She is sitting in a tree, dark eyes staring vacantly into a window with her feet tucked up against her chest.

Idly, her claws scrap long, parallel rows in the bark, until she remembers, on instinct, that this is a dead giveaway of where she has been.

Inside the window, illuminated by a lamp, are two very recognizably pissed-off characters.

The first, Anna-Marie, a teenage mutant with a streak of pure white down her mane, with a southern twang and a fiery temper to match.

The other is Remy Lebeau, a recent ally of the X-Men.

She hopes he knows that he is too good for his Southern counterpart.

Technically good, by the way- she is not so attuned to the physical attributes of men, but she appreciates his skills as a combatant and spy.

She is only slightly surprised when he yanks open the window, red eyes burning, and jumps out, landing on the ground several feet away from her.

He looks up, and his stare catches hers, but he merely rolls his eyes and strolls away.

For some reason, she follows him, padding soundlessly and predator-like behind him until she catches up.

She likes walking with him.

Though his smell is at times painful to her sensitive nose, he has the grace not to light a cigarette, and she is gratified to know that there is another young student at Xavier's Academy who shares her skill level and experience.

And, though she wishes not to admit it, she looks up to him.

And so they walk.

She is not much of a talker herself, seeing as though her emotions and dependency on others had been driven out of her.

But she feels that he understands, and in return she stays with him, for despite the fact that anger burns often in his eyes, he has never pushed her away.

They work well as a team.

She supposes that he and his significant other do as well, if they did not squabble so often.

But they complement each other, and in the Danger Room, when they are paired up, he looks at her in such a way that she knows, and they are near symbiotic in movement.

She likes that too, not romantically, but in the way that she feels connected to him.

They circle the entire mansion, which is large enough that it has nearly been an hour when they get back.

They part ways, disappearing into their respective rooms without saying a word, or a fond farewell.

There is no need.

I would just like to state that I have no problem with R+R's relationship. It's rather adorable, but as frustrating as any soap opera. I have also read most of the X23 series, and I enjoyed the non-creepy mentorship of Gambit and Laura. I feel like, in the Evo verse, this is how it would most likely play out. Laura has difficulties making normal friendships (hence the mild stalkish ness), but Remy is also creepy and kind of aloof, so he doesn't mind, but deals with her. I think they would be friends. In theory.