Chapter 35

"So, you preformed all of this, without our consent Poseidon?" Hermes asked in confusion, trying to get a clarification. Poseidon would usually frown upon major decisions without Council approval, but for once the tables where turned.

The Sea God cleared his voice and nodded. "That is true… and I don't regret it for one second."

"And that my fellow Olympians is why we had the crucial law that we were forbidden from reaching out to our children—we get attached, we get emotionally responsible for these beings! We cannot be accountable for their lives when we have more pressing matters to attend to!" Zeus fought in complete anger.

Thought Poseidon felt like throwing the whole ocean his brothers way, he found a way to control himself but didn't keep the ice cold stare hidden, that was purposely molded into his face.

"Oh don't sound so against the idea Zeus, you as well were a perpetrator in this dilemma were you not?" Hades smiled wickedly, catching his brother in the act. "Not so powerful when you're a hypocrite, are we?" He unnecessarily teased.

The expression on Zeus face dangerously hardened as exploding thunder cracked outside. "Don't you dare mock me Hades, unless you want to be sent back to that hell who—" Hades just smiled wickedly not affected by the threat what-so-ever.

"Alright, alright, let's not twist our way back into another problem and stick to the one at hand." Athena offered as everyone agreed and turned back to Poseidon and Apollo before them.

"Though it is true, Zeus did indeed help us, this is not his fault. He was practically forced into this to not upset the balance of the Olympians." Apollo voiced out as a rounder round of thunder crackled outside. This time everyone turned back to Zeus. "I wasn't forced—no one can force me into doing anything—"

"Zeus, please! Can't you see he's only tying to help you." Hera shouted out in complete annoyance to her husbands stubbornness. And after being called out like that, he managed to keep his mouth grumpily shut.

"The problem isn't the situation anymore, I think we all fully understand that Perseus is no longer a God nor a threat, but these actions cannot be left unaccounted for Poseidon… the truth of the matter is that you, and Apollo turned a demigod into a God deliberately without our consent or vote… and that," Athena turned to face the rest of the council before her. "cannot be accounted for without punishment."

Poseidon huffed out in annoyance even though he knew that she was saying was indeed true.

"We've all had out children die recently, Hermes lost Luke, Aphrodite, Silenea—countless lives lost! But they haven't done anything about it, because they knew it wouldn't be smart to do so—they knew, it would upset the balance."

"So, how do you suggest we punish them?" Ares called out from his place.

"And what about the boy?" Another called out.

"It has come to my attention that the boy was not involved in this process." Athena explained to the Council. "He was unconscious and not aware of their decision making affairs. It would be unfair to punish him. However for these two, it is an entirely different story."

The council continued to fight back and forth on their decision of retribution for many countless hours before they came to an approbated and well deserved resolution.

"H-how is this possible?" Annabeth mumbled in puzzlement, gazing up at Percy from the cot she was laying on in the infirmary.

"How are you here?" She whispered softly reaching her hand out to feel his face. It was there, she could feel him—he was there.

Percy smiled genuinely and place his hand on top of hers. "Luck?" He suggested lightly, and Annabeth quickly nearly snorted. "Seaweed Brain, and luck? In one sentence? I don't think so." She teased and relaxed into the cot underneath her.

"I guess you're right." Percy chuckled as he slowly leaned in, gently redirecting the hand on his face back to the surface of the cot but not letting go as he kissed her sweetly on the lips. Annabeth just smiled through it all and enjoyed his presence she thought she had lost forever.

"Don't ever do that to me again." She mumbled as she pulled away.

Percy nodded, not taking his eyes off her. "Promise."

"How did you really do it though? I-I think you owe me an explanation." Annabeth asked after a few minutes of complete comfortable silence.

"You really wanna know?"

Annabeth shifted and with the help of Percy sat up. "Well, if you think you're gonna keep this from me, you've got another thing coming—"

"I too, would like know what happened." Chiron cut her off as he walked into the infirmary right behind Will and a few close campers, such as Grover, Thalia and Nico.

