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Just another day at Providence. The building was uncommonly quiet, and the employees were in a busy, but comfortable clamor of their typical responsibilities. They worked well, happy to be unbothered or un-annoyed in their duties.

But then Rex came back from a mission.

The quiet halls of Providence were promptly and savagely broken by thundering running. Skids, shuffles, and trips were heard as the runners pulled at each other for the lead. The doors to Rex's room burst open as Noah and Rex forced themselves through, yelling at each other and catching their breath from their sprint. They stooped over, exhausted.

"A race," Noah breathed between words, "Really? After all that today?"

"You're just jealous you lost," Rex gasped back, "You didn't have to go with it."

"...Point taken," Noah gasped again and sat on the floor. He leaned back against Rex's bed. He looked over to the clock on the wall and groaned, "Man. It's only 10:30 and I already can't move."

Rex slumped on his bed, leaning against the wall to stretch his legs out, "Well, you know what they say," he yawned, "EVOs never sleep."

Noah turned his head at Rex and stared. He could feel bags starting to form under his eyes, "I think you mean 'Evil never sleeps,' and I don't even know if that fits here, Rex."

"Whatever," he shrugged, "Too tired to care right now, Noah."

"Why'd you have to drag me into that EVO fight anyway? You got like, a whole army backing you whenever you need it."

Well, half an army, or even just a fraction of an army could have taken care of that squirrel EVO they went up against today. Or, actually, squirrel EVOs. Squirrels were cute when they were normal, but when their nanites activated, they were downright gruesome.

Better yet, the little rats fought worse than they looked, especially when they formed together. This new species had this interesting habit of swarming as individuals, and then merging together to form one massive EVO. Rex found that whenever he'd punch a hole through it, it would just as quickly reform.

Fortunately though, with that old fashioned Rex ingenuity (he punched it a lot), he managed to cut it down size, and whatever remaining clumps of it ended up scurrying off.

"Yeah, but they always load me with the newbies fresh out of Basic for stuff like that. Then it just takes FOREVER."

"So you decide to lure it ten blocks over to my house at the crack of dawn just to get me up and fight?"

"...Well, yeah."

"Next time, Rex, just call my cell phone," Noah threw his head back and covered his face.

The light. It burned his retinas.

Rex ran a hand down his face, sleepiness suddenly sinking in as he threw off his goggles. "I'll try to remember that," he yawned again, "Guess this is as good a time for a nap as any. Night, Noah."

He fell over, and expected the cool fluff of his pillow to catch him. But, he missed when Noah grabbed it before he could land. His head bounced. He looked over and saw Noah already half asleep on it on the floor.

"Hey, Noah, how about a little help here?"

"You have a bed, Rex. And I don't know if you've noticed, but your floor is made out of metal."

"...Point taken."

He didn't really have much trouble sleeping without it anyway. Before either of them knew it, they were passed out.

They slept for a while, until something thudded through their sleep. Or, Noah's sleep, actually.

Thud, thud, thud. Noah's eyes tore open and he looked at Rex's door. It slid open and Bobo came walking in, dragging one of his guns behind him.

"Oh, did I interrupt nap time for the babies?" Bobo grinned.

Noah looked over at the clock. 12:25.

"Uhhhh..." He garbled. He sat up and looked behind him. Rex was still asleep.

"You seen where the 20 ohm resistors are? I can never find anything here in this dump," Bobo dug a hand through one of the shelves and pulled stuff and small boxes out, not really caring what they were if they weren't resistors.

"Nope," Noah rubbed his eyes. He turned around and shook Rex, "Hey, Rex."

His face was planted firmly in his mattress, "Mmmph," he said.

Noah shook him again. Still nothing.

Finally, he stood up, armed himself with his pillow, and smacked it against Rex's head.

It got a response, but just barely. Rex turned his head over, "Nyuhh...yeah?"

Noah pointed over to Bobo. "Oh, hey Bobo," Rex mumbled, moved the pillow under his head, and turned back over to sleep.

Bobo was unamused.

Then, in one swift motion, he walked over, gripped the sheets from under Rex, and yanked.

Rex fell to the ground in a crash and Noah laughed. Bobo looked down at Rex, "I'll ask nicely this time: You seen where the 20 ohm resistors are?"

"Yeah," Rex's legs stuck up in the air against his bed, "Now that I think about it, pretty sure they're next to the hot tub and Mr. Smoothy machine," Rex looked up from the floor, still obviously tired, "How should I know?"

