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When Misao heard the door shut completely she inhaled slowly, letting out a shaky breath. She wasn t scared. Not in the least. She trusted him, with everything. In her mind flashed her secret dreams. Dreams of being with Aoshi, like this. Being a woman in his eyes, not a child. To feel him play with her hair with a lovers touch. She closed her eyes as her dream played out.

Aoshi could feel the heat radiating from her. Her breathless sighs cueing to her arousal. The dark corner of his mind rang out in alarm.

*She is so young, barely 18.*

*I love her.*

*She doesn t know what she is doing, what she is getting herself into.*

*She isn t ignorant.*

*You don t deserve her.*

*She has chosen me regardless.*

She turned around and stared into his eyes, all the while untying her sash. She pulled the collar away from her shoulders and let the robe fall to the ground. Aoshi calmly scanned her figure. She had some scars, but they were rather small. None were like his, for which he was thankful. Her body was very much a woman s now. She was very muscular. Her breast were small but full and supple. Her hips had filled out considerably. She was very pleasing to his eyes.

She was seizing her moment once again and she wanted him to join her. She walked to him, his arms reaching around her, cocooning her. Her skin was hot to the touch, and he felt the softness of her breast as they brushed against his stomach. She snuggled closer to him.

"Make love to me, Aoshi." she asked or rather commanded. He was stunned for a moment. He stood there with her, his mind searching in circles.

Never in his life had he ever felt so stuck. He wanted to more than anything and he knew he could but did that mean he should? He loved her and she loved him. He could announce marriage afterward. They would share the title of Leader.

Okina wouldn t object. Nor would the others. For the longest time they played match maker with the two of them, much to his dismay.

His actions were a direct impression of his heart. But the others would be disappointed in him for not announcing anything, for behaving like a hot-blooded devil. The thin walls at the Aoiya held no secrets. They would hear, they would know.

If he was having so many doubts perhaps he needed to rethink his decision? Just a moment ago he was ready, but now now he was confused. Damn it.

Misao pulled her arms around his waist, "I love you, Aoshi." her voice was sad, like she was lost and he was her only way.

Should he refuse her? He moved his hand up to her neck and gently pulled her head back so that he could see her eyes. They took his breath away. They were open to her very soul when she peered at him. Slightly confused, but determined.

He wanted her. He needed her. "Are you certain?"

"Aoshi, this is my dream. I am not afraid. Make me yours tonight." She smiled and pulled her arms around his neck. Drawing his lips closer to hers. How could he deny her wish? Her dream?

The gate that kept his passions at bay broke open. All doubts were forgotten. The only thing that mattered to him, was marking her as his own.

Something inside of him clicked, something very primordial. It was need of this woman who stood before him. To lay claim on her. So much time had been wasted. No more.

Misao was startled for a moment when he roughly grabbed her arms and pulled her up to face him. She found herself aroused by the gesture.

"I apologize now for any pain I cause you." Misao only had an instant to be confused for he quickly rushed her to his futon and smothered the lamp beside his bed. They were in complete darkness but she could feel his presence. She could hear his position. He was removing his robe. Then before she knew it his hands grabbed her knees, spreading them apart.

He settled between them but instead of lying upon her he grabbed her arms and hooked them behind his head and reached down to her hips, hoisting her up to sit on his bended knees. He crushed her to him, as tightly as he could, his lips plucking at hers. Tasting her roughly, and she met his passion with a ferociousness of her own. Her nails dug deeply into his back, desperately hanging to him.

Under the guise of darkness, they felt and touched. Breathed and smelled of each other. Listened and heard raging heartbeats. The darkness was their element. As ninjas they could see one another as if it were day light. Each touch brought upon an image, every sigh an expression, every kiss an emotion, a feeling.

She sighed loudly when he lavished her neck and ears with his lips, his warm breath sending shivers through her. His hands twisted into her long hair and he pulled so he could ravish the hollow in her neck. She gingerly obliged, her mouth open in a wordless cry.

Her secret dreams were small compared to the reality of being in his arms, allowed to kiss him, allowed to tempt him. Allowed to be a woman. She ran her hands up his back into his hair and felt through the thin soft strands. She lowered her head and softly inhaled, taking in a smell that was only Aoshi. Her love.

She hooked her legs behind him and pressed herself even closer. Aoshi became painfully aware of the depth his arousal when he could feel her damp curls teasing against him. He was surprised at her boldness.

He wrapped his arms around her and lowered her to the ground, just as her back touched the futon he entered her, swiftly. Taking her cry of pain into his mouth.

He had quickly and without warning took her innocence. She doubted that she could have prepared for the stinging pain, but she promised herself she wouldn t cry out. She was strong. But when the sting of loss came to pass, she felt as though something inside had been torn, severed, never to be mended again. She mourned that loss for a moment as silent tears flowed from her clenched eyes.

Aoshi stopped all motions, the reality of what was happening slamming into him at the sound of Misao s whimper. It was an odd emotion. He was both glad and saddened. She was his now at such a price. He could sense a dull pain at his back and realized she had drawn blood from the shock of her pain. He smiled inwardly, he expected no less from her.

