Title: Room With A View

Rating: K

Spoilers: Nothing, really.

Pairing: None, general.

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Summary: Coop is in The Great Northern for the first time.

A/N: My friend Sarah (misguidedchoices) gave me the prompt, "Oh look, a room with a view."

"Diane. I am in the elevator of the Great Northern Hotel, owned by Ben Horne in the town of Twin Peaks. It really is a great place. I just spent my time looking around the lobby and downstairs area. It really was a sight for sore eyes. The trees, waterfall and mountain certainly is breathtaking.

I'm now on my way to my room. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what they do to make you feel like you are at home. I feel like they are good at that.

I just opened the room, Diane. It's perfect. Even better than I imagined. It has a nice log cabin feel. It's small, but comfortable. I don't need a lot of room.

Oh Diane, look, a room with a view. I wish you could see this. I bet you it's almost as beautiful as Tibet.