A challenge was issued over on lj for the PxJ community. In short, with the upcoming wedding of William and Kate, write a story featuring one or both of the following:

* wedding
* royalty

So, here is my answer to the challenge. Each chapter is at least 500 words in length and I'm aiming for around 15 chapters. Oh, this also has to be complete by the end of the month. Other stories will be on hold until this one is complete.

Out of courtesy, I'm also delaying posts of chapters here by a few days.

Title: A Bond of Convenience (Chapter 1 of ?) written for the April 2011 challenge
Verse: G1 AU
Rating: PG
Other Characters: Optimus
Warnings: none
Summary: Jazz is summoned to the palace in Iacon.
A/N: I am stepping out of my comfort zone with this story. I'm not sure yet how long it is going to be.

(I do not own Transformers.)

Jazz stood before the ornate and massive door leading to the office of the High Lord Optimus Prime. A humble musician, it had never crossed his processor that he would ever see this place, much less have an actual appointment with the High Lord. He still did not know why he had been summoned here. He carefully checked all of his memory files again. He had never been in trouble with the law. If he had, certainly the enforcers would have taken care of that. He had no ties to nobility. He had no business dealings which would cause him to cross paths with the High Lord. So why was he here?

At the appointed time the assistant standing next to Jazz quietly knocked and access was granted. Jazz found himself ushered into the office of the High Lord and the assistant was quickly dismissed leaving Jazz alone with the ruler of all of Cybertron. He fell to one knee with his arm crossed across his sparkplates knowing to show the proper sign of respect. He waited with his helm bowed until told to rise again. Jazz stood before the massive desk and looked at the High Lord Optimus Prime remaining silent until spoken to.

Jazz was surprised when the mech before him rose from his seat and held out his arm to the luxurious seating area off to the side. Jazz stepped toward the alcove and stood beside a chair waiting for his host. If Jazz was surprised at being invited to sit with the ruler of Cybertron, he was stunned when the High Lord poured two cubes of mid-grade gesturing for Jazz to sit while he prepared the energon.

Jazz did sit down. He had never heard of anything like this before. The High Lord was a busy mech. What business could he possibly have with a commoner like himself? He politely accepted the cube offered to him and took a small taste. It was of far better quality than what he was used to having. That was not unexpected. Despite the nervousness and curiosity Jazz felt inside, he took the circumstances in stride. He remained respectful but did manage a warm smile when the High Lord sat down and looked at Jazz.

"Thank you for coming today, Jazz," the High Lord said kindly.

Jazz was a bit puzzled by this. Deciding to just be himself he chuckled a bit and answered, "Ya know, it's not every cycle that one receives an invitation to tha palace in Iacon, much less to meet with tha High Lord Optimus Prime."

The ruler of Cybertron smiled at that. He liked how this mech had decided to accept the situation he was currently in. The smile faded a bit as he hoped that he was doing the right thing.

"Please, in this setting, call me Optimus. I never cared much for the full title. It always seemed a bit much to me." Optimus smiled again. With his position he truly had no equals. He enjoyed it when he could converse with others without the use of titles.

"Well, okay Optimus," Jazz said, feeling strange calling the ruler of Cybertron by his actual name. "So, why am ah here? Ah don't think ya normally invite commoners over to share some energon and just chat." Might as well find out what was going on.

Optimus sighed actually wishing he could put this off. Again he hoped he was not making a mistake. "Very well," he said softly. "I have gone through countless records until I came across yours. I think you are the right mech for a very difficult situation."

Jazz frowned at that and set down his cube of energon on a nearby table. "What kind of situation are we talking about here?" he asked cautiously.

Optimus shuttered his optics for a moment to gather the courage for what he was going to say next. Looking again at the musician, he said quietly, "I have selected you to be a partner in an arranged bonding."