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Chapter 1


"So when are you going to tell Eliza?" Angela asked while putting away the new book arrivals.

"What are you going to tell me Mom?"

I looked behind me and saw my daughter. Her small frame, long brown hair, and forest green eyes.

His eyes.

16 Years Ago

"He cheated on me, Ang!" , I sobbed looking at my best friends eyes.

"But with Tanya Denali?" she said, her voice unbelieving.

"Why are you surprised! She's the biggest slut in the whole school!"

"But he loves you! You guys were going to college together for Christ sake!"

"Not any more! He can go to hell for all I care!"

"So where are you going to do now?"

"Well I was thinking UCLA?"

"With me?"

"Our original plan." I said, a small smile playing on my lips before bursting into tears again.

1 Month Into College

"Ang, I'm pregnant." I told her, my voice breaking at the end.

"Oh my God, Bella. Is it His?" she asked. We still didn't say His name.

"Yeah it's his." I sighed.

"Are you going to contact him?"

" How can I ? He's at Dartmouth and after that he's going to med school!"

"Bella its his responsibility too!"

"I know, but I cant weight him down like this! I will get through this."

"I help you."

"No, Ang! You deserve a life!"

"And let you struggle with you classes! You're a freshmen!'

"Thank you" I said , tears forming in my eyes.

"Totally call godmother, though."

4 years later

"How's that!" Ang screamed, her dark straight hair in a messy ponytail.

"Perfect!" I told her, looking at Elizabeth to make sure we didn't wake her. She was sound asleep. I swear this child can sleep through anything!

Ang stepped off the stool to admire her handiwork with the portrait of the three of us while I looked around at the bookshelves filled with books, the comfy couches where the customers could read while drinking a cup of coffee and eating a pastry that they could buy at the front counter. The name of my café and bookshop was simple, Eliza's, after my daughter.

I heard a small whimper and turned in time to see my daughter open her green eyes and her perfect bronze hair curl around her perfect face. I picked her up before she could cry any harder.

" I told you we would get through this" I whispered in her ear.


I looked at my daughter, her hair had darkened , but her eyes where still as green .

"So what aren't you telling me Mom?" Her pink, full lips where pursed and her pale, small hands clutched her pale blue apron.

"I've decided to open another store." I told her.

"Okay. Where?" She said hesitatingly.


"When are you leaving Ang?" She asked her.

"Oh no sweetheart. I'm not going by myself." Ang said string her coffee.

"Then when are both of you leaving?"

"Honey, where all going." I told her.

She walked towards the nearest couch and sank down. "But Mom I'm going to be a junior this year and my friends and cheerleading!"

" It's just going to be for a year. You'll be back senior year." I reassured her.

"Fine" Eliza said. "I'll go. When are we leaving?"

"End of the summer." I told her. She nodded and stood up to open the door for the first customers.

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