Of all the places to lose a cute babe like that...
Dante was walking around in what seemed like giant cirles, the castle was huge.

"Tch, I've explored bigger places than this." Dante remembered when fate befell him, or should I say,
it erected itself as a giant tower. Temen Ni Gru. Enough on that though, Dante had bigger problems to worry about.
Like what happened to that indeed cute babe, Fiona. Where could she have run off to?
One moment she's caring for him, the next she's go- BOOM! BOOM BOOM!

"What the-!" Dante turned around, and was face to face with that huge beast that was chasing Fiona.
He looked like an ogre, troll, something. He ain't human. That's what Dante noticed first.
But he wasn't a demon, so he knew it wouldn't take much for him to be out of Dante's hair.
"Hey big guy, you're kinda cute."
"?" The giant, goofy enemy looked confused at Dante's words.
"Sucks I'll have to take ya out, though. Unless you know where that, uh, girl Fiona i-"
"FIONA!" Debilitas bellowed out then started smacking his own head like a two year old in a tantrum.
Dante was taken aback a bit but soon regained posture, "Y-Yeah, a fan huh? Well, she is pretty smokin'." Dante thoughtfully rubbed at his chin.
"NO NO, FIONA MINE!" Debilitas took a thunderous swipe at the red-clad hero but when he focused around himself, Dante was gone.
Tap, tap... "Ehhh...?" The ogre-like gardener turned his head around and there he was. Dante. With that more-than-familiar smug look
on his face. "Yoo-hoo, I think you were lookin' for me."
"BAH!" Debilitas turned around quickly and then got on his knees, seemingly crying.
Not really seemingly, it was obvious. And it was loud.
"WAAAAAH!" He seemed to be pleading for his life or something. Perhaps he saw Dante's sword. Or maybe he's scared of white hair.
Who knows. Dante started to panicfully look around behind him, as that loud bellowing could actually muster up a serious threat.
He turned back and shook Debilitas' shoulders around to get his attention, "Hey, hey, cool it, tubby. Don't be getting soft on me!"
Dante, with sweat beads falling from his forehead like Ebony and Ivory's bullets, took a breath of relief when the crying suddenly ceased.
"?" He looked down and was greated by a smiling face. A very creepy, deformed smiling face. One only mothers love.
"HahaHAHA!" Debilitas looked and well, sounded relieved the scary, red man wasn't going to hurt him.
But he was still, however, mad at Dante for making remarks about "his Dolly". He looked down, a bit sour now.
"Me no tell you where Fiona is!" He pushed Dante away slightly and crossed his arms in a pouty position.
Dante, however, wasn't in the mood for childish games, "Wait, wait, fatso. So, you're tellin' me you know where she is?"
He wasn't known to be the patient type and when the big softy smiled and nodded his head childishly, that only pissed him off
moreso. "Come on, ya big APE. Tell me where she is, then!" Debilitas looked up from his little two year old stance and noticed
the look in Dante's eyes were a lot different than the relaxed, cool eyes he just saw. And then the gleam of his sword hit him back and-
"Awwright, AWWRIGHT! Mean guy took her to the cweepy tower, uh huh, uh huh!" He got overexcited and started back in his pleading position.
"T-Tower? What are you on about, fatso?" Dante pushed back on the giant's pleading, praying hands and cleared his throat.
Alright, so there's a tower here now? This whole friggin' place is a tower... The silver-haired dude with the moves could always style
his way out of things, he's a lot smarter than he acts and is a lot more adaptable than he looks. But he didn't remember seeing any tower.
Lost in thought, he forgot all about that big, whiny brute but soon his memory refreshed itself for him. "Yo, so I- ehh?" He looked down from thought,
noticing no big fatso anywhere near him. Surely he would have heard THAT guy walk away. The only thing in front of him was-
"Master has sent me to comfort his guests. Master has told me that you... a man... needs to be taken care of accordingly."
Standing before him was a tall, drill-haired, pale as snow beauty.
"Oh hey, it's that hot maid." Indeed. Daniella, the castle's maid from before, was standing before him. Something foggy and... evil in her gaze.
Evil wasn't quite the word... more like it was like she wasn't even there at all. "You know, for a hot chick, you make really crappy food."
She tilted her head slightly at Dante's rambling's, "I felt like I was dyin' in there! The least you coulda done was to tell me where the bathrooms are if all you do
all day is make food that makes you wanna puke your damn guts off. Sheesh lady, I've eaten moldy pizza that tasted better than tha...!" As Dante was getting out of his rant to make sure he was being heard, he looked down and his eyes were met back with cold, bright, shiny, more silver than the moon, eyes.
And a cold fingertip gently went up to his left cheek, stroking it slightly. "Master never told me someone that talks so much existed."
The maid said coldly. Dante hitched something in his throat a little from how sudden the maid's gesture was. "Wh... what's that supposed to mean!?"
