Chapter 2: The Savior

It's April now and I'm so close to my goal: going to Nekosushi University. 10 years have passed since my parents' death and all this other crap going on. I still cry a night after being raped by Ritsuko. A nimble cat may be evasive but this asshole Ritsuko is a powerful wolf and I just can't release myself from his grasp. I hope someone will save me before then or else Ritsuko will start treating me like an "adult". He won't he'll treat me even more like his toy. The number of bandages on my body can't compare to the number of times he's beaten and raped me together. I need a savior soon!

I came home from the grocery store and as soon as I came home and put down the groceries Ritsuko pinned me against the wall. "What are you doing? Not in the kitchen!" I thought Ritsuko was going to rape me but instead he punched my cheek. He had a look I'd only see in a wolf and his dog ears were sticking up. I was scared and I tried to push him away but then I took another blow to the face. It hurt so badly! I wanted to cry but I couldn't anymore. "STOP THIS NOW RITSUKO! I'M NOT YOU FUCKING TOY!" I lost it I got the feeling I had when that incident happened. My heart was beating, my vision blurring black and white, the pulsating presence flowing through me. Also I heard Isaka, the voice inside me saying, "Kill him." I knew I should but I had to. I struggled enough to free one of my hands. As soon as it was free I grabbed the knife on the counter and my hand flew into the air. I was about to strike Ritsuko in the heart but all of a sudden someone burst into the house.

"RITSUKO YOU BASTARD WHERE'S THIS KID I'VE BEEN HEARING ABOUT!" The man had silver hair, ice-blue eyes, and his left face was scaled with bluish fish scales. He had a worried look on his face but his voice sounded different. He walked up to us and grabbed my hand. "Come on kid, you shouldn't be hanging around bastards like him." He began to pull me away but before we left I stopped us. I threw the knife at Ritsuko, it almost hit his neck, but he had a look a terror in his eyes. "YOU TRY ANYTHING AGAIN AND I'LL MAKE SURE I DO TAKE YOUR BREATH!"

When we left all my senses went back to normal. I felt my cat ears change from horns back into ears. The man that saved me took me almost all the way across town and into a huge apartment until he finally spoke. "So kid what happened?" He was still holding my hand so I pushed it aside, blushing for some reason. "Well you see I had enough of asshole Ritsuko's games so I lost myself to another Isaka and tried to kill him." We were talking in the elevator so no one else could hear. "Kid, I could see that but what happened to you? Your eyes were red and you ears were horns. And who's this Isaka you fell for?" I kept quiet until we got up to his room.

This guy lived in a penthouse. I was amazed but I still was in a daze. We sat down on the couch until I finally spoke. "I have a Shadow-Twin: Isaka. In moments of terror he appears and his motto is "Kill." And about my ears and eyes, those were Isaka's eyes and ears you saw." The man looked at me strangely. "But aren't Shadow-Twins rare, even in the anthropomorphic group?" I stared at his blue scales. "That's right but just who are you?" The man got up and picked up a book on the table. "I'm the famous writer, Akira Yuri." This man, Akira Yuri, was my savior. I was so happy I felt a strange unknown feeling in my heart.

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