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Chapter 1—July 13th 2007


I woke up, taking a second to realize that the pounding noise was in my head not in my room. The throbbing was so bad that it had woken me up. I sighed and lifted the covers over my head. I should be used to the headaches by now. I had been having them almost daily for the last 3 months. It was just another thing to add onto the ever growing list of my issues. After a few minutes I threw the purple comforter off my bed and slowly sat up, careful not to move my head too much. Movement always made the headache worse. I looked around my small room, searching for any sign that he had come back to me. I knew the search was fruitless though. He would never come back to Forks. Still, I would walk around the edges of the space and even peer outside my window to see if there were any footprints. Only once had I ever seen a set of prints there since the night he left, 10 months ago.

It was a week later and Charlie had forced me to get up and out of bed, threatening me with a move back to Phoenix and Renee. After throwing on clean sweats and a sweater I walked around the yard. I saw them then, the prints smashed into the mixture of snow and mud. My heart had sped up-he had come back- but as I got closer I realized they were way too small to be Edwards and then the longer I studied them the more I realized they probably weren't footprints at all. I no longer cried like I had before. I managed to get through my days without breaking down but often after I knew Charlie was asleep I let the tears fall as I thought of him. I even missed Rosalie. I missed hearing him hum to me while I drifted off to sleep against him. I would do anything to feel his cold hand holding mine, or to see his long fingers tangle in the wreck of toffee colored hair.

I walked into the bathroom, leaving the light off. I reached for the Tylenol and shoved 3 of them into my mouth and swallowing, not bothering with water. I had not looked at the alarm clock but since I could not hear Charlie shuffling around downstairs I assumed it was at least after nine in the morning. I turned the water and as the small bathroom filled with steam I undressed and peered into the mirror. I examined the new bruise on my left cheek; I had fallen the night before while I was walking down the stairs. I adjusted the water and stepped under the stream.

The water felt nice and I relaxed as the warmth took over. I stood directly under the water, with my eyes closed. I could stay in here all day but I had plans and I knew the hot water would run out shortly so I lathered my shampoo into my hair and quickly washed my body. As I wrapped the towel around my body I made a mental note to buy more shampoo. I was almost out, although I could have sworn I had just bought some.

I dressed quickly in the blue one piece suit and a pair of jeans and a short sleeve shirt. I had seen the sun trying to peek into the window and knew that it would warm up quickly. I just prayed the forecast was wrong and that the predicted rain would skip us. My hair was still damp but I ran my hands through before throwing it up into a ponytail. I grabbed my cell and walked downstairs. Jake would be over to pick me up soon. Jacob Black was my best friend. His dad Billy and my dad, Charlie often fished or watched the game together. And it had been Billy and the others from La Push who had searched for me that cold night. I started hanging out with Jacob after Edward left so that my dad would stop worrying. He was sweet and he was my best friend. Though I often got the feeling that he loved me in a different way then I loved him. I tagged along as he drove around looking for car parts and I hung out in the garage and on La Push beach with him. After a while I knew that I was no longer pretending to have fun with Jacob and the others, I was actually having a good time.

As if on cue my phone beeped and I read the incoming text.

B there in 10-Jake

I flipped the phone shut and walked into the kitchen. I took a Pop Tart from the box and opened the foil wrapper, taking a bite. I sat at the kitchen table and waited.

I heard the front door slam and I quickly panicked. I set the rest of the Pop-Tart on the table. Who was here? I glanced around looking for something to protect myself with but found nothing. I knew of no one, except Edward and Alice who would ever come in the house unannounced. What if it was Victoria?

My mouth went dry and the footsteps got closer.

"Bells, where are you? I thought you would be waiting outside, Bella?" I heard the gruff voice but I could not place it. It was familiar, yet I still could not place its owner. I shook my head trying to clear the fog. It worked, though I still felt funny. The voice belonged to Jake.

"In here Jake." I hollered. I bit my lip and focused on trying to remember why he was here.

His tall frame came into view and then I remembered that he was picking me up so Embry could teach me how to surf. I shook my head again, wondering if it was possible for Alzheimer's to start at age 18. What was with me lately? Even Charlie had noticed something was different. He had jokingly made a similar Alzheimer's comment last week. I had made him 3 plates of scrambled eggs, each time forgetting that I had just made him a plate. He finally said something and even though his tone was light I could see the worry in his eyes. I had brushed him off, saying I had a headache, which was not a complete lie.