A bright flush was unknowingly starting to fill Dante's cheeks, as it did so, Daniella averted her eyes to them and paid full attention to the sudden,
pinkish hue overwhelming the man's face. Dante followed her eyes down to his face and then let out a slight gasp of hot breath.
"Sh-Shouldn't you be makin' crappy food instead of harassin' your guests. It's freakin' rude, you know..."
Daniella quickly stopped examining the red-clad, and quitely so, red-faced Dante and slowly pulled her pale hand away, returning it to be rested
atop her other hand, neatly folded on the front of her apron. "Master says never to be rude..." She looked down, like a wave of shame washed over her.
Her monotone voice never gained emotion though, but it seemed she looked geniunely guilty.
Dante looked up, trying to pull a serious mask over his embarrassed and bothered looking face. "Master, huh? Hey who is this 'Master' dude, anyway?"
He unfolded his arms and tried to look for her eyes covered under the dark shadow of the quite defined fringe of her hair.
"Because he's gonna have hell to pay when I get my hands on him. I've been looking everywhere for someone that knows a damn about this
hedgemaze and now this is the first I'm hearing of a Master!? Lady, you better start talkin', or I'm gonna be-" "Hit me."
Her words were a clean cut compared to Dante's. But they were loud in his ears, like someone stabbed his eardrums or something with the words.
"Wh-What!?" He was taken aback, even going as far to stepping back and making sure this was reality in front of him.
"Master says I need punished when I am bad. Please, hit me. It is so I can learn." Dante felt his face flush even further and quickly averted his eyes
away from the seemingly lifeless maid. "Are y-you freakin' kidding me, this whole place is full of freaks!" He hid his face in his hand and shook his head.
"Don't worry," Her cold voice echoing in Dante's ears again, "I cannot feel pain. So you cannot hurt me if you wish to punish me." She was looking at him,
directly in the eyes now. Dante hadn't noticed how close their faces were, it was a few good inches, yeah, but in this moment it seemed too close.
"Y-Yeah, cool story, broad but I'm looking for... uh, what's her name..." Dante was starting to bead sweat again, his eyes doing their best to not make contact
with the maid's. His efforts at changing the subject seemed quite futile though, as Daniella seemed to just cock her head and leave him hanging.
"You know, th-the blonde babe everyone's after, come on lady." "Ah." She spoke in her usual monotone voice, but it seemed to be fueled with a new
emotion. "Yes. Miss Fiona. Am I correct?" It seemed hateful.
Dante tried his best at shaking away the flush overwhelming his body and looked her back in the eyes. "Yeah, that's her! Where the living hell is she?"
The maid never gained an expression, her eyes were as cold as ever, but if someone where an expert on face/body language, they'd tell you
that she was about to take someone's head off. Dante noticed this just now, too. "Hey are, uh... you okay?" He toned down his voice a bit.
Maybe I'm bein' too pushy, who knows what hell this chick goes through working for these creeps. Trying to regain focus, Dante looked at her
in the eyes again. "It's because she's real, isn't it." The purple-haired maiden slowly mustered out of her voicebox, "Huh?" The one facing her,
Dante, looked really damn puzzled at her sudden remark. "Real? What? Look, I just need to find her because my homicidal, kook brother is-"
"It's because she can be warm, correct? When you felt me, all you felt was something that is hard and cold."
"?" Dante took a few steps back and bumped into the wall behind him a little, "Well, heh, i-it is kinda breezy in here." He didn't really know what to
say back, he was just in shock all this was happening right now. Maybe he was still asleep and Fiona was right there beside him, safe and sound.
What the hell did this chick feed me...? Yeah, maybe it was a reaction to the food, maybe it was some hallucinating reaction to some
weird allergy Dante didn't even know he had. Wait, can I even GET allergies...?
"She is a real woman, you are a real man. You have no desire to even consider me because of that fact, yes?" Dante regained posture the
best he could, but her words started making him remember how warm Fiona's hands felt on him as she was comforting him.
And how cute she looked in those tight clothes. Maybe fatso was right, she looked just like a doll. No. She looked like a hot chick.
The maid in front of him right now, with the purple hair and the super slim frame? Now she was a doll. She looked almost inhuman.
So slender, so intricate. Like she was made to look like the perfect woman. Her eyes, they were like deep diamonds. They were so piercing.
Yet so lifeless. Stop it, stop it, stop it MAN. Get it together!
Dante was so deep in thought he didn't even realize Daniella was pressed up against him on that wall, and she was right.
She did feel hard. And bony. You don't expect a chick that skinny to have very much meat on her, but damn.
Dante quickly tried to fold his arms to gather some distance away from her but to his shock, her chest was right on his. He couldn't move at all and
just looked into her dead, silver eyes. Her pupils never seemed to change shape. They were just cold, in one small shape. Even in a dark hallway like this.