"Percy, man… how…?" Grover nearly choked out. "I-I didn't want to believe it… I-I thought—"

"Don't strain yourself there." Percy joked as the came in for a well deserved hug. Everyone just watched them in completely serenity, including Grover who laughed utter disbelieve and confusion.

As they broke apart Percy sighed and looked around the room filled with the people he loved the most—well almost, then turned to Chiron and spoke. "Well, I don't know about you Chiron, but I think it's time we call a meeting at the big house."

"So let me get this straight, y-you died… you were dead… a-and they turned you into a God?" Grover asked as he tried to catch up.

Percy simply nodded. "Yeah, at least that's what Poesidon and Apollo told me—the rest… I really dont know."

"Which makes sense though, the only way to revive you and to cure the Gods poison was to turn you into a God…it's brilliant really." Will spoke up after a moment of deep calculation.

Percy smiled. "It is—"

"The thing I can't help to understand is how they managed to turn you back…" Chiron cut him off in confusion. Everyone in the room turned to him as he continued. "I-It's nearly impossible… i-in all my years I've seen it once successfully, that is." He ended in astonishment.

Annabeth looked to Percy in wonderment as he just looked down and thumbled with his fingers not liking all the attention he was getting. "did he, did they say anything else? Apollo and Poseidon, I mean." Chiron asked.

But Percy shook his head. "Only that they would meet me down here soon, but that's it." The centaur just gave him a nod and then turned back away as his brain continued working.

Everything was answered, everything had been said—all but one thing that seemed to linger and work the mind of Annabeth. "H-how did you know where I was?" She asked softly, gazing up at his figure.

Percy shrugged and frowned as he thought the answer would come easily to him, but it did not. "I-I… I guess I felt it." He explained trying to regain the memory. "Y-you were in the water… and as I was coming back down here I felt this struggling presence, and well you know, I found you."

Annabeth nodded and exhaled softly, obviously pleased with the answer. "Oh—"

"Percy… your powers, back at the dock, they weren't worki—" Chrion began once more but was quickly interrupted by another pricing desperate voice that entered the room.

"Where is he? W-where's my son?" The voice of Sally Jackson rang out through he panting as she searched the room for her one and only son.

"M-mom?" Percy exhaled rather sharply, and upon seeing her, standing there, out of breathe and distressed at the front of the doorframe—eyes craze widened and desperately searching for his familiar face, his heart sank in the deep endless pits of his stomach. The room stood still; no one dare to speak, no dared to move.

"Percy." She mumbled taking a minute to calm herself and let the idea that her son was still alive and standing nearly ten feet in front of her run through her mind. Everyone remained frozen. And as soon as that information processed she ran straight towards him, embracing him in the most tender, loving hug he could possible receive.

"I-I…I can't—-I t-thoug—" Sally struggled out and she wrapped her arms around his back bringing his head into her shoulder, not daring—nor wanting to let in in fear she may lose him again.

"I-I know mom… I-I know." Percy whispered as he without a doubt accepted her hug and breathed in her warm welcome scent of blue cookies and home.

The night continued to slowly pass as everything huddle together around ping-pong table in the big house anxiously waiting for Apollo and Poseidon to make an appearance as they promised they would.

Chiron dismissed the meeting and all the other left to their respective duties, all who remain were, him, Sally, Paul, Thalia, Nico, Grover, Annabeth and of course, Percy, who sat on the big plush couch against the wall, both Sally and Annabeth on either side of him.

Time was growing long and everyone was pretty much exhausted, both mentally and physically. All Percy pretty much wanted to do was lay in his freshly made bed back home in Manhattan with Annabeth by his side and his mother and step-father across the hall, safe and sound.

But there would come a time for that later, much, later; when all the cards have been folded and all the questions they each had for the two expected Gods, answered.

He was still angry at them, that hadn't left his system, well, not entirely. He shouldn't be mad—he knew that, but he still was. This whole situation could've been handled much better—they were just un-prepared, that emotion got in way. But at least he was alive, right?

