-Chapter 1-

"May we go to the place of shopping, dear Raven? We shall go shopping!" Starfire cried.

"Not now, Star. I'm meditating," was Raven's answer.

"Oh, I am terribly sorry Raven . I did not notice that you were meditating."

'What gave you the first hint that I wasn't meditating? The candles? The mirror? Me floating above ground?' Raven thought.

"Don't you think we should spend more time together, as female species here. I believe we shall do the shopping, and having fun, as I have heard of," Starfire said. Raven slightly raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, Star, how about tomorrow?" Raven asked.

"Oh, yes, that is most fantastic!" Starfire crooned as she flew out of the room.

'Finally, some peace in mind.' Raven thought.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos." Raven chanted entering her own peaceful world.

"WHAT NOW?" Raven shouted.

"I was just going to ask if you would like to play some video games. But if you don't want, I can understand. I can make some herbal tea!" Beastboy said.

"Ok, Beastboy, make me some herbal tea," Raven said.

"Sure!" Beastboy answered, as he spun around the room getting the perfect ingredients. He ran to Raven without spilling a single drop.

Raven raised a brow. "Thanks BB."

Beastboy flashed a smile. He ran to Cyborg, who was currently in the living room, playing one of his video games.

"Cy, what are you playing?"
"Oh, I'm playing Trial Madness."

"Can I join?" a voice piped in.

"Sure Robin. Star, wanna play? It can be a four player game you know," Beastboy said.

"I would very much enjoy this game you call fun," Starfire answered.

Raven meditated until it was time for dinner. Cyborg prepared their meal. For Raven, grilled fish and herbal tea. Robin, pizza and orange juice. For Star, some hotdogs and mustard. Beastboy, tofu. And for himself, he prepared sausages, pizza, and juice.

It was a silent dinner. Everyone was concentrated on their food. Except for…


"Then speak all you want, I'm ready," Raven said blankly while putting earplugs in her ears.

"Hey, guys, did you notice that we have been running out of baddies lately?" Cyborg said, his mouth stuffed with food.

"Yeah. Don't you like that? We can finally relax and have fun just like normal teens," Robin stated.

"That is great and all, but do you not think it may be a trap?" Starfire asked.

"Well, let's just enjoy the freedom while we can," Beastboy said.

Cyborg and Robin nodded. Starfire grinned.

"Well friend Raven, I believe you promised me that we shall go to the place of shopping tomorrow," Star said, unaware that Raven wasn't paying attention. Raven just sat there, eating her dinner.

"Friend Raven?"
"Hey Raven? You okay?"

"Raven!" Beastboy shouted. Raven lifted her head.

"What?" Raven said blankly, removing the ear plugs from her ears.

"Friend Raven, I said that, you promised me that we shall go to the place of shopping tomorrow, right?" Starfire said, her eyes twinkling.

"Okay, Star, I'll go with you, on one condition."
"What is it, friend Raven?"

"You will NOT and I mean absolutely NOT, fit any clothes on me," Raven said firmly.

"Okay, Raven. Robin, would you like to accompany us in our shopping trip?" Starfire asked.

Robin's mask widened. His mouth twitched and his hands formed a fist. Sweat fell down his cheeks. "Um…I have some things to do," the Boy Wonder said, completely losing his cool.

"Like?" Starfire asked.

Robin backed away. "Um… Like…Checking the…city! I have to double check the city for any crimes," Robin said, flashing a nervous smile.

"Ok then. Cyborg, will you accompany us to the place of shopping?" Starfire asked.

"Hmm…I still have to buy some ingredients. Ok, then I'll go with you. I'll bring the T-car," Cyborg answered.

"Beastboy, would you also like to come?" Starfire asked.

"I might want to, I'm going to look over a new video game, so guess I'll come," Beastboy answered as he walked towards the T-car.

"Well then, it is settled! We will go first thing tomorrow morning!" Starfire cried as she danced around in the air.

'I hope tomorrow will never come.' Raven thought as she finished her food.

"Wait, Raven," Robin called.

"What?" Raven answered.

"You're in charge of the dishes tonight."

"Oh, right. Sorry," Raven said as she went to the sink.

"Cyborg, let's play Monkey Madness!" Beastboy shouted as he passed behind Raven.

"Beastboy, be careful, you might slip," Raven said. 'What?'

"Okay, I'm done, can I go to sleep now?" Raven asked as she yawned.

"Sure, Raven. Do you want to play some video games?" Robin asked.


"Please, Raven. Just one game!" Beastboy pleaded.

"Please Raven! Don't let your ole' friends down," Cyborg said.

"Okay, but just one game," Raven said in her monotone voice.

"Alright Raven!" Beastboy hooted.

"What game shall we play?" Cyborg asked.

"How about Monster Galaxy?" Beastboy asked.

"Sure," Cyborg answered and put the disk on their game.

"Here Raven, you're player four," Beastboy said. "You have to battle-"

"Yeah, Yeah. The monsters," Raven said, cutting Beastboy's sentence.

The game lasted for a two hours. The Robin, Beastboy and Cyborg were moving and groovin' to the game, while Raven just sat there, calm, contented.

"WHOA! RAVEN, YOU BEAT OUR HIGH SCORE?" The three said in unison.

"Ok, that was one game. Bye," Raven said as she went to her room.

"Friend Raven, wake up! It is time for us to go to the place of shopping!" Starfire shouted.

"Uhh…ok, Starfire. Just let me finish breakfast okay," Raven answered while stretching.

"Ok, friend Raven!" Starfire said as she went out the door.


Hi, this is my first story in Teen Titans, so please spare me. There's not much trouble right now but there will be soon. Thanks.