Author's Note: What can I say? I love Sailor Moon and I love Justice Leagueand I have always wanted to write something about them. This idea has been rattling around in my brain for awhile and I finally had time to write it out. I know the concept seems odd, but please give it a try! A little side note, because both Serenity and her mother are named the same thing, I have decided to call Princess Serenity, Sere as a nickname. That way no one will get confused! This is also slightly AU. Let's just pretend that the Silver Millenium never really ended and has continued into present time. Endymion and his kingdom never exsisted. Everything else is canon and the same. Thanks and please enjoy!

"We don't do babysitting," The Batman growled. "Period."

The conference room was silent and Diana let her gaze drift to the Queen who sat across from them. She kept her gaze cool and betrayed no hint of emotion in her grey eyes. Her silver hair—almost the color of moonlight—jostled slightly as she ran a pale hand through it. The golden moon crescent gleamed as it caught the light and Diana repressed a smile. Her indifference reminded Diana so much of her own mother. How many times had her mother stressed the importance of remaining calm even when facing the toughest of obstacles? It was interesting to see that this woman knew the tricks of royalty as well.

"My Queen, let me—" One of the guardians stood—a young woman with cropped blonde hair and radiant blue eyes—and reached down, almost as if she was going to grab a weapon.

"Uranus," The Queen's voice rang out regally in the quiet room. "Sit." The guardian did as she told and Diana glanced at Bruce. He had to know that he was about to cause a diplomatic disaster and that was the last thing the League needed to tangle with.

"Queen Serenity," Diana said, her voice full of kindness. "What Batman meant to say was that the League does not take on protecting jobs. It divides our team's focus and doesn't make us as helpful as we could be to the people of Earth."

"I understand your fears, Wonder Woman," The Queen told her with a small smile playing on her lips. "But I am not asking you to sacrifice all of your time. I only need a month—just thirty days." Diana glanced at Bruce but his expression had not softened and he still appeared as resolute as before.

"And I said we don't babysit, your majesty," Batman growled and Uranus looked ready to kill him. The Queen smirked and simply tilted her head to the side. "I mean no disrespect, but you don't need our help as many people do."

"True," Queen Serenity conceded. "But have I not helped your League out once or twice before?" Bruce didn't say anything but Diana knew the Queen was right. Many times the Queen had leant her power to them and had taken care of some valuable research on threats from other planets. She had even given J'onn a temporary home on the Moon while the civil war was fought on Mars. If anything, the League was heavily indebted to Queen Serenity.

"You have," Bruce mumbled. "But having your daughter here would hinder League business."

"Batman," The Queen interjected. "My people have guarded Earth and the solar system from countless threats for many millennia. I have never asked for your League's assistance before and I have never hindered you." The Queen's voice softened. "I am asking you, please, let my daughter stay with you."

"If I may," Diana interjected. "Why are you asking for our assistance now?" The Queen shot a glance to Uranus who nodded before speaking.

"Her majesty's presence has been requested on Saturn," Uranus explained. "It would appear that Beryl—a radical with many followers—has begun to stage a coup and the princess of Saturn has asked for aide."

"I see," Diana remarked. "But why not let your daughter stay on the moon?"

"Sere has . . ." The Queen smirked and let her voice trail off. "I am taking all my guardians to help and there would be no one to watch my daughter. Besides, I would fear that without anyone to watch her, she would run off to Earth."

"And that is bad?" Diana questioned, a bit intrigued.

"My daughter is next in line to be queen," Serenity explained. "And as such, she must learn that her place is on the Moon watching over the Earth and not being on it." Her expression clouded a little and Diana could see she was worried. "I thought that maybe if she stayed with your League and was a bit closer to the Earth and saw all the problems that go on, she would finally learn her place."

"Well," Diana began. "Your majesty, you must give us time to talk to the other League members and—"

"We have no time!" Uranus shouted, which earned her a disproving glance from her Queen. "The Princess needs to be moved now or Beryl will succeed!"

"Uranus," The Queen hissed. "Be silent!"

"I beg your pardon, your majesty, but I cannot!" Uranus slammed her hands on the table and her face twisted up in pain. "Please, I beg of you, take our Princess and keep her safe!"

"Uranus!" The Queen growled. "I order you to sit and be silent." Uranus reluctantly did as she was told, but the damage was already done. Diana was positive that there would be no changing Bruce's mind now, even if the other League members did support this idea. His mind was set.

"Fine," Bruce spat out as he stood and Diana couldn't believe it. Had the Batman actually changed his mind? "But only for thirty days." The Queen rose and smiled. It was a radiant thing to see and Diana realized that the Queen had truly been worried for her daughter's safety.

"I shall bring her to you tomorrow," Queen Serenity promised, trying to compose herself. "I cannot thank you enough."

"No, it's fine!" Diana insisted. "We are glad to be able to help you."

"Your majesty," Batman said coolly as he bowed and then promptly exited.

"Please don't be offended," Diana pleaded. "Batman is just always like that."

"I could understand his concerns," The Queen conceded. "But I am relieved that we were able to see eye to eye."

"Queen Serenity," Uranus interjected quietly. "We must go."

"Of course," The Queen said with a dismissive wave. Turning to Diana, she grinned. "I shall bring my daughter to you tomorrow morning."

"Good," Diana replied. "Have a safe trip back."

Queen Serenity smiled before departing out the doors. Diana sighed and stared out the huge window. She could see the Moon from here and could faintly make out the castle. What was this Princess of the Moon was like? Would she be kind or timid?

Regardless, it would be interesting to have a teenager amongst them—even if it was just to see that hopelessly frustrated look on Bruce's face.

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