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Author's Notes: So, I'm a HUGE Donald Duck fan and I've recently become fascinated with his interesting relationship to Pete (who's now my second favorite). Pete doesn't usually show him the same animosity he has with Mickey or the impatience he has with Goofy. This fic will portray many of Donald's relationships and friendships, but the main focus will be his relationships with Pete, Mickey, Goofy, Daisy, and of course, his family. I'll be using a ton of references and characters from Donald's multi-verse like his cartoons (especially his war ones and others with Pete), the comics (Barks, Rosa, Taliafero, the Italian ones with Paperinik, and the newer stuff like PK New Adventures and Ultraheroes), House of Mouse, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (you really see their relationship bloom here), and even Donald's games like "Quackshot," "Going Quackers," and even "Kingdom Hearts." And in addition to the Disney characters, I might even use characters from other universes like Looney Tunes. We'll see. The mythology (mostly Egyptian, but also Greek) will come into play later. If anyone has any questions about a particular reference, I'll be happy to answer them. Oh, and a few chapters will also be part song fics.

Warning: This fic contains strong Donald friendships (especially with Pete and the Three Caballeros) and maybe a slight a bit of slash among various pairings later. Also, this fic will become much darker in later chapters after Donald's transformation into the Duck of Doom

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White Fire, Black Earth

Chapter 1: Looking for You

Pete stood outside the club for a minute, looking up at the large "House of Mouse" sign. Well, pinch my papayas! It sure has been a while. After many unsuccessful attempts at shutting this place down, he finally gave up. That was years ago though, and he thought Mickey and Donald closed the club after they all started working together on the pre-school show, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." But, the sign was lit up today, and the club sounded busy with music, talking, and all the usual bustling. Hmmm...I wonder why it's open. I should probably take a little look-see.

He looked around and saw Goofy's son, Max standing outside the front door in his valet uniform. Max noticed him and waved sheepishly.

"Uh...hi Mr. P! How's it going?" Max asked, a bit nervously as Pete approached him.

"Oh hiya, Max. PJ's probably inside if you're wondering. I'll let him know you're out here or you could probably go on in yourself since I don't think anyone else will come this late. I'm sure the mouse won't mind," Pete said chuckling.

"You-you really think so?" Max hesitated, he knew Pete used to try to sabotage the show and wasn't above manipulation, but he did truly want to go see his friend and the rest of the show.

"Why sure! If the mouse has a problem with it, you could blame it on me!" Pete said, smiling.

"Well, ok. I haven't seen PJ in a while," Max said, opening the front door and letting Pete go in first. Then, Max walked in himself and gave Pete a quick wave before heading off to find PJ. Pete expected to be greeted by a certain infamous duck, but he wasn't there. Although they've had their past fights and misunderstandings, they've really bonded since the third season of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." Pete might've hated the dumb stuff he had to do on the show, but he was really glad that at least he and the duck finally became friends. Hmmm...Quackers isn't here. I wonder if he's in the back somewhere. Daisy probably knows something. So, he went up to the reception desk where Daisy usually works.

"Anyway, according to the recipe, it just needs a spoonful of sugar...Yeah, I know. It's great to be back. Yeah, it's really fun seeing everyone again! Yup, ok! Yeah. Well, good luck with your fruitcake! Ok, bye Clara!" Daisy said, just before she finally hung up the phone and noticed Pete who had been smiling and chuckling the whole time.

"Oh! Oh, uh hi Pete! What's up? Not trying to sabotage the show again are you?" she teased. Pete chuckled again.

"No, Daisy. Those days are long gone, sister. Hahahaha. But anyways, I was just wondering if Quackers was around," Pete said, casually leaning against the desk.

"Who?" Daisy asked, staring blankly.

"You know. Feathers? Quacky? Ducky?" Pete listed all the nicknames he had for the little sailor. But Daisy simply stared right back.

"Who?" Daisy repeated. Pete smacked his hand against his face an gave a long sigh.

"Donald," he said flatly.

"Oh! Donald! Hmm...he's not by the front door? Maybe he's in his favorite chair backstage. But he is here somewhere. I saw him earlier. You see, tomorrow we're supposed to go on this date and he promised he wouldn't forget. He's always forgetting-," she said, turning her attention to the reservation list before Pete hastily cut her off.

