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Chapter 8

He wasn't entirely sure why he was back in his apartment building, slowly approaching his front door but something inside told him there was a reason and that he should keep going...pulling his eyebrows together he watched in confusion as his door was pulled open from the inside "The fuck?" He asked watching a figure emerge from the darkness of the doorway and pause just outside.

What he saw next made him pause in his step...Joey... "Joe?" Billy asked watching his younger brother just smirk at him whilst taking a drag from the cigarette he was smoking, Billy's eyes remained hard like they always did but he was undoubtedly puzzled by this...How? He was fucking dead?

"Who else were ya expecting to see?" Joe replied blowing out a lungful of smoke.

Billy smirked, walking forward he stopped just in front; his eyes looking into brother's – reaching up he grabbed the back of Joe's neck, pulling him forward so he could lean his forehead against his "Good to see ya again kid..." He said outright – he wasn't quite sure where the fuck he was and what the hell was going on but he'd be lying if he said it weren't good to see his younger brother again.

"You too..." Was Joey's simple reply but Billy was good with that; their actions had always spoke louder "So...what ya doing here?" Joe asked watching Billy take a step back.

Billy paused, for some reason he couldn't quite answer that... "Fuck if I know..." But suddenly the more he forced himself to think about it, all was becoming clear and Billy remembered everything that had brought him here to this point; Joe remained still "Joe..." Billy was about to continue but watched Joe raise his hand and silence him before he could say anything else

"It is what it is..." He responded passing his older brother a reassuring nod; a saying they both knew and had used ever since they were young to describe the fucked up life they were living. In a very subtle way that only the brothers would know, this was the closest to Billy apologising and Joe acknowledging it...accepting it but even Billy knew this didn't cut it; Joey was gone and he wasn't coming back.


Recognising the voice, Billy turned his head to the side to now see Jess standing beside him "Jess?" He asked; pulling his eyebrows together he passed her a questionable look "Fuck you doing here?"

"Can ya hear me?" She asked but her lips didn't move, instead her voice echoed loudly around him 'Worst brain fuck yet...' Billy couldn't help but think to himself whilst he tried to figure out what the fuck was happening... Turning his attention back to his younger brother he found he was no longer there, peering into his apartment all he saw was darkness "Joey!" His deep voice called; echoing down the hall but he heard nothing in return...it was quiet except for a beeping sound that just grew gradually louder and louder...

Suddenly Billy found himself closer to the beeping sound; it was constant – pulling him slowly from the darkness that he could still only see. Soon after he could feel it, the will to open his eyes; trying it first time he was stunned at how fucking heavy his eyelids were feeling at the moment but slowly he opened them – squinting at the light that was reflecting in the room; his vision at first was blurred to shit, he could see nothing but the slight outlines of things surrounding him.

It didn't take long for him to start gaining all of his senses, the biggest being his ability to sense that he was in a very vulnerable position right now and already he was hating every minute of it. Attempting to sit up he quickly found he couldn't when his arm gave way – making him fall back down against the bed he was obviously resting on, feeling the pain that shot through him he groaned. Cursing he shook his head, trying to bring his focus back to what his eyes were attempting to look at – slowly but surely it had worked and he found he was in a room; it was small, storing nothing but an old double bed and an accompanying dusty old drawer set. Obviously by the way the wallpaper was peeling off of every wall it hadn't been used in a very long time, now having his bearings he slowly came to realisation that he could still hear that overly annoying sound; turning his head he glanced to the side to see a machine sitting next to him – like the room it was out dated but it seemed to be working. He assumed every mind numbing beep resembled a heartbeat "Fuck, I get it...I'm alive" He grunted angrily; he wanted nothing more than to smash his fist right through the screen...stop that fucking noise. Huffing he pulled his head back round, being leant up on a couple of cushions made it easier for him to glance down at himself; his shirt was off revealing a large bandage that stretched tightly and thickly across his entire stomach. He could still feel the jeans he was wearing but whoever had patched him up, felt it was necessary to cover his bottom half with a thin fucking sheet...continuing his inspection he found he couldn't bend his right arm – a second dressing was preventing him from doing that – growling at the restriction his eyes trailed down finding his hand also bandaged up to the nines...anger flowed through him seeing just his thumb, index and middle finger, the rest gone, blown off in the shootout he still remembered vividly – courtesy of Nick Hume, fucking prick...

"You get used to it..." He heard her voice softly say, looking up he found Jess leaning against the doorframe holding her left hand up in the air; the one where she would always be without her little finger.