"Considering this mess you made," Bobo gestured to the mound of disarrayed stuff behind him, the pile he actually made, "I just thought you might've come across it."

"I haven't yet, but gimme a sec and I'll go check if you left it somewhere in my dream," Rex pulled what sheet he could find over his eyes, "I think you might've dropped 'em when you were yodeling and unicycling over Kleiss's face."

Noah laughed again and leaned over, "Hey, Rex, maybe since we're up now we should start on tutoring?" Rex groaned.

"...I'd rather help the monkey find his regulator."

"It's a resistor, human. Considering you're half technology half the time, you should know the difference," Bobo grunted, starting to sort through the pile again.

"Still trying to sleep, here."

"He has a point," Noah agreed and Rex groaned again, "Anyway, come on, Rex, your next test is next week. You really wanna get shipped off to Basic for schooling and training?"

Rex exhaled, beaten by that point. Training was hard enough there, but that AND getting an education would be torture. He didn't want to die yet.

"It's Saturday, Noah."

"Like that matters. You don't even have a real school to go to."

Rex threw the cover off his face, "Why did Holiday have to make that program for me?"

"Because the usefulness of a weapon when it's stupid is limited," Bobo started through a new shelf. He pulled a box full of stuff and examined a toy squid, "Yeah. I'm gonna give up... Hey, hows about I help you with your studying?"

Bobo jumped and sat at Rex's desk, "Here's a math question for you: Bobo makes 22 Bobo biscuits. If they get thrown at 6 Providence grunts, how many do they each get, if White Knight gets 4?"

Rex sat up and started to grin.

"No. Oh no," Noah shook his head and crossed his arms, "No, no, no."

Noah put his hands on Bobo's back and pushed him out, "Seriously? We should study. Without interruptions. No distracting monkey. No. Out."

He struggled a bit, "Hey! I was helping!"

"Fine," Bobo called out as he slid through the door, "I'll just go swipe some resistors from the IT guys and go and get a double deluxe pizza pie without you."

"Aw, what? Bobo's gonna get pizza?" Rex fell back down, "Great. Bobo's gonna get a double deluxe and I'm stuck studying."

"I'll get some for us after we go over graphs and standard form."

Noah knew how to motivate him. Rex perked up.

"...All right, all right," Rex finally conceded, "I'll get up, Mom."

When Rex set his mind to something, he was actually able to grasp it pretty well. Noah managed to put equations and principles in better perspective for Rex when he related it to something he could better understand. Algebra was related to comics and video games, physics and science were related to combat, and most anything else that Noah could tie into food was pretty understandable.

"Okay, so, slope is... 4?"

"Um, kind of. You forgot to reduce it here."

"Oh, yeah," Rex erased the numbers by x and rewrote it to 2. Graphs were a little harder to keep in his mind than the last set of equations Noah tutored him in. Noah couldn't really make the questions any more interesting than how they were written in the textbooks.

Under his final answer for the standard form, Rex scribbled notes to himself. He marked points like "rise over run" and "y intercept". He looked around the numerous books, binders, and papers on the desk to find the graph paper and he started to mark it down. Noah leaned over as he started to label the axis and units.

Rex wrote down the three points the problem asked for and labeled them as well, before finally writing down the finished equation. He straightened up a little, checking to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. When he moved, Noah shifted himself to the side. He just noticed he might have been watching Rex's work a little too closely.

"All right," Rex turned to Noah and handed him the paper, "Think I got it."

Noah looked over it and reviewed in his head. He had done equations and graphs like this more times than any normal person ever should, and knew everything that Rex had written down was correct. "Yep," he nodded, "You got it."

Rex grinned, exuberant. "Awesome," then he firmly flattened his face against the desk with a thud.

"Wow. I got it right, and it's still boring. What a surprise."

He mumbled into his papers, "When are we going to do math that'll do stuff like...Like find out how much ownage I deliver when I kick EVO butt? Isn't there some formula I can learn?"

Noah looked at him, "I...don't think there's really an equation for that," he set the paper back down on the desk, "Uh, maybe when you get into more advanced stuff."

"Nngh...All right," Rex tilted his head up and reached over to one of his older pages full of mistakes, cross-outs, and eraser smudges. There was a hole in the side from erasing. It hadn't been too long since he finished that section, but after learning it now and incorporating it into current problems, it was funny to think he had any problems understanding it before.