"Um...that's real interesting and everything, Daisy, but um...gottagofindDonaldnow!Bye!" Pete cried, hurrying down the hall. Sheesh! How does Quackers put up with Miss Gabs-a-lot over there? That chick could talk the ears off an elephant! After Pete had cleared the corner, he stopped to catch his breath. Suddenly, someone bumped into him from behind, knocking him forward on the ground.

"Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going?" Pete yelled, getting up and dusting himself off.

"Ayuck! Gawrsh, sorry Pete. I guess I didn't see ya there," Goofy said sheepishly. Pete just looked at him, unimpressed. Goofy was a good friend but...a bit on the slow side and Pete wasn't exactly the patient type. Ah, the Goof. Figures.

"Anyway, I should probably get going back to the kitchen. I still can't take my eye off Gus for too long or we'll have missing food again. Ayuck! See ya la-" before Goofy could go anywhere though, Pete grabbed his arm.

"Wait a minute Goof! Before ya go, maybe you can tell me where the duck is?" Pete asked, hopefully. Goofy looked uneasy for a moment which confused Pete. After looking suspiciously over his shoulders, Goofy leaned close to Pete and whispered, "Um...we don't carry duck anymore, Pete, on account of the last time we served it, Donald tied me to an anchor and dropped me into the sea...again." Pete just stared at Goofy, wide-eyed.

"W-wait, what? Donald tied you to an anchor and dropped you in the ocean? And what do you mean, 'again?' And how are you even alive after that?" Pete cried, horrified.

"Ayuck! Plot-hole. Dark, isn't it?" Goofy asked, grinning and jokingly elbowing Pete who trembled slightly. Note to self: Pissing off Quackers = Anchor. Hmmm...wait a minute. Maybe I was right to try turn him against the mouse. That duck has the makings of a great villain! Hehehe. I wonder if the mouse even knew about that. Pete soon shook himself from his thoughts...and Goofy's disturbing story.

"Ugh! Never-mind! I was asking about Donald, not the menu, you dope!" Pete snarled, fists clenched. Goofy frowned and angrily crossed his arms.

"Humph! Well, there's no need to be rude! Why didncha say so? I think Mickey sent him to clean up the prop room. He shoulda been back already though. Maybe he got lost," he replied, shrugging. Pete frowned. Stupid mouse! Why doesn't he do his own dirty work for a change? Goofy then looked at his watch.

"Woah! I gotta go bring out the orders! See ya Petey!" Goofy called as he ran down the long hall to the kitchen. Pete chuckled and raised an arm in a weak wave.

"See ya, Goof! But now to find Quackers," Pete said to himself and made off for the prop room. He opened the door and headed down the stairs. But, once he reached the bottom, he scratched his head for a second. Hmmm...now how I'm I gonna find that duck in this ginormous maze? He finally decided to just call out for him and hope for the best, "Donald! Yoo-hoo! Hey, Quackers! Where are ya? Ducky! Dooonnnaald!"

After a few minutes, he heard some shuffling a few rows down. "Quackers? That you?" he asked softly, cautiously approaching the noise. He looked behind the boxes, but there was no one there. Hmmmm...well dress me in a skirt and call me "Susie!" I coulda sworn I heard-

"BOO!" cried an all too familiar voice behind him. Pete gave a shrill scream and stumbled forward a little, only to turn around and find that devilish (literally) duck, laughing and holding his sides.

"Whatcha trying to do, duck? Give a guy a coronary?" Pete snapped, glaring at his younger companion.

"Hehehehe! You shoulda seen the look on your face! 'Aaaaah!' Hehehehe!" Donald teased, still laughing. Pete rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah! Laugh it up while ya can, Ducky Boy, cuz I'll get ya back for that when you ain't looking! By the way, what's with the devil costume?" he asked, staring at the duck's old getup. Donald stopped laughing and sadly rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, I figured if I had to clean up this huge, dark room by myself that I might as well have a little fun while I do it," Donald admitted, dejectedly kicking a bit of styrofoam out of the way. Pete's eyes widened.

"WHAT? Mickey's making you clean up this HUGE ASS room BY YOURSELF when he has a magic hat and a room full of FREAKING, WALKING BROOMS? WHAT THE HELL?" Pete shouted furiously, pacing back and forth.