I refocused my attention to Jake and I gave him a hug, my arms barely able to wrap my arms around his broad, tan shoulders. I didn't know what they fed the boys on the Reservation but all of them were growing quicker than weeds.

I locked the front door and we both walked towards the Rabbit parked next my truck. I shut the door of the car and waited for Jake to start driving. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you're certainly not the most coordinated person and you've never mentioned surfing before." He spoke quickly and I knew he was just giving me an out, but I really wanted to do it.

I was sure that surfing would be another "dangerous" thing that would allow me to hear Edwards voice again. I know that sounds crazy but it seemed that the more I did something unsafe the more I could hear Edwards's velvet voice. I had found that out sometime in April and I took full advantage of it, even going as far as buying a motorcycle and having Jacob teach me to ride.

"Jake, I'm sure. Don't worry, I'll be fine. "I told him, giving him a smile. "Come on; tell me the basics while you drive." I told him. He still had not started the car and I waited, wondering if he was backing out, his eyes were narrowed and he stuck the tip of his tongue out before putting the car in reverse and pulling out of the driveway.

"Well, Embry is just going to have you get used to the board today and then tomorrow you'll actually get into the water and try and pop up." I hoped my disappointment didn't show on my face. I really wanted to get into the water today. As if he read my mind Jake continued, "The swells are too high today for a novice. "

I bit my lip and muttered an "ok." This seriously dampened my plans for hearing Edwards voice. I wanted to fight him but at the same time I knew it would get me nowhere except make him wonder even more what the big deal was. I watched the green scenery pass by and closed my eyes. My headache was still there but instead of the pounding it was a dull throb.

We made it to La Push and I could make out the shapes of some the Res boys down by the water, near the spot that Jacob had told me about the Cold Ones. It was because of Jacobs's story that I knew what Edward and his family were. We shuffled, hand in hand through the sand; large waves were coming up towards the sand bubbling and then washing away. Sam Uley, dressed as usual in just a pair of jean cut offs waved and I saw Emily Young behind him. The two were engaged and made a cute couple. Quil and Embry were tossing a Frisbee back and forth.

"Hey Bella! Quil was tall, like the others but he had this baby face that contradicted his height. His skin was a medium brown and I noticed he had shot up once again since I had seen him last. He tossed the Frisbee to Embry and jogged over to me.

"Hi Quil. What have you been eating? All of you seem to grow another inch every time I see you. "I teased. The boys looked at each other and then shrugged.

Emily's quite voice answered "Must be the muffins I make them. As soon as I bring one batch out of the oven they are already begging for more. "I laughed with her and kicked some sand towards Jake. His long hair drifted with the slight breeze.

"So you ready to do this Bella?" Embry pointed to two surf boards lying in the sand. "I still can't believe you want to learn, I mean you can barely stand on land for longer than 15 minutes." The others laughed and whooped at the joke.

I stuck my tongue out and shook my head. "Maybe that's my problem. Maybe I'll be more graceful in the water, you know, like I should have been born as a shark or something." This earned more high fives and I was sure each of them was imaging me as a shark.

I moved to one of the boards and picked it up. It was taller than I was and I was surprised at how heavy it actually was. I listened as Embry talked about how to position myself on the board. I tried to be patient but the waves did not seem so bad and I was hoping if he got through his speech soon he might reconsider taking me out in the water.

"Yup, I understand Embry. Can we go now?" I said after he finished up his lecture.

He shrugged, "I think it would be okay." and looked to Jacob for conformation.

"Sure, sure. If you really want to."

I was so happy that I could have kissed him but I restrained myself and pulled off my jeans, blushing. All three of the younger boys had become quite and I hurried with the wet suit, wanting to get myself covered. I was glad Emily was letting me borrow her wet suit. Some clouds had rolled in and while it was July, this was also Washington. It rained here was too often for my liking, but at the same time it was the reason I loved it here. The Cullen's had moved here for the lack of sunshine. Without the cloud covered skies I never would have met him.

I was fully covered now and so I waited for Embry to tell me what to do next, Quil was suiting up as well and I also saw Sam holding a board. We all walked to the water's edge and I dipped my toe in, hissing and pulling it back out. Holy Crow that was cold. I felt a fat drop of moisture hit my nose and then another one. I shut my eyes and tried to will the rain away. "I'm guessing your against surfing in the rain?" I questioned.