"Heh, I know math like this now," he leaned back up a little and chuckled, taking a better look at his work.

"Actually..." Rex thought for a moment, "This is pretty cool. I mean, I still think it's pretty useless, but it's still cool," he looked at another old paper. "It might even be awesome now that I know how to do it."

"Yeah, cool, see?" Noah half-chuckled and shook his head, smiling. He grabbed one of the text books to flip through to their current section, "Once you start getting it, it really isn't so bad. It's like getting used to your teeth being pulled. And liking it."

"Wow. Sure makes me want to learn math."

"That's what I'm here for, Rex," Noah smirked and looked ahead to see what they were going to cover next. Beside him, Rex leaned back up and looked over. He quietly waited while he watched Noah skim and read through in silence. For a second, there was nothing but the rustle of pages.

"Okay," Noah spoke up and flipped back to the graphing problems. He looked at Rex and met his eyes, "Try this one."

Rex mentally jolted, unaware he had been dazing there, "Oh- right." Noah set the book down and Rex nodded at the question with a new grimace. Neither of them really noticed the passing of that short, quiet moment.

Study and tutor sessions eventually became a new norm for them. The higher the marks Rex got, the less he hated the work and review the program called for.

They worked and Noah continued to correct Rex's errors. The cool, new autumn days outside seemed less and less tempting as Noah pointed out steps, principles, and definitions alongside warm, fall study snacks. When school started to pick up on work, and Rex's teachers started to push him along further, it wasn't all that uncommon for them to spend a good part of their time in hanging out just studying, reviewing, or doing homework.

It was surprising to Noah and Rex how easily it was to fall into this sort of regularity, although it was often interrupted when EVOs attacked and all chaos broke loose again (half the time it was usually that annoying, cumulative squirrel EVO that just wouldn't die). But, for the most part, Rex was especially surprised at how comforting it all was to get into this, and when things slowed down for him and he could study and ask Noah for help, he felt just plain normal. Even though he was doing homework and he didn't want to admit it, it felt good. It felt like he was doing just what he was supposed to be doing.

And for Noah, he was grateful on many levels. His grades raised again- despite the unexpected tearings of EVO rampages through his time, he was able to do his part in fighting with Rex, and best of all, his friend really seemed to understand what he was learning thanks to his tutoring.

Whenever they studied, they often worked side by side. It just usually ended up that way, especially when Rex wasn't very clear on whatever he was learning, which was pretty often. Just because some of the nation's top scientists and mathematicians worked at Providence didn't mean they could necessarily teach.

Here and there, though, they'd bump into each other as they worked. Or sometimes they'd glance over, both out of wondering how the other was doing, and just out of habit. Sometimes Rex ended up just staring though, and he'd laugh at Noah's serious study face. Rex would laugh, Noah would make a counter remark, and then he'd laugh too. It was usually at points like that they decided to break and maybe resume whatever they were doing later.

It was pretty great to study with Noah, in Rex's perspective, and it wasn't just because he made things clearer for him. Thanks to the progress Rex made, whenever he said he wanted to hang out with him, it was usually assumed he'd be studying at some point, and Rex didn't have to keep finding new ways to break out. There still really wasn't much of a routine for when they'd meet, but it was more often than before Holiday created Rex's educational program.

But, when they got together they didn't always expect to study. In more occurrences than Holiday would have ever liked, they left off schoolwork altogether, and just goofed off.

Noah's game system was hooked up to the bigger screen downstairs. He pounded his thumbs against the controller.

Behind him, Rex looked from the kitchen and kept laughing, "Missed another room."

"What?" Noah's little character ran panicked up and down the screen, unable to move backward, "No way, I didn't see it! Where was it?"

"It was on that platform you just ran under! The one with the cracks on the blocks?"

"N-no! The screen was moving too fast there. How do you keep seeing this stuff?"

"Nanite sense tingling."

"...Wait, what?"

Rex laughed, "Yeah, my nanites just totally know and they tell me," he laughed again and said, "They're almost as useful as eyes, right? Oh wait, I forgot, you got a pair, Noah? I can't tell from the way you're playing."

Noah furrowed his brow, trying hard to just keep playing and not glare at Rex. Rex kept laughing anyway, continuing to point out every missed tunnel, coin, and treasure box. Noah hunched low on the couch, annoyed.

Rex looked over at a clock. It was about 1:30.

"Hey Noah, hit pause, show's starting up."

"What? Now? But I'm on a roll, Rex!"

