This is the basic story to wat I wish would happen in the manga ^_^


Sauske couldn't believe that the 8-tails had gotten one over on him now Madara didn't even trust him anymore, like he would want to help that bastard. That fight was too easy he should've known that something was amiss. Now that old bastard wants him to go after his childhood rival and he knew how to make the punk come willingly. This was good he needed to steal back his stupid bitch of a sensor, damn cunt allowed herself to get used as a shield. Karin should have known better than to get between him and Danzo, now he has to go out of his way to save her petty ass.

He had finally reached his destination… the battlefield of THE FORTH GREAT NINJA WAR.


Hinata was sure getting tired these half white clone things were really annoying and she was really low on chakra she had to rest but she knew better but a punch to the face sent her flying into a nearby boulder… her world went black…


Sakura wasn't sure if she could keep healing all the ninja that the seven swordsmen kept injuring, hell they were lucky if they were left alive. Then again with Kakashi on his rampage the injured numbers were lessening, she sure had to thank kami for Katsuyu and Kakashi. Without them she'd either be dead or having to battle herself and she was a medical-nin not a fighter. She was healing a very impatient Maito Guy when all of the sudden she was sucked into a vortex… AHHHHH!


Sasuke had his bait now he just needed to save that pain in the ass sensor of his man was there gonna be some girl drama tonight…

He reached Konoha's prison; you'd think with so many criminals there'd be more guards or at least tougher ones. He didn't even have to activate his sharingan to get to Karin's cell. "GO AWAY UCHIHA!"

"Is that anyway to talk to your rescuer?"

"I'm ten time safer in here than with you!"

"Now now Karin I need you."

Karin listened to those words and couldn't help but agree to go with him. She saw that his chakra wasn't lying he did need her but something was off. Though she didn't care because she couldn't believe he needed her? Finally!


Karin and Sasuke made it to one of the abandoned Akatsuki hideouts, considering all that was left of them was Zetsu and Madara perhaps Kabuto if you considered him a member and if so then Taka was a part of them too. But as for now Taka had control over this base, Karin walked around the base she had become all too familiar with and opened a room that used to belong to Konan to find a passed out indigo haired girl. "GAH!"

She ran into another room that used to belong to Kakuzu to see another pink haired girl passed out. That hair looked so familiar, Karin walked around only to see that same pink haired leaf ninja that had saved her life not 2 months earlier. What had Sasuke been planning? Was it anything to do with that kind blonde ninja from that day? And what was with that other girl? So many questions ran thru the redhead's mind that she didn't notice an all too familiar chakra signature coming up behind her. "Well what do you know Jugo I was right, hand it over."

"Suigestu! What the hell you want?"

"Me and Jugo here had a bet going on that you were really into girls, that your 'love' of Sasuke was just a cover up."

"I'm going to kill you!"

Karin punched Suigetsu right in the face splashing his face all over the room awaking Sakura. "Why don't you two just kiss and get this over with?"

The two love birds both gave death glares to the, for now, harmless ninja. "Jugo—Good morning Sakura, how did you sleep?"

"Ka-Karin? What are you doing out of your cell? Where are we?"

"You're a prisoner of Taka now bitch!"

"Sorry for these two, I'm Jugo" The gentle orange haired male said, "I see you already know Karin which leaves the idiot Suigestu, and just as a precaution lock your door at night so the little pervert don't get any ideas."

"Damn it Jugo why you gotta mess with all my ideas?"

"Don't worry Jugo-san I can take care of myself, besides my heart only belongs to Sasuke-kun."

The three looked at her in astonishment Suigestu was the first to speak up "Great another Uchiha fan girl, I'm outta here peace!"

Karin wanted to say something but she waited for Jugo knowing what she had to say was unknown to the boys. "Sakura you should know that Sasuke isn't the man he was when he lived in the leaf village. If Pein hadn't attacked he would have!"

Jugo looked to Karin who instead of a pissed off look she normally would have had, had a look of fear took the hint and left the room.

