Bianca was dancing her way through the Pinwheel Forest, her loud, rotten flatulence causing the Pokemon living there to flee for their lives as an embarrassed Oshawott followed, staying several feet behind Bianca so that he would not only be seen as associated with Bianca's gassy butt, but so that he wouldn't smell the rotten stench that she emitted.

"Boy! I sure do love walking in forests, don't you, Oshy?" Bianca mumbled as she giggled, her eyes closed as she continued twirling as her tuba like farts echoed throughout the entire forest. "I always like the way the trees stand and how they overshadow everything! It makes the grass and flowers look oh so pleasant, and- OH!"

Bianca screamed as she tripped over a grassy vine, landing flat on her face as a loud puff of yellow flatulence erupted from her butt, the stink lingering on as several Pansages nearby fainted, unable to get back up. Oshawott caught the stench from a mile away, gagging his mouth as he tried not to barf, only to walk back into a bunch of angry Pidove, who assumed he was creating the stink as they started attacking him. Oshawott screamed in pain as he ran around the forest in circles, being chased by the Pidove, with his screams complimented by the fainted Bianca's flatulence, with Bianca moaning in pain weakly as she began drooling, anime swirlies in her eyes.