He was indeed alive so he shouldn't be angry anymore, but somehow he still was. It took him a while but realized it wasn't their actions that really bothered them—their Poseidon and Apollo's intentions were only good, but it was their thought process—the risk they wanted to take in order to get their desired results.

He thinks, if all that didn't work—he would still be a God, he would become one of the things he despises most.

He know's he should be mad, because it worked. But somehow he still is.

Sally had fallen asleep upright to his left, her arm wrapped tightly around him, and Annabeth, whose head rested against the crook of his neck was beginning to doze off too. It had been a stressful and eventful day for all of them, and he wished there was someway he could take it all back and stop this from all happening.

To stop all this pain he's caused them—all this trauma.

But he knew that was impossible, and as he adjusted his grip on Annabeth's frame to his right he exhaled in exhaustion, closing his eyes hoping maybe he could pass the time differently.

He didn't know how long he had been out but the expression on the tired faces around them as the disrupted noise shattered through the room gave him some room for assumptions.

He struggled to peer around the large room for there was a giant blinding light where the ping-pong table once stood, nearly purblinding him as he tried to make out the three figures in the middle of all that chaos.

He instantly recognized one—the tallest. His father, Poseidon and immediately the worry and panic that filled his core the moment he came to his senses, diminished. They were safe, it was just his father.

The light vanished as soon as it appeared and all that remained were three people-three Gods, in the middle of where their ping-pong table once stood.

"Dad." Percy let out as he managed to untangle himself off the couch; Annabeth right behind him.

Poseidon turned to his son and smiled. "Percy, it's good to see you so well son." Percy just nodded. "Y-yeah."

"Lord Poseidon, Apollo, Hera." Chiron formally addressed the three, rising to his centaur form.

"Chiron—" Poseidon said back. "Now, we can't stay long, we have order's from the council to make sure Percy is well and all before we head back." Apollo explained, this tone hiding a form of distaste.

Percy nodded. "Well yeah, I-I'm good. I'm f—"

"What's she doing here?" Annabeth courageously asked cutting Percy off in the process not daring to take her eyes off the Goddess that stood right beside Apollo. Hera just smiled, it wasn't a wicked smirk or fake one. It was an honest genuine smile, and that's what spooked Annabeth the most; she had a bad feeling about all this.

Percy and the rest who were awake turned their attention to the Goddess in confusion. "She's a witness." Poseidon explained vaguely, which only confused everyone even more. "Witness to what—?" Grover began to ask but was unexpectedly cut off.

"That, is none of you're concern. And Apollo, my fellow Olympian if you think I'm only here as a mere witness, you've been terribly misinformed. I have a purpose here… one that'll change the world forever." Hera said with the most certainly latched in her voice they almost believed it.

"Anyway," Apollo began once again choosing to ignore the Goddess. "how are you? A-are you feeling any better, are you're power's working? Cause the last time we did this there were some horrible side effects—internally and all that." He continued approaching the Son of Poseidon. But Percy continued to offer his same answer.

"I'm fine, just a little shaken up… my power's have been acting a but strange, but it's nothing I can't manage." He admitted.

Apollo nodded.

"A-are we going to get any questions answered tonight?" Percy asked meekly.

His father the God of Medicine just looked down in regret. "There's no time for that tonight Percy but… one day."

Percy just nodded in utter disbelieve, this was going just as he thought it was going to. They'd come, check up and quickly leave as soon as they'd arrive. But this disappointment was not ignored, at least no by his father who quickly caught sight of this and tried to hand him some reassurement. "Percy we—"

"Save it." Percy mumbled; anger filling his voice. "I don't want to hear it—whatever excuse you have, save it." He retorted more clearly—more crassly. Poseidon, much to his dismay nodded though he strongly wanted to profess the reasoning's behind his actions. "As you please." His father mumbled faintly as she met his son in the eyes. There was a connection there—some sort of linked association between the two that revealed more than met the eye.

We need to talk. Poseidon's eyes seemed to say. But in response Percy only broke contact and rested his eyes on the soft outline of Annabeth's features. Like he said, he didn't want to hear it. At least not now, maybe not ever.