"Sakura why do you still love him? He's dark and cruel and tried to get you to kill me and when you wouldn't he nearly killed you! You could just be here as a pawn in on of his sick twisted games to get revenge on the leaf!"

"I'm aware of that Karin but for Sasuke as long as I'm part of his life I'm ok with it."

"Damn all you Leaf folk are fucked in the head! Well I'm going to make dinner, after a talk with Sasuke it will be determined if you can roam free."

Karin quickly left the room leaving Sakura alone… for now.


"Haruno wake up!" Sakura didn't fidget "I said wake up bitch!" Sakura was sound asleep "Kami Damn It Haruno Wake Your Fucking Ass Up!"

Sasuke gave a hard kick to her stomach "What the hell? OH Sasuke-kun it's you!" Her eyes lit up upon seeing the love of her life right there in her room. "Can I help you?"

"I'm in need of your services Haruno, get dressed and then I will take you to where you are needed."

Sakura couldn't believe it after all these years Sasuke HER Sasuke needed her! She quickly changed into what looked like a spare change of Karin's clothes just pink instead of purple and the same black shorts. She quickly combed her hair and used her hatai-ate as a hair band, she really wished she had some makeup so she could look sexy for her love but then again if he wanted what she thought he did it would just cause a mess. She opened her door, "Sasuke I'm decent."

Jugo was waiting outside her door, "Sasuke said to bring you to his personal guest's room, it seems she needs some tending to."

Sakura couldn't believe what she was hearing, HIS PERSONAL GUEST? Was Sasuke involved with someone? Someone that wasn't her? "And if I refuse?"

"It's been nice knowing ya then, Sasuke isn't one to be taken lightly."

"Fine!" The heartbroken kunoichi opened the door, "Hinata?" She stared down at her unconious friend feeling really bad that she was jealous of her! Hinata was a sweet girl and pretty but she didn't have much to offer even her own family disowned her. Sakura's hand began glowing green as she healed the huge cut on the back on the young heiress' head. She soon was lost in thought was Hinata here because Sasuke felt sorry for her? Did he have a long lost friendship with the Hyuuga? Why would Uchiha Sasuke want Hyuuga Hinata of all people here? Hinata soon started to regain consciousness "Hn? Sa-Sakura-san? Wh-Where are w-we?"

"Easy Hinata your injury was really bad you need not move too much. We are in one of the old Akatsuki hideouts it now houses Taka, Sasuke's team."

Hinata stood up quickly forgetting she was injured and fell back on the bed "Sa-Sasuke? U-Uchiha Sa-Sasuke?"

"No Saratobi Sasuke, of course Uchiha Sasuke! We are their captives unless we decide to join them, we will have a meeting with Sasuke and the leader of the Akatsuki tomorrow to deside our fates."

"I-I j-just w-wa-wanna go h-home."

Her lavender eyes started to tear up, sure Hinata hated her family and the way the village looked at her and had even threatened to runaway countless times. Though they were all empty threats she never meant any of them but now she was actually away from them all. Every last one of those asinine condescending pompous insensitive self-absorbed jackasses she had to call family was now far far away. She was even far away from that asshole Naruto whom she had put her life on the line for to prove her love for him yet he tossed her aside like some of Sakura's cooking. The tears soon left as she looked up to the orange haired boy in the doorway and with not a stutter in her word nor a lack of confidence in her tone "Jugo-san I wish to speak with Uchiha-san now and thank him for my freedom."

FREEDOM? She called being a prisoner of war being free? "Freedom Hyuuga-san?"

"Yes Jugo-san, I maybe your captive but here I will not be judged merely as a Hyuuga but as a ninja or maybe just as a female. I will not be inferior just because of my size or my heart, here if I am dubbed as inferior it is because I AM inferior. I can prove myself a worthy shinobi here and perhaps I will be good enough to wear the Akataski robes."

Jugo and Sakura looked at Hinata in shock neither of them had ever seen such determination in anyone not even in Sasuke when he wanted to kill Itachi. Jugo turned his back to the girls "Hinata what is up with you?"