"Wak! Pete! You said 'ass'! And 'freaking!' And 'hell!' *Pause* Cool!" Donald said excitedly, gazing up at Pete with glazed eyes. Pete chuckled despite himself, but then gently shook Donald saying, "Get outta pre-school mode, Feathers! We're men, remember? We used to smoke cigars!"

"Oh, yeah! Smokes! Bring on the Quinteros! Oh wait, no! I can't do that anymore. After a little incident with my nephews, I vowed to never smoke those things again!" Donald straightened up proudly. Pete just looked at him. Donald then wagged a finger at Pete.

"And you shouldn't either! Drugs are bad...m'kay?" Donald joked and the two of them laughed.

"Hahahahaha! Good one, Quackers!" Pete said, wiping away a tear. Donald just smiled at Pete's pet-name for him. What were once derogatory nicknames, were now only used with the most affectionate of tones and intentions. Well, I'll be doggoned! I like seeing this nice side of Pete. Then, Pete gently put his hands on the duck's strong shoulders for a moment.

"Ya need any help, Ducky?" he asked, smiling. Donald shook his head and walked behind a box, where his sailor uniform lay.

"Nah, I got here really early to clean so I'm almost done now. You should probably go back upstairs and enjoy the rest of the show. I can finish up here," he called from behind the box, and Pete could tell that he was changing back into his sailor uniform. After a minute or two, Donald came out wearing his familiar hat and shirt. Then, he put his devil costume in a box marked Halloween and looked at Pete.

"Well, I guess I'll see ya later, Pete," he said a bit sadly and turned around to grab the broom that he left leaning against the Halloween box, but Pete grabbed Donald's arm and turned him back towards him.

"No! Look here, Quackers, there ain't no way I'm leaving ya here alone to clean while everyone else is having a blast! So...what do I gotta do?" Pete asked, looking around the room to see what else needed to be done. Donald smiled warmly at him. Wow. And to think that this guy who used to give me such trouble back in the day is actually offering to help me now while my so-called friends upstairs probably aren't missing me at all.

"Thanks, Pete. Well, there's only one section I didn't get to yet, but no one really goes down that corridor. I actually haven't been here for years myself. It's over here," Donald said, leading Pete down a winding, old hall at the back of the huge warehouse-like room. Hmmm...I've never been down this way before. It was a bit darker than the rest of the room. They heard sudden shuffling.

"Wh-Who's that? Was there someone down here besides you?" Pete whispered. Donald's eyes widened and he shook his head. They crept up warily and saw a masked woman dressed all in black rummaging through a few boxes. Donald and Pete looked at each other and then back at the mysterious woman. Then, Donald took a deep breath and glared at the intruder.

"Hey, you! What are you doing down here?" he asked angrily. The figure hastily looked up at them, froze for a second, then she bolted down the hall. Donald and Pete tried to chase after her but she was surprisingly fast.

"Do not bother, Donald! You vill never catch me! Hahahaha!" the mysterious woman cried in a slight Russian accent, still sprinting and finally disappearing behind a long corridor, her mocking laughter still bouncing off the walls. Donald stopped running abruptly and Pete had to stumble forward to a stop to avoid running into him.

"That accent! I think...I think I know that woman! If I could only remember where though..." Donald drifted off in thought. Pete looked at him carefully.

"Well, maybe we should look through the boxes she was fishin' around in," Pete suggested. Donald beamed at him which made Pete smile. I love seein' him happy. He's so sweet! Wait...the last time I called him that...was a day I'd really rather not remember. Pete instantly shut off the painful memory of a box sawed in half and a desperate suicide attempt, and focused back on Donald.

"You're a genius, Pete! I think they're over...but wait. Shouldn't we warn Mickey and the others first? I mean-" Donald began, before Pete cut him off.

"But say what, Ducky? We don't know what she's after or what she took. We don't even know what she looks like. But if we look through the boxes she was fishin' in maybe we can get some answers," Pete argued gently. Donald thought about it for a moment and then nodded determinedly. "Ok. Let's do it!" They headed back to the boxes the intruder was rummaging through.

"These were the ones, right?" Donald asked, turning to Pete who nodded.

