Title: Was It Real?

Rating: K

Spoilers: The season three finale

Pairing: Jate.

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Summary: Was any of it real? You and I?

A/N: My friend Sarah (misguidedchoices) gave me the prompt, "Was any of it real?"

"We were not supposed to leave." Jack told her.

"Yes we were." Kate replied harshly. She broke from his embrace. "Goodbye Jack." She walked to her car and opened the door.

"We have to go back, Kate." He pleaded. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Seeing that she really was leaving, he completely switched gears. "Was any of it real?"

"What?" She questioned.

"You and I. Was any of it real? Or can you just not show me any emotion. Do you not care? Do you always have to keep running?" Jack asked truly wanting to know.

Kate stared into his eyes and the tears welled up even more so. "I thought it was, but now I don't know." She whispered. She got in her car and drove away without looking back at him.