Dante's, however were round like saucers. Partly because of the dim atmosphere and partly because of the situation he was in.
He wanted to talk but all that was escaping his mouth were shallow, hot pants of breath. He wanted to say something but his eyes were too fixated on the
maid's. He bit his bottom lip a little to muffle his breath, but that only made it come out more.
Without warning, Dante felt a cold, hard fingertip slowly make its way up his exposed abdomen, it made him let out a very quiet gasp.
"Are you thinking of her? Of that... woman. Your body is changing color again, Master." Dante couldn't speak, he didn't know who she was talking about.
Oh yeah, Fiona, right? That's her name? Well, he did think she had a nice, curvy body. I mean, for a chance to trail your fingers across her
large, voluptuous hips would be to die for... or a chance to feel those soft, warm, pink lips on your fingerti- AH! What are you doin', man!
Was she doing this to him on purpose? Maybe behind her never-changing, cold exterior, she was secretly enjoying this immensly.
"I can tell. It is all right. A man has his many desires. But none reserved for me. I suppose I'm like a puppet. A doll, Master. Do you understand?"
"Do you understand that this is why you are thinking of her and not me at the moment? Because she is real. She has real... insides. And outsides."
"She can feel joy, heartbreak, regret, disappointment... pain. Superficial, artificial. But I, Master, cannot. I cannot feel joy... pain... a man."
"All that I can feel, Sir, is the desire to listen to a man. Do his... bidding." All that Dante felt, right now, were chills. The creeps.
Something else... but mostly a deep fear hit him somewhere inside. Not that Dante can be afraid, come on now, but something spooky was going on with
this chick. And he didn't like it. Not one bit. After an intense battle inside himself on whether or not to cut the maid off, he decided right now would
be a damn good time. "Look, toots... I ain't your master. That dude, I'm looking for him. Now, if ya kindly, can you, uh, point me in his direction?"
Daniella, the cold-gazed, cold, hard maid, locked her eyes more intensely with Dante's. Seemingly scouring him, trying to get some sort of read on him.
"All men here are my Masters. I am but a servant. But there is one special Master that I cannot speak of. He is telling me, right now, to be wary of you.
Not to tell you anything you need, sir. And nothing about him." Dante, looking more confused, if that's even possible, felt impatient and annoyed again.
"Whaddya mean 'right now'!? Look, babe, I don't have time for this crap!" Dante felt his cloudy head clearing up and remembered right quick what his
ambitions were again. He needed to find that blonde babe and fast. Daniella coldly averted her eyes from the young demon hunter and towards
a large painting behind the duo. One that looked vastly similar to the one in the room Dante passed out in. A fairly elderly man, coldly gazing out
towards the viewers.

Something pinged in his chest once he, too, locked eyes with it. What the hell, it looks like it's watchin' me...
Dante, quickly turning his attention from the eyes of the painting and back to the maid, blaming his bad feeling on being this close to a real creepy lady.
She, too, was gone now. "What! What the hell!?" Dante, now even more impatient and annoyed looked all around his being, he didn't even feel her leave.
He didn't hear her, nothing. She just vanished. Like a ghost. "What the hell, is this place full of goddamn trapdoors, am I missin' something!?"
He defeatedly adjusted the sword on his back to stand it upright and then looked back at the ominous painting that Daniella was so fixated on.
He didn't feel creeped out at all this time, so maybe he was right about it just being the situation.
Maybe. But even then, he's still not even within arm's reach of Fiona yet. And he had to find her. He knew, too, Vergil was out there looking for her.
For all the wrong reasons.

Hewie knew the time had come to get up.
He was passed out, his furry body laying motionlessly on cold, hard floor. Fiona... The canine thought deep inside his heart.
Fiona, I miust... save her! She saved me, it's the best I can do for her! His ambitions were screaming inside him.
It felt really painful to get up from deep sleep, it felt painful to move. But dogs have more heart than anything, they know they have to do it.
They have to do absolutely anything. ANYTHING for the ones that love them and they also love. He could do it, he knew it.
Someone, most likely Riccardo, had done a number on the poor doggie. The big, white German Shepard had a body like a tank, though.
He made it through the whipping and being shot at. Now all he had to do was get up. Fiona was all that his heart was telling him.
Fiona... Fiona... Fiona! With a slight whimper and a great deal of struggling, Hewie made it to his paws. All four stretched out, with a
newfound strength. He could do it, he knew it. Then, suddenly, his nose went insane. Something sweet, meaty and delicious was incasing itself in
his jet black nose and he could almost taste it! It was a discarded package of beef jerky. Presumabley left there by the gardener, Debilitas.
He loved jerky, almost as much as Hewie did. But unlike Hewie, he's quite the slob and doesn't even finish his food. And there it was.
A half-bag of jerky, just waiting for good doggies to gobble up. And Hewie knew that the jerky was the very strength he needed.
If he had that, he could take on anything. Especially save Fiona.