"Yeah, like a cube."

Begrudgingly, Noah paused the game, sat back, and flipped the channel. The dramatic strumming of a Spanish guitar played. Some words floated through the screen that he couldn't understand.

"Cool, credits are still on," Rex walked out of the kitchen, and tossed a bag of chips and soda to Noah.

"I thought you didn't like the Spanish soap operas anymore," Noah popped open his cola.

"I don't. Except for this one, the other ones are pretty lame. Totally unrealistic," Rex walked to the couch and Noah moved over to make room. Although instead of sitting next to him, Rex continued walking and made himself comfortable on the other couch nearby.

Noah was kind of thrown off there for a second. That was kind of weird. Rex really looked like he was walking over to sit down next to him, and then he just changed at the last second. That was awkward to him, to say the least.

"Yeah?" Noah looked at him, "Why, what's this one about?"

Rex's eyes were glued onto the screen. He was already totally engrossed.

"Okay, this girl here, this is Maria," Rex pointed to the angry-looking woman on screen, "She's in love Rodriguez, who has amnesia right now and doesn't remember he's in love with this other woman, Carmen," Rex pointed to another angry-looking woman, "Who is trying to marry Miguel, Maria's boss and billionaire half-brother, but he is secretly in love with Inez," another angry-looking woman, "Rodriguez's sister. Right now, Carmen just found out that she didn't poison Inez, but she actually poisoned Inez's evil twin sister, Rosa, who was separated from her at birth!"

Noah smirked at Rex as he started to stuff his face, "Oh yeah. I see your point. Completely realistic drama, Rex."

Rex flicked a chip at Noah's head. He wasn't engrossed enough to be unaware of the sarcasm.

They watched the thick drama unfold on the show. Women yelled, suspenseful music swelled, and bad acting was found all around. Even though Noah could barely understand what they were saying, he still had a chuckle out of it. He laughed especially every time Rex imitated Maria's catch phrase, "DIOS! ...MIO!" And he dramatically fell and draped himself over the couch, much like the women in the show did whenever there was an opportunity.

Noah smiled, watching Rex enjoy himself. That weird, awkward feeling was still there, though. It irked him. It was just that change in direction from before... Or did he just imagine that?

It really wasn't all that weird that Rex sat away at all- that wasn't weird in the least. It's just that it seemed he second-guessed himself there and made that change at the last second. And that- that wasn't really like him. Noah wondered why he did that. It kind of bothered him.

And why did he care? That bothered him more.

"Ah! DIOS! ...MIO!"

Rex fell down on the couch with the back of his hand pressed against his forehead. It was a fantastically dramatic pose. They both laughed.

It was weird, Noah paused in the back of his mind with that thought from before, kind of really weird. And well...he had a small feeling that maybe something was up.

Maybe it started there, or maybe it was always like that and Noah never noticed until now. But, he could see something different going on, something that had wormed its way through gradually and under their noses.

There were little things that kept happening. Little things that kept low, but were just weird enough for Noah to take notice. It was like they were correcting themselves sometimes.

When they studied, Noah became more aware of Rex, and it seemed Rex was more aware, too. Noah would catch himself leaning too close occasionally, glancing over at him, or just noticing that Rex was there. And when they went off on wasting time, Rex always seemed kind of suddenly uncontrolled and controlled, or often just settled a little too far away from Noah.

It kind of felt... Uncomfortable.


Noah thought, it was almost like a restraint. Why were they watching themselves like that anyway? Why were they watching what they were doing at all? And why...Why was there a need to?

It was weird.

A limit had appeared and started to evolve, and Noah couldn't find a reason why it was there. They held themselves back from something for some unknown reason. It restricted their freedom and the comfort they found from each other. And the worst part was that they were doing it to themselves.

It didn't make sense.

Fridays seemed to creep up quickly when there were things to do. That stacking squirrel EVO was getting to be more of a problem instead of a something-to-take-care-of-eventually thing. Rex would pound it down and it would run away, but whenever it popped up again, it was even bigger. It had this thing where Rex could cure it in larger chunks during each cure, but for some reason it was a roulette chance. Either he'd cure something or it'd do nothing at all. It was strange, but it was just easier to pulverize it anyway.

Rex never had a problem with squirrels before, but after the third fight, they stopped being cute. By the fifth fight, they were annoying. And now- he just hated them, now.

