I haven't updated in ages. This is very bad of me, so I'll try and update more frequently :D Sorry D:

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January 7th

9.30pm Okay, I confess. I haven't exactly been good these past few days. But time flies and its difficult trying to keep up with your work and be good at the same time, you know?

But I swear it was all Fearne's fault. She channels her violence into me, I swear she does. Normally I wouldn't harm a fly, not even a morbidly obese wasp with a sting the size of a darning needle.

Fearne is well on her way to becoming a feminist extremist. Unlike my mother whose feminism varies when a man flatters her, Fearne is a hard-core sexism-battler, probably to the point of being sexist towards men. The only man she deems acceptable is Adam, but I think that's only because he's pretty feminist too.

Anyway, her language is foul, her actions are violent and her views are extreme, and for the past few days I swear she has been channelling it directly into me.

For instance, the other day when Fred asked me to "be a dear" and get him a sandwich from the kitchens, I responded "Do it yourself you lazy bastard! Just because I'm a woman..."

I now think that even if I had testicles, a moustache and a Yorkie Bar he'd have asked me to attend his every need, but that's not the point.

Anyway, I hexed him. That's not really the point either.

The point is, I need to get back on track. I have to be good, and I'm going to have to be extra good for the next few days in order to make up for the last ones. Now I understand why Auntie Gin said set a target. What is my aim with this, other than to fill a diary?

No! I must not think like that. Positive thoughts. I am doing this goodness lark to become a better person, and being pessimistic is not going to help me get there. So enough, Roxanne!

Today, I shall finish my homework, which will be about six Random Acts of Kindness to the teachers tomorrow when the amount of work handed in on time is increased by one. That should make up for my... relapse... in recent times.

11.57pm Potions essay is finished. Took a little longer than expected. Or rather, a lot longer. The only people still awake are a group of second years who want to test how long they can stay up before they're forced to go to bed. My best wishes to them to pull an all-nighter, it'd be an impressive feat for a bunch of twelve/thirteen year olds. When they get some proper homework they won't even attempt such tomfoolery.

Even Brom, my cantankerous and slightly obese cat who skulks in shadows and likes to poke his paw up through the chairs to creep people out, has given up and retired to bed. Since Brom spends virtually all night fighting with scrawnier felines, something that could be considered bullying upon his part, his decision to go to sleep would probably insinuate it's time for me to do likewise.

Perhaps I could count the Potions essay for my goodness thingy.

It took bloody long enough.