"C'mon, Ashy-boy! Be a man and have a drink!" Gary said, attempting to persuade his childhood friend into drinking a glass of hard liquor with him. Ash was being a stubborn prude when it came to alcohol, and it was getting on the sandy-haired man's nerves whenever Ash refused to have a drink. This time, however, he was pleased to see his constant nagging has finally paid off.

"Well... Okay then," Ash said uncertainly, remembering the words of his beloved fiancée as they echoed in his head.

"If you come home drunk ever again, Ash Ketchum, you'll be in a whole world of hurt!"

He shivered when he remembered the one time he came home drunk after having too many beers with his buddies. Let's just say his wife-to-be doesn't appreciate being called "DeeDee" multiple times in a lullaby tune when he's acting like an idiot.

Not the best experience he's ever had.

He grabbed the glass containing the liquid and stared at it. After two seconds he shrugged and gulped it all down, thinking, "What's the worst that could happen?"

And just like that, he was intoxicated.

Gary, realizing that the liquor was too hard for his ex-rival to handle, sighed as he slung Ash's body over his left shoulder. The twenty-five year old Pokemon Master started to sing tunes of very old cartoons, his voice fluctuating with annoyingly high pitches. Gary cringed.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Dawn averted her eyes from the television as she heard consecutive knocks on her door. She got up and walked towards the frame, hearing a ridiculous-sounding voice singing horribly on the other side. She sighed and smoothed her skirt before turning the doorknob and opening the door, revealing a tired-looking Gary Oak and a fidgeting body-Ash, she knew-slung over his shoulder.

"Sorry," was all he said before he pulled Ash's body off himself and stood him upright-or at least tried to-in front of Dawn. He turned around and left her with her blubbering idiot of a husband-to-be.

"Ugh, Ash, I thought I told you never to come home drunk again," she grumbled frustratingly as she carefully guided him towards the couch, one of his arms hanging around her neck.

"Uuh... Hey- hey...Dawn...?" Ash slurred as he lazily looked at her. His half-opened eyes gazed at her with love as he grinned at her sloppily. Her heart skipped a beat and she blushed a bit when they made eye contact.

"Wh-What, Ash?" she asked.

"…You're the greatest." He put his other arm around her waist and pulled her in a crooked hug, his grin even bigger than before. She turned red and placed her hands on his chest, looking down shyly as he nuzzled the top of her head.

"...You mean that?" was her meek reply. She was surprised that he could act really loving when he was drunk, as he rarely showed his romantic side normally. It was a nice change from the dense boy she knew and loved.

"...Mm...yeah..." He pulled his head away and quickly placed his lips against hers; a small peck. "I love you.." he whispered before kissing her again. He pulled back and beamed at her.

Her face contorted from embarrassed to disgust.

"...Ash, this is sweet and all, but your breath smells like alcohol."

"...Uuh, sorry, DeeDee..."

He slumped his whole weight against her, fast asleep.

"Goddammit, Ash."

AN: This was written for a dare on SPPf. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing Ash drunk. XD


- Pat