Embry and Quil both looked at me. Embry's dark eyes reminded me of puppy dog eyes and he apologized but said that tomorrow for sure we would go out. The sky darkened just then and the rain spit harder from the sky. I started to make a break for the car when I felt Jacobs strong arms encircle my waist and lift me up, bridal style.

"Slow down, were both going to biff it?" I yelled.

"You don't trust me Bella?" His tone was teasing but I knew Jake well enough to know he meant more. I didn't respond and we did make it into the VW without meeting the sand or pavement. "You want to come to my house? Maybe order a pizza?" He asked as he turned on the car.

"Um, I better get home. I got some laundry to get done and I have to make dinner for Charlie." I explained, "But I had a lot of fun. Thanks for setting this up. "

"Sure, sure. " He said, watching the road. Neither of us said anything and when he pulled up beside my truck once again I opened the door wondering what to say. Jacob watched me and I knew he wanted to say something and I also knew it was not something I wanted to hear.

"Did you hear from Edward?" He asked me, moving his eyes to the dashboard.

I was stunned, Jacob rarely brought up Edward. I expected him to tell me he changed his mind on the surfing idea. "No, of course I haven't. Why?"

"You're sort of acting weird again, like you were before. I'm just worried about you. Like this morning, for a minute it was as if you didn't even see me. "

He waited for me to respond and I honestly didn't know what to say. I could tell him the truth but that would for sure get me locked up in the crazy house.

Oh Jake, no big deal but whenever I do anything remotely dangerous I hear my ex-boyfriends voice telling me not to do it, I lose track of time, sometimes I can't even remember who you are. And just too round things off I'm scared that a vampire is after me since my vampire friends killed her vampire mate.

Yup, Jake would take that news well. I lied instead, "I just haven't been sleeping well, plus I have been picking up all those extra shifts lately. I must be getting burnt out."

"Sure, I understand. I just worry about you. I wanted to make sure he was leaving you alone. You don't need him coming back into your life, look what he did to you when he left…" I felt my temper start to rise and I tried to swallow it back down.

I forced myself to smile and nodded. "Thanks Jacob. I better get in though, before the rain gets worse. "

He reached over and squeezed me into a hug. I ran to the front door, my hair was already soaked and I reached in my bag for my key. I glanced back as Jacob disappeared from the drive. Charlie was still at the station so the house was quite. I took the stairs two at a time; I wanted to shower before I started dinner.

"Bells, I'm home" Charlie walked into the kitchen as I was dicing up some onions. My father walked to the table and sat down, tossing his Sheriffs hat to an empty chair.

"Hey dad, I just figured I would reheat the chili from the other night. I just have to finish the onions. "I continued dicing, careful not to slice my finger.

"Sounds great, so what did you and Jake do today?" I shrugged before picking up two steaming bowls and walking to the table. I waited to answer till I sat down.

"We went to the beach and played Frisbee with Quil and Embry. Sam and Emily were there too. "I couldn't hear his response since it was said around a mouth full of chili. I added the onions to mine and pointed to the sour cream, "Can you pass the table dad?"

"You mean the sour cream?" He laughed. I scowled, isn't that what I just said.

"Yeah, the table." He set his spoon down and looked at me. I rolled my eyes, why was he being difficult? All I wanted was the damn…wait, what did I want again? I couldn't remember. Everything was blurry again; I shut my eyes and tried to focus. I barely heard Charlie talking to me, asking if I was ok. Just as suddenly as I forgot I remembered. "Dad, sorry, it's been a long day. Please just pass the sour cream." He was now standing next to me, worry and something else, fear maybe, clouded his brown eyes and he looked at me like he was about to tell me I was dying.

"Sweetie, you just asked me to pass you the table twice and then zoned out, I think you need to see a doctor. "

I opened my mouth to argue but he stopped me. "I've given you a lot of leeway since you came to Forks but damn it I'm worried about you. You're having headaches almost every day, can't remember things and now you can't say the correct words for things." He moved to sit back down, "Please for me Bells?"

He had a point. Not that I wanted to see a doctor but it couldn't hurt right? I chewed the inside of the cheek as a mulled it over. Maybe I could finally get rid of the headaches. "Ok dad. I'll out a call in tomorrow and make an appointment."

I pushed the rest of my chili around the bowl, no longer hungry. Charlie let out a satisfied grunt and continued eating. I felt as if the air had changed somehow. Everything looked the same but I knew it would never be the same again.