"I wonder which movie these boxes are from!" Donald cried, running to the side of a particularly large box so he cold see the name printed on it. But then, he froze completely. No! It...it can't be! I...I thought that nightmare was over forever!

"Hey, Quackers? Donald? You ok?" he asked, running to his side and giving him a little shake. Pete drew in a deep breath and finally turned to look at the side of the box...and froze as well. There were only four big red letters, but quite possibly the most infamous four letters in the world. WWII. So, they stood there frozen for quite a few minutes, their brains not wanting to contemplate all the implications of what the situation just turned into. Pete was the first to snap out of it and he glanced around all the other boxes in the corridor and realized that they were all from WWII. This whole hallway is full of WWII boxes. I guess now we know why it was forgotten. Or at least it was supposed to be. Those boxes aren't even supposed to be here! They were supposed to be in the top secret garages of the studio and then destroyed! We were promised those boxes were gonna be destroyed! WHAT THE HELL?

Pete took in a deep shaky breath and tried to get Donald to snap out of it who was shaking a little by now. He knelt down before the duck so he could be at eye level and he hugged the duck tightly. Poor little fella. You didn't deserve any of that. I'm so sorry, Ducky. Pete was the only one who knew exactly what the duck had gone through at that hellish time. A few war cartoons with the two of them were made in effort to tell their story, but...some things had happened that the world, even Mickey, Goofy, or Daisy never knew about. Very dark, nightmarish things. And even though the whole Disney family tried to support the war effort, it was Donald who was the real poster boy for the war. The youngest of them was made to fight the most dangerous war in the front lines and often times...completely alone. He could see in the months and even years following the war that the duck carried deep emotional and mental scars. He would turn away when someone mentioned "war," he would flinch when he heard the fire siren (thinking it was a airstrike alarm), he would do everything he could not get involved in the Austrian Ludwig von Drake's "experiments" (even though the professor was his uncle by marriage), but worst of all, Donald would have disturbing, violent nightmares that would either result in him sobbing or losing his mind. The company even banked off one of them, Der Fuhrer's Face. It won the company an Academy Award, but traumatized the poor duck. For weeks after the short film, Pete had tried to help Donald get rid of his nightmares. He was the only one Donald ever told.

Donald finally stopped shaking and blinked several times before realizing there was someone holding him. Wait. Pete's actually hugging me? He smiled weakly at Pete. "Thanks, but I...I think I'm ok now." Pete pulled away and looked at the duck in the eyes.

"Are ya sure, Ducky?" he asked, still looking worried. Donald drew a deep breath and then nodded determinedly. Pete smirked at him and stood up. They looked back at that cursed box. "Well...let's get this over with," Pete muttered darkly, approaching it. Donald followed reluctantly. They looked inside it.


Three blind, old hags in black cloaks stood hunched over the single eye they shared among themselves, which was now glowing a bright green. "I'm afraid it's worse than we feared, sisters," said the shortest one, Atropos. The other two shook their heads solemnly.

"What should we do? The very universe...no, multiverse is in danger! But for the first time, the eye is blurry on some details. So there is some being, some presence, perhaps another god from another dimension who is purposefully interfering with our gazes into the future," Clotho said fearfully. She had green skin, with a long, pointy chin and worm-like hair.

"Very true. We know all the different pantheons from our dimension already and none of them could've done this without our knowledge. But, seeing into the other dimensions is a little more complex," agreed Atropos.

"We must find and tell the duck. The eye is blurry, but when we gazed at it, I somehow felt his energy involved in those events," Lachesis, the tallest and oldest, finally quipped. The other two nodded. Then, they peered into the brightly lit orb once again. "It seems that he's in the prop room now with...Pete! Huh. Well, we should really get Hades so we can all talk this over with Donald," she continued. Her two sisters nodded solemnly.


"So...uh...what exactly are we supposed to be looking for here? I mean, did anyone even keep an inventory of this stuff?" Donald asked, rummaging through a few items.

"Hmmmm...Shouldn't Mickey or Minnie have it? After all, they run this joint, don't they? And if I was remembering right, you did too," Pete said, rubbing his chin. Donald stopped rummaging and glanced up at Pete.