Billy sneered, he didn't feel like talking; especially about how fucked up he was and how he would eventually get used to it...fuck that, he shouldn't have to get used to anything...

Moving into the room, Jess sat in a chair that was positioned next to the bed; she could see the fury in his eyes – maybe even a slight hint of resentment for saving him in such a fucking condition but Jess was not about to hold her tongue, she would not let him be angry at her for saving his life "Better you alive than fucking dead Billy..." She said bluntly.

He just glared at her, scoffing at her statement "Fucking debatable..."

Jess smirked angrily at him; leaning forward on her chair so she was closer "What would you say if I was in your position and I'd said that?"

Billy paused; as much as he wanted to – he couldn't come back at that...if he was honest he'd tell her the exact same thing she'd just said to him. Huffing he softened the glare he was firing at her "Fuck are we?" He asked, his eyes once again scanning the room he was resting up in.

"We're at one of doc's safe houses if ya can call it that..." Jess mocked, in the moment of Billy falling unconscious she knew time was running out fast and she called the only alliance she had left "I remember him fixing me up pretty good so I called Josie for the number, I kinda politely said that if she spoke a word to the feds bout you being alive I'd quite simply return for that pretty head of hers..."

Billy felt the corner of his lip rise slightly, she may look different on the surface but on the inside she was still the same old Jess – the same attitude that had a way of getting her whatever she wanted "How long I been out?"

Jess paused turning her attention to the worn floorboards beneath her feet "Few days..." She quietly replied "It was touch and go for a while..."

She was obviously upset, Billy watched her lift her head to look at him; tears had gathered in her lower lids - tilting his head to the side, his face hardened "What's this? Don't you start that shit on me again..."

Jess knew how much he hated showing emotion, it wasn't that he was heartless or didn't care – it just wasn't the way he was wired...wasn't the way he'd been brought up "Billy, I almost lost you..." She paused, her eyes locking with his "You try sitting here day after day, wondering if you were too late..."

Billy couldn't help but pass her the famous Darley smirk – he had to take that frown off of her face "If I remember right, I think I told ya I'd be seeing ya later..."

Just like he assumed, it worked and she smiled at his response "I'm glad ya did..." Reaching forward she rested her hand on top of his left, she could tell he wasn't used to the soft shit but he wasn't exactly shutting her out either so that was a good start... "So Billy...bout the gang..." Jess slowly said; this wasn't one of them subjects they could ignore – he'd built a life with that group of people...now they were all gone.

But Billy remembered, he remembered everything; seeing his friends one by one be taken out. Clenching his jaw, he moved his hand away from her support – balling it up into a fist as he felt the rage surge through him.

Jess knew that he'd fucking feel it, as much as he tried to deny it –blood doesn't end with family. Billy growled in frustration "I shoulda fucking died..." Jess knew that to be true, the doc had said after patching him up that he wasn't sure which way this'll go - not many people would have survived what Billy's body had taken that night.

Jess just nodded, still hating the very notion of it "If you were left there, you would've..." He turned his head and looked at her "But I wasn't going to fucking leave ya...I think I've made that pretty fucking clear all throughout ...and soon enough Billy your gonna have to get that through that skull of yours..."

Closing the refrigerator door with her foot, Jess turned and headed back into the lounge; Billy was slouched on the sofa just repeatedly pressing the button on the TV remote - he'd never been still for so long and already it was grating on him. It had been a few days since Jess had brought him to the Doc's and they were still here, hiding out away from the feds that had started up one hell of a man hunt for him. Stealthily Jess had returned to his apartment the day before but as she sat across the street from it – she noticed dozens of cops just lurking around...waiting for the famous Billy Darley to show so that they could be the ones to put the cuffs on. They found everyone but Billy at the hospital; of course they'd raided his place and any known associate's he might have had that were hiding him underground until the heat had lessened.

They didn't know about Doc, he'd kept him fucking quiet unless one of the gang was in dire need of his services; not wanting an aiding and abetting charge slapped across his face – Doc was elsewhere keeping his trap shut. He'd always help Billy; Billy was the only one that was keeping him happy – keeping him hooked on the shit that made each day a bit easier than the one before but the last thing he wanted was for this to blow back on him so he'd left them to it.

