Expect the Unexpected

Nobody would have guessed that Sibyl would be the type of woman to dutifully wait for her prince charming to come sweep her off her feet.

(he was her chauffeur and he had swept her off her feet long before he even thought about leaving for war)

- 0 -

Nobody would have thought that she would stop going to the elections and riots, even after getting hurt.

(instead she spread word to the wounded soldiers as she treated them, knowing it would hurt him if she were injured at a riot just as much as it would hurt her if he were injured in the war)

- 0 -

Nobody would have imagined that Sibyl, a well-known advocate of women's rights, would be the first of her sisters to marry.

(he nearly died in her home-turned-hospital, bleeding out from a shrapnel in his leg. he proposed to her the moment he woke up from the surgery. she said yes before he even finished asking.)

- 0 -

Nobody would have believed that she would happily play the part of the devoted housewife willingly.

(while he was in surgery, she realized what life would be like without him in it. in those moments she wanted to be his wife, wanted to care for him and love him, more than she'd ever wanted anything in her life)

- 0 -

Nobody in their right mind would have thought that Branson would ever really get involved in politics.

(she did)

- 0 -

Nobody would have thought that a relationship between a Lady and her chauffeur would ever work out.

(she knew it would from the moment he held her hand at the garden party)

Author's Note: I hate using so many of these weird - 0 - things as spacing but is the website is being a butthead and whenever I try to change the spacing it just gets rid of them in the editer! :( Anyways, I hope you liked it, it was my first Downton Abbey piece (I do love Branson/Sibyl!) and I can't wait to do more...also, I felt that our little Branson/Sibyl community needed some more stories!