"Pffft! Don't be silly, Pete! Mickey would never leave me with something that import-" Donald caught himself and looked away. There was an awkward pause. "Well, there are grenades, mustard gas pellets, rifles, bayonets, and other stuff in here that I'd rather forget. I don't know what she was looking for or even if she managed to take anything. Maybe we scared her off before she could," Donald said, turning away from the box.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's go. We ain't gonna find nothing without that list. I guess we gotta tell the mouse, huh?" Pete asked. Donald nodded. "Afraid so," he said.

"Well, let's start heading back then," Pete said, as he and Donald started walking down the long corridor. After a few minutes, Pete looked over at Donald a bit nervously. I might regret ever asking this, but I just gotta know! "Can...can I...uh...ask you something, Donald?" Donald nodded again.

"Sure! Ask away, Pete," he replied, smiling up at the big, black cat, but was surprised to find that Pete couldn't quite meet his eyes. Donald could tell he was trying to find the courage to ask him what he wanted and that whatever it was, it was important. "Hey...whatever it is, it's ok. Just ask me," Donald reassured. But, Pete kept staring down at the floor as they walked before finally taking a deep, shaky breath.

"Do...do you blame me for what happened to ya...back there? Do...do you hate me?" he choked out in a small voice, timidly glancing at the duck. Donald looked at Pete strangely.

"I don't know whatcha mean, Pete. How can I hate you when we were just playing and joking back there? And blame you for what?" Donald asked, still trying to understand this shift in mood. Pete scratched his head.

"Well...I mean, you know...do ya blame for what happened to ya back in...the war and stuff. Tricking you into parachuting off a fighter plane...the runaway tank...almost...almost sawing you in half...?" Pete explained, squeezing his eyes shut. That was the most painful one. I'll never forget how guilty and devastated I felt seeing him in half...or so I thought! And to think he was gonna go an' shoot himself in the head because of my mistake!

Pete was now shuffling along dejectedly with head hung. Donald winced, and didn't reply right away simply because he was trying to chase off those gnawing memories. But, Pete mistook his silence as anger, so he grabbed the duck's hands and fell to his knees, begging desperately, "Ducky...please...please forgive me! I'm so sorry...for-for everything! For the war stuff, being a crappy neighbor, tricking you into boxing me, trampling you, tying you to a tree, using you to shut down the club, and leaving you in the snow...everything! You gotta know...I never...never meant to hurt ya! I'd do anything to make it up to you! Don't hate me! Please! Please, Ducky!" Here, Pete started kissing Donald's hands.

Needless to say, Donald was completely taken aback. What...what's he doing? What does he mean? Hate him? He blinked down at Pete a few times before managing a reply, "P-Pete! I...I don't hate you. I never did. And for a little while, I even looked up to you! You once had your own boat, you actually knew what you were doing in the army, you smoked cigars in the coolest ways, and...hehe...you used to tell Mickey what to do! Back then, I...uh...kinda hoped I could've been like your little brother, but..."

Instead of making Pete feel better, the knowledge that his young friend once looked up to him like a big brother just made him feel about ten times worse. He...he looked up to me. And I let him down. What a bonehead I've been! He couldn't even look up at the duck anymore. He wasn't worthy. But then, he felt Donald gently pull back his hands and lifted Pete's face up to look at him.

"Pete, anything you did was no worse than all the things Chip and Dale did to me, or even my nephews, or Uncle Scrooge, or Daisy, and even Mickey! And so many others! I forgave them! And I forgive you, too! And...yeah, there were times when you kinda treated me like crap, but...there were other times when you really cared for me. And um...back then during the...uh...war, you were trying to look out for me. I didn't really understand your methods then, but looking back, that's what you were doing. And so Pete, I don't hold any of that stuff against you anymore," Donald said kindly, helping Pete rise back to his feet. Pete smiled down at the duck, truly touched at how quickly he was forgiven. I really don't deserve his friendship after all the crap I used to put him through, but...I won't let him down again. Never again!

"Thanks, Donald. I'll make sure you won't regret this, pal! You're the best!" Pete cried, and hugged the duck tightly. Donald smiled and hugged him back. After a minute or two, they pulled away.

"Well, we should go back now. The club's still in danger and all," Donald said, half-jokingly. Pete nodded. "Yeah, let's head back." They started walking back down the long hallway again. They were only several yards away from the stairs now.

"Hey Pete?" Donald ventured whimsically.

