A/N: RL prevented me from posting the last chapter until now. Take comfort in the fact that the story of Lord Prowl of Praxus and Lord Consort Jazz is not over! I have decided to continue the story and will weave together other relationships and explain the origins of the Great War (in this AU). I have greatly enjoyed the reviews and comments!

Title: A Bond of Convenience (Chapter 18 of 18) written for the April 2011 challenge
Verse: G1 AU
Rating: PG
Characters: Prowl, Jazz, Optimus, and one more surprise at the end
Warnings: none
Summary: Prowl thanks Optimus for finding Jazz for him

(I do not own Transformers.)

Prowl stood looking out the window at the palace gardens. The palace in Iacon had a beautiful crystal garden but it was small compared to the magnificent garden in Praxus. He hadn't been in Iacon since his bonding ceremony to Jazz. He was looking forward to a long talk with Optimus. He wanted to thank his friend for bringing Jazz and him together. Despite the rough beginning of their relationship, Prowl could not have asked for a more suitable match. They had first merged their sparks over a vorn ago and with every cycle their love grew deeper. With every spark merge their understanding of one another grew. Prowl felt a flutter in his spark. He knew Jazz was nearby and would join him later. Their bond was still too new for them to communicate through it but it would probably happen soon. For now, he was content to just feel love and adoration through the bond that linked them.

His thoughts were interrupted by movement behind him. Prowl turned and accepted the cube of Vosnian high-grade offered to him by his friend and they sat down in the comfortable sitting area. They only sampled their high-grade before setting it aside so that once Jazz joined them they could all enjoy it at the same time.

"Optimus," Prowl began quietly, "I cannot thank you enough for finding Jazz for me."

The High Lord smiled at his friend. "I am pleased that everything turned out so well. I have heard many good things about Jazz and his work with various causes around Praxus. I've also heard that public opinion about you has changed quite a bit from when you first took rule of the city."

Prowl nodded. He had always known that he had been sparked as a political pawn so he had never expected to find love. He had resigned himself to his fate so he had never taken any steps to develop romantic relationships. When he had taken over the rule of Praxus it had been difficult. The previous Lord of Praxus had no heir and there was a great deal of confusion and uncertainty after the unexpected death of the ruling lord. Prowl knew that he need to produce an heir to maintain a seamless rule of the city. The political stability of several cities on Cybertron was already precarious. Optimus needed as many cities as possible to be stable.

"Indeed. I must admit that when I first met Jazz I thought you were out of your processor. He is so very different from me. He was determined," Prowl said with a smile, "and persistent."

Optimus replied, "One must be persistent where you are concerned," thinking of how long it took for their own friendship to develop. "I am honored that you are my friend."

Prowl gave a small smile, "As am I."

They talked for a bit about the political situation on Cybertron and some social issues. Jazz joined them afterwards. Optimus grinned at seeing the lovers embrace and softly kiss one another. Prowl looked faintly embarrassed but Jazz just grinned back at the High Lord.

The three of them sat down and enjoyed their high-grade and visited with each other. As the cycle wound down, Prowl spoke softly, "Optimus, we have wondered… how did you know that Jazz and I would be a good match?"

Jazz nodded indicating he was curious about that as well. "Did you consult the Matrix of Leadership?" he asked.

Optimus shook his helm. "Jazz, I am not permitted to use the Matrix of Leadership for personal matters. I did look at many profiles before choosing you. I considered each of your backgrounds. I partially based it on experience from dealing with many individuals across the planet." A mysterious smile crossed his face, "I also used knowledge that comes with being a Prime."

They parted company soon after. Prowl and Jazz were shown to guest quarters for the night and Optimus retreated to his own berthroom for some much-needed rest.

Optimus stretched out on his berth. He enjoyed cycles when he had friends visit. It gave him an excuse to clear his schedule and allowed him to forget about his work for a little while. As his optics dimmed a soft voice beside him asked, "The knowledge that comes with being a Prime?"

Optimus chuckled and pulled his lovely bondmate close to himself. "Mmm, can't I have some secrets?"

Lady Elita looked at her mate making it clear that there were no secrets between them. They had been bonded long enough that their thoughts flowed freely through their bond.

/I told you they would be perfect for each other,/ she said through the bond.

/Yes,/ he agreed, /and I know to never argue with a femme./

The End

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