Bianca's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yeah, I have absolutely no idea why I made this. Like this, I mean. Ack, I SHOULD have written more as I was SUPPOSE to write today, but alas, Pokemon Black is too much for me to focus on anything else... yeah, GameFREAK, you made a game too good for me to write. So many apologies, but here's the start for... well... Bianca's Farting Problem. Because the world clamored for more of Pokemon's Farting Bianca. Yeah. Enjoy.

Hilbert and Hilda were finishing their Pokemon battle, with Hilda's Purrlion easily outbeating Hilbert's Tepig. As the battle finish, Hilbert and Hilda both gave each other high fives as they headed to Route 3, when suddenly Bianca fell on top of Hilbert and Hilda, catching them by surprise. Hilbert and Hilda screamed as they ushered Bianca to get off of them, but being clumsy, Bianca giggled as she remained on top of the two trainers.

"Oh hai guys, you're doing well?" Bianca asked as she giggled, not revealing that she had a lot of gas inside her.

"Yeah, if your fat ass wasn't sitting on us." Hilda grumbled as she struggled to get out, not hearing Bianca's stomach growl.

Hilbert groaned as he placed his hands on his face. "Bianca, did you actually beat the Stration Trio yet?"

Bianca placed a finger on her chin as she thought about it. "Well... actually, no... all I did was just go there to have some burritoes..."

Hilbert and Hilda both groaned as they rolled their eyes, Bianca's stupidity dumbing them down. Nearby, N was watching, simply shaking his head as he headed westward.

"Oh, that reminds me..." Bianca stated as she made an awkward face, farting loudly on Hilbert and Hilda for fifteen seconds, much to their disgust as they were stonking from Bianca's bassy butt blast of flatulence. Bianca giggled as she slightly blushed, another lout deep pitched toot coming out of her stinky fart factory. "There! Much better!"

"And... you farted on us..." Hilda bemoaned as she struggled to get out from under Bianca, who accidentally farted again.

Bianca shrugged as she acted innocent."Well, I don't have anything better to do, so... yeah! Sorry!"

"At least you apologized..." Hilbert grumbled as he rolled his eyes.

Cheren walked past the three, eyeing Bianca and then looking down at Hilbert and Hilda. He merely shook his head. "Let me guess, you're torturing them with your farts again, huh?"

Bianca giggled as she tossed her hands on her face, letting out another loud poot. "Oh mai gawsh, Cheren, how did you know?"

Cheren facepalmed, and just as he was about to say something, he was tackkled by a Haxorus, who was running from a furious Hydreigon, who was firing Flamethrowers everywhere. Hilbert and Hilda looked at each other oddly as Bianca still sat there, letting another long fart. Hilbert and Hilda had enough, pushing Bianca off of them as they shook crazily, trying to get Bianca's nastiness of of them. Bianca giggled, letting out poots like they were bubbles as Hilbert and Hilda decided to head forward to Route 3. Bianc tried to follow them, but that old guy by the gate stopped her.

"Sorry, but you have to beat Cilan and his brothers to be able to continue," The old guy stated, shrugging. "It's their lot in life."

Bianca's lips trembled as she started crying loudly, letting out tears of waterfalls from her eyes as she dealt more loud farts, much to the shock of the old man. Cheren also rolled his eyes as he moved past Bianca, following Hilbert and Hilda.