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Chapter 2: A Yearling's Tale

Time Period: Late Jurassic; 145,000,000 years ago.

One year has passed since the miraculous birth of Big Ally. As with all other Allosaurus, she leaves the protection of her mother around the age of a month old, and the new life-long task she is bestowed upon is the need to fend for herself.

Ever since she turned nine months old, Ally began practicing her techniques of hunting dinosaurs instead of insects, which she is now weaned from. After her initial failure to bring down a Dryosaurus from when she first started trying to hunt dinosaurs, she has the remarkable ability to learn from her mistakes. The first time she tried hunting ended in failure because of the amount of noise she made when she decided to charge too early. For a yearling, she is one aggressive little girl. She gave up on this herd of Dryosaurus and stuck to lizard supplements to help her stay alive.

However, that was then. One afternoon, Ally finally managed to successfully bring down a juvenile Othnelia, which was too young to understand what it was like to be aware of forest predators such as Ally. To Ally, the plant eater's flesh tasted like chicken….just kidding (even though EVERYTHING tastes like chicken, mirite?). In reality, the flesh was delicious, and she hummed every time her taste buds lit up when the meat was rubbing against her tongue. She did something similar to this last year when her mother brought down the Stegosaurus and she got to taste it.

However, Ally will now learn why Allosaurus eat their meals in silence.

Deep within the bushes, an adult female Ornitholestes heard Ally's haughty hums from a few meters away, thinking it was a dying animal. Now, however, she realizes that it was a young Allosaurus feasting off of a carcass. The Ornitholestes doesn't understand the reason why the predator is humming. But she doesn't think about it for long, and she goes in to stealth mode, slowly moving up to where Ally is eating.

Suddenly, however, the female Ornitholestes accidentally steps on a twig, and Ally hears it. The Ornitholestes's cover was just blown from that one tactical error.

Big Ally then notices the Ornitholestes charge from the bush, fiercely barking at the young Allosaurus. At first, Ally was completely startled by the sight of her, and turns to flee. The Ornitholestes sees this as an opportunity to steal the carcass for herself, and begins to eat.

Big Ally, however, NEVER likes to share. When Ally notices how small the Ornitholestes is compared to her (remember, Big Ally is noticeably larger than a usual Allosaurus, despite only being only one year old), she counterattacks, roaring very loudly at the thief. The Ornitholestes is taken aback at what she is seeing, and swiftly retreats. Big Ally resumes feasting on the Othnelia.

Later that day, Ally approaches the same lake that she visited last year with her mom, and her intentions are to wash down the Othnelia she just ate by having a drink.

However, as she is about to come out of the bush, she hears a faintly familiar sound of chirps coming from her right. As she turns to see what is making those sounds, she sees a small brood of hatchling Allosaurus investigating the lakeside, and they looked exactly like her from the year before.

This gives Ally a chance for an after-lunch snack.

She slowly moves in through the cover of the bushes, trying not to step on any twigs like the stupid Ornitholestes did earlier (Ally now resents their kind). As she got close enough for them to be completely off guard, she readies herself for the attack.

She charges! The Allosaurus chicks scurry around in a frightened frenzy, trying to escape the predator's jaws. One, however, wasn't so lucky, and was killed the moment it got into Ally's mouth.

Ally now notices the ground shaking, and immediately knows what it is, and scurries off into the bushes. The sound Ally hears is a mother Allosaurus coming to investigate the situation. Ally knows better than to try to obtain another chick.

Ally doesn't know it, but the brood she just attacked was the same brood Big Al currently lives in.

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