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A/N: Well, the boys have come full circle and this particular story has reached its conclusion. I hope you all have enjoyed!

Epilogue: Sunday

I woke up to a quiet house and rolled reluctantly out of bed. Yesterday had not gone as well as I'd hoped but it hadn't all gone to hell either. Things were just... Tense.

The house was empty when I finally made it downstairs, my parents having already left for Mass, so I grabbed my keys and headed out to my truck. While I waited for the old Ford to warm up I plugged in my IPod, pulled up the folder labeled Glee and hit shuffle.

I'll Cover You from Rent filled the cab and I fell into Collin's lines as I pulled out of the drive. It was easy to imagine Alex taking Angel's part but knowing Mr. Schue, the duet would end up falling to Rachel and Finn.

Alex was waiting for me as I pulled my truck into the parking lot and he pulled me into a fierce hug as soon as my feet hit the pavement. I kinda melted against him and hunched over to burrow my face into the soft curve where his shoulder and neck meet, my hands gripping his slim hips.

"You smell so good," I groaned before kissing the soft skin and pulling away.

Alex giggled, playing with the hair at the nape of my neck as he stared up at me. "Why thank you. C'mon, service is about to start," he said, letting his hands slide down my arms.

Twining our fingers together, I took one last look around the parking lot. "Guess they're not coming." I must have sighed because my boy squeezed my fingers gently and bumped me with his shoulder.

"But they will, Dave. Eventually."

"You sound so sure, hon," I said as we headed towards the porch.

"I am."


"I'm psychic."

"Huh." I snorted as we slipped inside to settle at the back of the meeting room.

"What? I am!" Laughing, Alex wrapped himself around my right arm and dropped his head to my shoulder. "Plus, babe, your folks love you. No matter what."

"He's right, David. We do."

I jumped at the sound of first Dad's voice, then Mom's and rolled my lips between my teeth. Dad's hand settled on my shoulder and I sighed, the sound edging towards a sob. The gong sounded as my parents settled on my left, Mom between Dad and I.

It was a start.