's right hand. He grabbed the fruit and took it with him. "Hm, if this is what I think it is, I'll save it for later. I'll eat it before I set out on my adventure, but first I need to go home, take a shower and get some new clothes. After that I'll go back to the bar." He thought to himself.

30 minutes later, back at Akin's bar

"Yo, Akin, I'm back." Drake said while walking into the bar, now wearing only brown pants, black shoes, and a red sleeveless shirt. "Look at what I found." He stated as he showed the strange fruit to her and everyone else in the bar, shocking them all.

"D-Drake, w-where did you get that?" A random person asked.

"This? Got it from those pirates, I stole it from the captain after killing them all for daring to hurt you guys, and cause I gave in to my instinct. Well at least I'm normal again." Drake stated with a sheepish grin, while rubbing the back of his neck . "Well then, here goes." Drake took a bite out of the fruit, ignoring the horrible taste. "There we go. Now I'm all set." With that he left through the door.

"Oi, Drake, aren't you gonna show us your ability?" The same person from earlier yelled to him.

"Nah, otherwise it would be boring right." He said with a grin that spread from ear to ear, as he went to his home to grab his stuff.

1 hour later at the docks

"Yosha! All set to move out. Well then," Drake turned around to see Akin, the mayor and some other townspeople. "I'm setting off, see ya guys and stay alive while I'm gone." He laughed. But the mayor snapped back at him. "You stupid boy, we should be the ones telling that to you." This remark made everyone present laugh. "Hahahaha! Guess you're right. Well then, see ya guys." Drake yelled and set off to the sea, excited about the fact he was going to have lots of adventures and have new nakama to find. "Let's see who will be my First Mate." He thought to himself.