Title: Your Torturer

Rating: K

Spoilers: None.

Pairing: McAbby

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Summary: McGee and Abby are in the lab late one night.

A/N: My friend Sarah (misguidedchoices) gave me the prompt, "Can I live as your torturer and your wife?"

Timothy McGee and Abigail Sciuto always knew there would be no other. Not only did they understand their idiosyncrasies, but they understood the technological jargon the other spoke when no one else did. He bought her Caf-Pow and she bought him Nutter Butters. It was true love.

One night they were down in the lab working late, well, when were they not?

"Abbs," McGee said pulling Bert to his head to rest his eyes. "I don't know how much longer I'm going to last."

Abby had an idea and decided she was going to run with it. "Noooo!" She pulled Bert from under his head, almost making him small it against the table. "Don't you give up on me, MaGee! I can't do this alone!" She pretended to sob. As soon as he looked up, she smiled. "Seriously MaGee, have some Caf-Pow. It does wonders." She extended her personal cup to him in an offering.

As touched as he was, he couldn't accept. "Thank you Abby. I really appreciate it, but you know what Caf-Pow does to me."

Abby gave him a devilish grin. "Oh I know."

McGee couldn't help but smile.

Abby stood up straight and looked serious. "McGee?" She almost questioned.

"Yes?" He responded.

"Can I live as your torturer and your wife?"

He was stunned. "Abbs, do you mean…?"

"Yes, Tim, yes." She said smiling.

""Of course you can." He replied as he pulled her close and captured her lips with his own.