Noah was in the same boat, since the EVO lurked around the city. Whenever he could, he'd help out and dish out his own flavor of EVO-thrashing. The fights often left them tired, but today, it wasn't nearly as intense. There wasn't as much fight in that EVO today, much to their relief.

After some food and mindless television, they studied. Rex's next test would be in a few days, and an exam was coming up for Noah. They worked well, despite the thrashing metal music quietly pounding out of Noah's old stereo.

Rex was writing furiously on his paper. Noah had just successfully explained and unraveled some of the mysteries of polynomial factoring to Rex, and he seemed to take to it. Rex leaned in over to the side, while Noah's eyes hovered over his shoulder as he wrote down his steps. He saw Rex stutter mentally for a second in his problem before he moved his paper and leaned himself away from Noah and forward. It didn't even seem like Rex knew he actually did that. He just kept writing.

"Hey, Rex."

"Wait, just a minute Noah, I got this factor problem just where I want it..."

He kept writing, and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, The Rexinator slams his opponent down! What's this? He's unmasking Luchador X while he's down? Ladies and gentlemen I don't believe it! Luchador X is really TWO fighters! Two!"

Rex kept going as he wrote, "The Rexinator unmasks them to find out that Luchador X is really ... 5 and 10! The crowd's going nuts! He waits for the referee to give him the count!"

He flipped to the back of the book for the answer, "10! 9!" He looked through the page and finally found the solution, "Five-sev-ONE! CORRECT! The referee gives him the O-K! The Rexinator wins by total knock out! The fans go wild! The stadium rumbles! The girls all throw their numbers and personal souvenirs at him!"

Noah laughed as Rex got up and strutted.

"Wow. And I thought I was a nerd. Good job, Rex."

"Awesome comes in different packages, Noah," Rex sat back down, still triumphantly smug "And as you can see, I'm the complete set."

"Yeah, and the best thing about you is your humility," Noah shook his head in good humor. He reclined back in his chair, "So, anyway, Rex."

He looked through the book again, trying to find the page he left off on, "Yeah?"

"You notice something weird going on?"

"What, you mean like that EVO being so easy today? I dunno about you, Noah, but when an EVO takes it easy on us, I'm not gonna ask why. Holiday's the one who takes care of that."

"No, not that," Noah stopped and thought for a moment, trying to find the words, "I mean, you notice whenever we hang out, something's been kind of off lately?"

He caught Rex's attention with that. "Hmm," Rex set his pencil down and looked over, thinking, "I guess..." He shrugged, "Maybe."

"Yeah," Noah wondered, "Like something's just... Different? Like we're holding back or something?"

Rex looked off, trying to remember.

He nodded, "Yeah. Now that you mention it, yeah, I think I know what you're talking about."

"What's up with that?" Rex messed with his pencil in hand and looked back at Noah.

"Don't ask me, that's why I brought it up," Noah shrugged.

They thought for a moment, unable to really know what to say next. A small, awkward silence passed. Noah shifted in his chair.

"All right," Rex concluded and broke the quiet, "Now that we know there's a problem..."

He got up and settled an arm over Noah's shoulder, "Know what we have to do about it?"

Noah raised an eyebrow at him, "Uh...No? What?"

"Ignore it."

"Ignore it?"

"Yeah," Rex grinned and shrugged again, "It's not like there's a real problem anyway, right? Just go with the flow, yeah?"

Noah stared. Weirdly enough, he was right. It wasn't like there was an actual solution for it. They didn't even really know what it was that was restraining them. What were they going to do about it anyway?

Besides, actually, just getting that thought out of his head made Noah feel better, and it was good to know he wasn't the only one who noticed. That made him feel much, much better. And well, ignoring that weird awkwardness now, that was actually a pretty awesome idea.

"...Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Okay, I'm cool with that," he smiled and shrugged too.

"See? You can take care of a lot of things by doing nothing."

Noah chuckled, "Yeah, maybe a few, Rex."

Rex fell back into his chair, "Yep. Another problem demolished by The Rexinator."

Noah settled back in his own chair and smiled, rolling his eyes.

Outside, something boomed and exploded not too far away. They looked at each other. There wasn't a doubt they thought the same thing.

"...Yeah, just got its memo, Six. On it," Rex turned his head to his communicator.

"Hey Noah, guess who's coming for a mid-day snack."

"El Squirrel-Terriblè ?"

"And friends."

"Looks like a rematch for the Rexinator."

"Yeah, and No-Mercy Noah for a tag-team EVO smack down!"

"...Let's just get going, Rex."