"Yeah, Ducky?" he replied.

"I really hated that stupid pre-school show we had to do. Counting and pausing and dancing like retards! Ugh! But...um...one good thing came out of it," Donald started to explain almost shyly. Pete raised an eyebrow.

"What?" he asked.

"Well, I got to know you better!" Donald finished, chuckling. Pete soon joined in.

"Yeah. The show was stupid, but we had some good times," he agreed. They reached the staircase by now and Donald was about to climb up when Pete put his hand on the duck's shoulder, "Hey. Wait a sec." Donald turned to him slightly. "Yeah, Pete?"

"You were right, ya know. I did care about ya. I still do. And I'm really sorry I never showed it. We coulda been great friends," Pete admitted sadly. Donald smiled.

"You didn't really show it back then, but I think I knew anyway. And we can start being friends now, can't we?" he asked. Pete nodded, grinning. "Sure thing, Quackers!" Then, they began the wearisome climb.


Mickey and the gang watched as Hades paced back and forth near one of the tables in the large showing room, wringing his hands.

"Um...Hades? I'm sure it'll be alright. I mean, we'll get this thing sorted out soon. There's no need to worry," Mickey said, trying to be reassuring. Hades shook his head.

"There's more to it than you know, Mick. Are ya sure you ladies saw right? I mean, you didn't get an eyelash stuck in that thing, did ya?" he asked, glancing over at the Fates. They humphed.

"What eyelashes, Hades? Need we remind you that we have no eyes besides that one! And besides, we've been at this since before even you were born!" Clotho snapped, offended. Her two sisters nodded. Hades rolled his eyes.

"PAIN! PANIC!" he bellowed. All the House of Mouse guests covered their ears at that. Suddenly, the two minions appeared in a flash of wispy smoke. They saluted their master and said, "You bellowed, boss?"

"What do you think? Of course I did! Now go find the duck and bring him here! We need to talk!" he ordered. Pain and Panic exchanged glances. "Uh...you mean Donald, right Your Evilness?" Panic asked, nervously. Hades face-palmed and glared daggers at them.

"Uh...uh...never mind, Your Nastiness! He was just joking! We'll find him!" Pain cried, grabbing Panic and backing away from their fuming master. But, there was no need because at that point, they heard loud laughter and very distinct voices.

"So that's why you tied him to an anchor and dropped him in the sea? Sheesh, Donald! You're hardcore!" asked Pete, as he and Donald walked into the showing room. Donald chuckled.

"Yeah. That'll teach that palooka to throw a fish at me and laugh about it!" he replied. More laughter.

Hades, Mickey, the Fates, and all of the other guests stared at them. Donald and Pete noticed the unusual silence and everyone's stares. They stopped laughing.

"What's everyone's staring at?" Pete demanded, glaring around. Hades went up to them and looked from one to the other. Since when did Pete and Donald start getting so chummy? Hmmm...that''ll be stored under "Things To Ask Later." Right now. We got bigger things to worry about!

"Duck...we got a problem. A BIG problem," Hades said, turning to Donald.


Somewhere in Mouseton, in an old, abandoned house, a mysterious and seductive duck handed a small box over to a sharply dressed anthropomorphic canine. The label on the box read WARNING: Experimental Material Inside! "Here you are, Mr. Shyster. You vill find everything in order," she said huskily. The crooked lawyer smirked and rubbed his hands together in glee before opening the box. Nestled neatly inside were three small vials filled with clear liquid. One read Experimental Vial: Memory, another labeled Experimental Vial: Behavior, and the last read Experimental Vial: Emotions.

"Ah, you did well, my dear. I believe it's my turn to make good on our little deal," he said before closing the box and opening a small briefcase, taking out two large wads of cash and handing it over to the beautiful duck. She smiled and began counting them. "Before you go, however, you should know that there's more of that lovely green stuff to be had. This stuff should go for quite a fortune on the black market and I happen to know a few takers already. Perhaps I'll make a call to a former associate of mine. I'll be needing that big, burly cat again. And as for you dear, will you be tagging along? I might need you again, too," he continued, already anticipating her answer. She didn't hesitate.

"One can never have too much money. I'm in," she responded, still flipping through bills.

"I knew I could count on you, Madame XX."

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