He was nowhere near healed but Billy being Billy wasn't going to be bed ridden, if he could walk then he'd fucking push through the pain just to get on with shit – He wasn't going to lie it hurt like hell everyday but like everything else he was fucking dealing with it. If he had to pick one benefit from being fucked up, it would be Jess nursing him back to health; he'd heard that sponge baths were an awesome fucking thing when you got the right person doing it but he certainly wasn't expecting what he got in his own personalised one – she got that he needed to release and holy fuck could she work him under any circumstance.

Sitting down on the couch beside him, Jess held out a bottle of beer in his direction – waiting for him to take it "So what now?" Jess asked; she too was feeling cramped up in this tiny apartment but she'd never complain – Billy although he wouldn't admit it needed her so she'd stick by what she'd been telling him from day one.

Reaching his arm forward he grabbed the beer, knowing what she meant Billy huffed "Fuck if I know..." He'd been thinking about it for a while, what now? But for once, he didn't know the answer to that question...

Jess passed him a smile, reaching forward she rested her hand on his thigh – his body instantly reacting to her; much to his disappointment she hadn't fucked him – he was injured – she knew additional activities would only slow the healing down but that didn't mean she still weren't going to fucking pleasure him in other ways. Taking a swig of his beer he turned his head and looked at her "I do..." She simply replied.

"What's that then?" He asked, he'd told her about Bones – how he put a bullet through the motherfuckers eyes; she'd then confessed how she went to a bullet in him beforehand...ironic really of how the fat fuck's fate ended up – all his planning and Billy was sure getting fucked was not in the schedule... But in the moment of losing almost everyone Billy found himself believing that he needed those instructions to guide him – the same instructions that his dad would repeatedly give him in order to keep him in line...

"Come with me..." She paused catching his eyes with hers "Out of the city..."

Cocking his head to the side, his eyes studied her...she was fucking serious...his face hardened at the notion of leaving; this place would always be his fucking home "Fuck would I do that for?"

Jess smirked, it didn't take long for those defensive walls of his to shoot up "Wake up Billy, you're fucking free. From your fucking dead beat of a dad...from the life..." Watching him shake his head – about to flick the idea right off, she moved closer to him; her left side now leaning against him. She'd known him for most of his life and she wasn't blind, deaf or fucking stupid. She knew why he was turning the idea down, it was not only because he hated feeling uncertain but also because he despised not being in control, he'd never left Boston in all of his fucking life so why would he start now...he would always be King here. People knew to respect him, to walk on the other side of the road if ordered to...he couldn't imagine not having the power he'd gained...why would he give it all up? It's all he's ever known...

Leaning into him closer she gently kissed him on the lips "You saved me Billy...now let me save you..."

Their eyes never parted – his hard ones just staring into hers...Would he leave with her? Could she convince him to take that almighty fucking risk and start over, leave the life that almost killed him behind?

Taking a long draw on the cigarette that was perched between her lips, Jess paused before blowing a lungful of smoke out the driver's window. She was quiet, a tear slowly rolling down her cheek as her eyes just stared into the abyss; Déjà-fucking-vu...she was leaving, it was time and by the way Billy had been acting that morning she knew what his answer was to the question she'd asked a couple of days before.

There was no-one left, nothing to stick around for – Stokely was no longer home for either of them...they'd argued about it, him being so riled up from everything that had happened spouted out all of the hurtful shit she'd heard before but still...she wanted him to leave with her, she didn't want him to be alone because that's how it would end up or worse the feds would find him, lock him up before tying his ass to the chair – both scenarios were cutting her to the core; she couldn't say goodbye to him again...

Hearing the passenger door open, she swiped her head round to see him slide into the seat; raising her eyebrow she passed him a questionable look "Fuck you doing?"

Closing the door behind him he turned his head to look at her "Fuck's it look like?"

"You're serious?" Jess had to ask it, she never expected in a million years that Billy would actually leave with her; sure she wanted him to but she knew him and what his decision most likely would be.

"Nah I'm fucking with ya..." Billy teased, the corner of his lip rising "So...fuck you waiting for? Let's get the fuck outta here..." He was King here but that didn't mean he couldn't just move his throne elsewhere...He'd been sentenced yes but Jess had revoked it – now it was time for him to move on, he'd ruled Stokely Holmes all his life – now he was about to find himself another fucking kingdom.

Slipping the key into the ignition, Jess's Mustang growled to life; the sound echoing across the street. Slipping it into drive she looked at Billy one final time before flooring it – gunning for nothing but the highway out...

No, this definitely wasn't the end of the Notorious and Merciless Billy Darley, this was just the next chapter in his life; a new fucking beginning...

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