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A Slap is Worth a Thousand Words... Len Would Know

When Len asked Rin to guess how many pocky sticks he could fit in his mouth she slapped him.

When Len showed Rin how to "properly" strip for her crush's entertainment he was slapped.

When Len beat up the said crush after he cheated on Rin he was slapped.

When Len told Rin she looked like a boy he was slapped.

When Len told Rin she needed to stop "bitching" he was slapped…twice.

When Len said Rin looked pretty in her Jr. Prom dress but then said it'd look better on the floor he was slapped.

When Len didn't pay for Rin's dress he was slapped.

When Len said Rin was too pretty to date he was called a liar then slapped.

When Len "accidently" pushed Rin against a wall and kissed her at their grandparent's house, stealing her first kiss he was slapped.

When Len asked Rin out too "casually" he was slapped.

When Len then spent the whole day with Miku and not Rin he was slapped.

When Len asked Rin to go to their real prom only because "she was the only girl available" he was slapped.

When Len told Rin he wasn't tsundere and he really didn't like her he was slapped.

When Len asked Rin to marry him two years later with the biggest ring he could find he was slapped.

"What the hell! " He shouted holding his red cheek. The crowd that was once "aww"ing when Len proposed stared in shock.

"You always slap me, what does it even MEAN?" Rin's face was red in embarrassment from the attention and anger. She crossed her arms and frowned.

"I told you I didn't like expensive things from you!" Len glared at her in annoyance and discomfort for still being on his aching knee. "You always get mad at me when I don't get you a multi-million yen piece of crap that you could buy at Ware-marute for less than a thousand yen!"

Rin pouted.

"That's different!" She snorted.

"Yes or no Rin? Do you love me and want to be with me until death do us part, god forbid, or not?" He tried not to sound as nervous as he felt.


Len tried not to rip everything around him into shreds of rejection and anger and break out into dramatic tears like he felt like doing. But he was no longer a Shota… no matter what the rest of Japan thought.

And they glared at each other.

Seconds passed.


H- "WILL YOU JUST SAY YES ALREADY?" The loud brunette pushed Len onto Rin causing Len's face to be buried in Rin's chest…

When Len was slapped.


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