But he knew eventually it was a thing they would have to discuss one way or another.

"Well now that you're…well, finished," Hera spoke breaking the silence in the room as her mind struggled to find the right name for end of their conversation and turned to Percy and Annabeth. "I have a proposition for you two that might well, that might one day save the world."

It was Percy who quickly responded first, confusion exploding across his face right under a crippling dark frown. "Wha-what are you talking about?" He asked, clearly not understanding. But this time, he wasn't ashamed of not knowing, for the look on Annabeth's face told him she too, was in the same state of mind as him.

"Look, I can't go much into details here, but as you know there is a new great prophecy… and whether or not you like it, you two will play a big part of it." Hera continued remaining vague as possible for she did not want to risk revealing anything new.

"Wait—what? What do you know about th—?" Percy asked but was quickly cut off by the impatient Goddess.

"I know just enough to help you two survive."

"And what if we don't your help?" Annabeth nearly spat out in disagreement, she really wasn't a big fan of Hera and the possible tricks she had up her sleeves.

"You'd be a foolish girl not to accept Annabeth Chase… I'm sure you don't want to look like a twit in front of your mother, now do you—?"

As the words came spilling from Hera's mouth Percy's arm around Annabeth's waist tightened in protection for he felt the atmosphere in the large room quickly tense. "Okay, okay," Percy cut through their heated dispute rather smoothly as he turned towards his girlfriend and offered a small sympathetic smile, then his eye's adjusted to Hera's figure as he studied her swiftly—wanting to see if there was she was truly genuine, and once he figured it out he parted his lips to speak.

But instead of his, it was another voice that spoke out. "Percy are you serio—" The sound of his father's voice rang through the freeing silence of the room along with his disapproving glance, but it was quickly extinguished with the rise of Percy's hand in his direction and a cold glare shot his way.

"What do we have to do?"

Hera smiled, as if she was quiet pleased with herself then stuck her hand out, palm closed in front of the two saviors and waited for what she wanted to do, took a few seconds. When she opened her palm once more, two small bronze branded rings resting on the surface of her hand, as she watched Percy and Annabeth try to absorb Hera's dubiety.

"Take part of a sacred ritual… one that will bond you two for the rest of entirety."

"So we're basically getting married?" Annabeth let out in near horror, it wasn't that she didn't love Percy or anything of that matter it was the fact that they were young, and not like twenty-four year old young, but like sixteen year old young—too young.

Marriage was not a part in any of their conversions—it never has been. Most likely because thought they didn't want to admit it, they both had a feeling one or probably both of them weren't gonna make it that long. It was tragic, but they learned early on that demigods don't live that long and them being them, it would only be a matter of time before something horrible would happen. The point it, marriage was not a thing they've ever discussed.

Hera shook her head. "No child, this is something quiet different, but along the same general theme; love."

Annabeth's frown deepened, if that was possible. She swore she's never been so lost in that moment.

"W-what exactly is this ritual?" Percy spoke out, the shock fading from his body.

"It's a bond. One that you will find of much use in the near future-"

"And how do you know that?" He continued to press, wanting to know all information about this a possible. Percy met Chiron's eyes, then his father's for further reassurance. But they only responded with glazed expressionless faces, leaving him once again, to decide without nay guidance.

Some help you guys are. He quickly thought.

Annabeth looked up at Percy as it was all starting to form and make sense in her mind. She was finally getting it.

This was a gift from Hera to help in the future—no harm—no foul… so what was the catch? She kept thinking, trying to discover and possibly unveil Hera's true intentions. But it was no use. She simply couldn't come up with anything in that moment.

Her eye's spoke to him. We should listen to her.

He gave her a diminutive nod before turning his attention towards the Goddess.

"We'll do it."

It had worked. And she was pleased. For Hera knew what would lie in the near future for both Percy and Annabeth-in the next coming year—more monsters—more war—new enemies—new friends—and most importantly, new challenges.

They've grown up now. They've matured, and though they may thing their battles are all won and done for; they are wrong.

And as she gazes down at them she thinks:

They have no idea what's coming.

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