"I love you, Aoshi." she whispered into the darkness.

"I know." He kissed her gently, and wiped away her tears. She wrapped herself around him, and pressed into him. She was alright now. He could continue.

He was only too happy to oblige. He slowly moved at a steady pace, intently listening to Misao s breathing. Making sure she wasn t crying anymore.

Soon afterward, her stifled breath, became short sighs. Every time he filled her she gasped aloud, as though she were catching her breath. He could tell she was holding her voice back, only letting her breath pass through her throat. He could only imagine what sounds she would be making otherwise. The thought aroused him more so.

Sex was certainly a strange thing! He had never need of women during his life as a warrior, but now he felt as though he couldn t live without the feel of Misao writhing beneath him, whispering his name. How very strange that she was his first and last. For a man of twenty seven years, it was certainly odd.

She felt so warm around him. Like he was bathing and he could breath the water. Flowing and ebbing with every heartbeat. Her whispers called on to him like spirits, worshiped him like a god. He never felt so much like a man as he did now. Even while defeating his foes left and right, he had never felt a rush quite like this. To be held by a woman. Not just any woman, a woman who loved him. A woman he loved. Not many men had such an opportunity as this. How lucky was he?

Their bodies slid among each other growing damp with sweat and humidity from the growing storm outside. The rain began and their strangled breaths grew louder, using the rain as cover. Lighting flashed in the sky and lit the shadows of her elated face. Aoshi kept his gaze steadily at her eyes. Wanting to watch her pleasure. It pleased him to know he was causing it.

Misao could not focus. So many emotions filled her now. Happiness, desire, passion, joy, apprehension and love. She lost her self in the moment, feeling her body responding so strongly to him. What power he held over her!

"Aoshi!" she cried aloud, feeling utterly complete and satisfied. Aoshi quickly realized that she probably woke up everyone just then, but he didn t care. They would find out sooner or later and he gave it no second thought.

She felt him stiffen and looked up into his eyes. But he still beheld her with the same feral gaze. So much was being said in that moment, without a word being uttered. She felt something warm within her womb, filling her, caressing her. It was his seed. Misao quickly realized that he chose to take the chance. That is what he was telling her with his serious expression. She was his now. Forever.

Tears slipped from her eyes like jewels as she held him. She could see his lips quivering when the lighting struck. His breathing was calm but his eyes held an expression Misao had never seen before. It was complete awe. His blue eyes looked upon her as if she were something holy. As if he had found something he had been searching for. His purpose.

" .Misao ."

Now if she could only make him smile.

During the night, they made love time and time again. Even as they slept, their bodies still clung to one another. Even in sleep, they would wake to make love again. As tired as they were, they dare not stop. Could not stop. The moment was there, it belonged to them.

Early in the morning Misao had to relieve herself and came back to Aoshi s sleeping form. She slipped underneath the covers and he barely woke. He pulled her into his arms and sleepily nuzzled into her ear. She smiled. Loving the feeling of his skin against hers. Then he spoke in a low and hushed voice.

"Misao, do you regret this?"

"No, but I do wish I would have come a lot earlier. The sun is almost up." she said sadly, tiredly, barely keeping her eyes open. She felt Aoshi scoff at her humor. He pulled her closer and breathed deep and slowly. She felt him sit up leaving her to deal with the chill alone. She pulled the covers tightly around her shoulders.

"Wake up, Misao."

"I don t think I can, even if I tried." she moaned. Her legs were sore, among other things!

"Breakfast is ready." He said when he smelled the smoke from the fire in the kitchen. He pulled on his temple robe realizing that Misao had nothing to wear besides her bed robe.

"I am not hungry." He bent down and grabbed the cover from her.

"Hey!" she said shrinking into a tight ball. Actually managing to go back to sleep. Her hair was a mess! But she looked so damn sexy that way. He threw her bed robe on her naked body.

"Get up, put that on." He said pulling at her arms. Finally she stirred after giving Aoshi a look that could kill. It didn t faze him in the least. She pulled her arms through the sleeves and stood up stretching her legs and back.

"Misao, come here." he said motioning with his hand. She stood groggily in front of him and he placed his hands on her shoulders and spun her around. He began raking his fingers through her hair, combing out the tangles he made the night before.

"Do you know how to braid, Aoshi?"

"No, but all you need for now is to bind it back. You can braid it later." After he was finished, which took a while, he looped a holder in her hair and tightened it. She looked much better, not so roughed up.

"Perhaps, you should get some clothes and meet me for breakfast." He stated with his famous mono tone. Misao nodded in agreement while she tied her sash. Aoshi made his way to the door and opened it.

"What are we going to tell the others, Aoshi?"

He turned to her with an amused expression, "Don t worry, they already know."

"How do you ." She started but was cut off short when she saw all of her belongings on Aoshi s front porch.

"Good morning, you two!" Okina said cheerfully, as if it were an everyday occurrence.

"Good morning, Okina." Aoshi said as he bowed. Behaving as though it was as it should be.

"Come join me for breakfast, we have much to talk about!" Okina said scampering off, leaving a stunned Misao and an amused Aoshi.