Time of dying

Authors Note: This is my interpretation of how I would have liked the story to end. Ties in nicely with my previous Death Sentence fic so anyone who is confused, may want to check my original story out. Thank you for taking the time to read. Mostly done in one character's POV at first but then branches out...you'll see why =)

One shot/Short Story: Sequel to 'What goes around comes around' Billy Darley "Look at you, you look like one of us...Look what I made you..." In his final moments, Billy never expected to see what he did...


Putting one foot cautiously in front of the other she kept her back tight to the wall as she crept up the darkened stairwell; she was silent – her heart beating violently in her chest. This place had always been dark, fucking terrifying for those that didn't know it like the back of their hand; keeping her eyes fixed on the light up ahead – she tried her fucking best not to let her concentration slip on the destruction around her.

Fear...an emotion - to be afraid, anxious, apprehensive about a possible or probable situation except she had no intuition of what she was about to find. She could feel it, the fear of not knowing fucking ricocheting right through her but she had to keep going...nearing the top of the stairwell her grip tightened on the .45 she was literally clutching at in her right hand.

Narrowing her gaze, she noticed that the door leading into the room on the top floor had been left freely open 'Thank fuck for that...' She thought to herself, additional and unneeded noise through the sudden silence would surely give her presence away. Controlling her breathing she skilfully crept into the room...empty...always having her guard up her eyes landed on the familiar drapes that hung untidily across the other half of the room, using her knowledge of this place to her advantage she moved forward; almost letting a gasp escape her seeing him laying lifelessly on the ground – yet another one of her friend's...Using her left hand, she reached up and covered her mouth – literally holding back the tears that were threatening to fall; she could only assume the worst at this point...what else was she supposed to fucking think? Taking a shaky step forward she paused, her eyes just looking down at the body below her...then shockingly she heard him; that low gravelly voice she'd never forget – never want to fucking forget.

"Look at you...You look like one of us...Look what I made you..." She wasn't a complete fucking idiot, he sounded weak; riddled in pain...she knew the difference. Stepping closer to the drapes that kept her from being seen at this point she heard a second shuffle – obviously the prick that had killed her whole fucking family...then what sounded like the safety of a gun being clicked off...Literally having to stop herself from barging in gun fucking ho, she clenched her jaw tight; carefully she stepped over Bodie –her eyes now fixed on trying to find where he was within the Chapel.

"Ready?" She heard a second voice ask, he to sounded worse for wear.

Now her heart was really picking up the pace, stealthily she peered round the drape; instantly summing the situation up...her eyes first landing on Billy who had his back to her. He was undeniably fucked up along with the prick sitting at a distance next to him but what caught her attention next – was the gun the prick was holding in Billy's direction; aimed right for his skull. His finger already on the trigger, slowly but surely pulling it back so he could blow his head clean off...what was troubling her the most was that Billy was still with his head bowed, he wasn't fighting what was about to happen instead just letting the motherfucker do it.

Feeling the adrenaline pump right through her she grabbed the drape at her side, pulling it open she stepped completely into the chapel...her .45 now aimed at the son of a bitch's head except now having made noise both heads swiped round in her direction...

Even through all of the agony he was feeling, it didn't stop Billy from recognising the person that stood across the room from them "Jess..." He simply said; almost breathless - obviously surprised at her sudden appearance.

"You..." Nick Hume said completely shocked – one hand tightly gripped onto the side of his neck; the other still pointing a gun in Billy's direction...except now his grip wasn't so set on Billy being that yet another gun was being pointed in his direction...the question was who was a faster shot?

"Me..." Within seconds a single gunshot echoed across the room...

So this started out as a one shot but then I thought an extremely short story may be better – detailing the events up until this point. As always I thrive on feedback from my awesome readers so what did you think of the prologue? Want to read more? Please leave me a review! :D