"Sakura don't worry I will get you home but I need to be away from my family and become my own person, Hanabi will make a great heir to the Hyuugas, better than I ever will. Just promise me no one will ever know where I am?"

"Hinata you are insane! What about Kiba? Shino? Kurenai-sensei? Neji? Don't any of them matter?"

"Of course they matter but I was doing nothing but holding them back they will be better off without me!"

"None of us want to see you end up like Sasuke and having to hunt you down and kill you, you need to come home with me."

"Sakura you don't get it if I stay here I can protect those most important to me from the darkness. Maybe I can get Sasuke to see the light…"

"Or he can make you see the darkness!"

"I've seen the darkness, I've lived the darkness, now it's time for me to embrace it."

"Hinata where is all this coming from?"

"Father sees me as nothing but a burden and I'm tired of living under his fingernail, the life of an heiress sucks. Because of him I developed a stutter, a problem with twiddling my fingers, and a confidence problem. I want to be a proud shinobi like the rest of the Hyuuga but I cannot do that on the compound, the elders are already discussing making Hanabi the heir so what does that leave me? The caged bird seal? Hell no!"

Sakura had no idea her 'friend' (and I use that term very loosely) had so much on her plate, who would've guessed the perfect princess who got everything she ever wanted, except Naruto of course, had such a hectic life. "If you stay, so will I!"

Hinata smiled for the first time in what seemed like years or at least since the Pein invasion, Haruno Sakura and her would stick it thru to the end as captives as cellmates as… Friends. "Hyuuga you can go talk to Sasuke. Karin will be here in a minute to watch you Sakura."

Hinata followed Jugo down a long hallway, the walls were empty and covered in dust either these guys never cleaned or they just got the place. There were no windows except the small ones in the bedrooms the doors seems like most were going to fall off their hinges. Hinata thought it could really use a woman's touch and considering who Karin was it kinda explained the condition of the place you could see the Suigestu shaped holes in the walls. She couldn't help but let out a little giggle when she saw him in his liquidated state sloshing across the floor, what was it between those two? Where they lovers? Or did they really hate each other that much? "Here we are Miss Hyuuga, Sauke will be awaiting for you in the next room."

Hinata gulped "Thank you Jugo-san" how in the hell was she going to pull off this dark and hardcore front for Sasuke, Sakura and Jugo were easy to trick but Sasuke was pure hatred how could she convince him that she was ready to give up her old life. "Sa-Sasuke-san?"

"Hyuuga come in." Hinata slowly came in and Sasuke motioned to a nearby chair and she sat, "It has come to my attention that you wish you join us, is this true?"

"H-Hai Uchiha-sama!"

"Well if that is your desire you need to talk to my superior and the person who ordered me to capture you."

In walked a man in a purple outfit with a mask covering his head almost looking like a lavender rinnegan/sharingan mix and a giant war fan on his back "Ah Miss Hinata we meet again."

Hinata wasn't sure what to say this man looked nothing like anyone she could remember and the voice didn't trigger any memories but that chakra it sent chills down her spine just like when she fought… "Tobi?"

"Yes but that was just my coverup, I am the great Uchiha Madara!" He said his name with such power you'd expect thunder and lightening to show up out of nowhere maybe it did, they were inside you never know. "I saw the hatred harboring inside your heart during our last encounter and thought that I could use another understudy. I saw that the only reason you kept it inside was cause of that Uzumaki brat and now that he has pushed you aside for the pink haired one you have no one. Well we are here for you Hinata, we will help you get revenge on that retched family of yours and that village that turned a blind eye to your abusive childhood."

"Ho-How did you know?"

"I've been around since the leaf village was started I know the Hyuugas and their treacherous ways. I watched over you and Sasuke growing up even though you never really talked you both had something in common… a strive for power because of the nine-tails child."

"I want the power to defeat my father."

"I didn't hear that child, say it again."


"Perfect, Sasuke she is ready get her a robe she will need to start training soon." He started to walk out, "Oh and Sasuke this one is all yours, if anything happens to her it will be your head."


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